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Whiteboards require cleanings, the regularity and intensity of which are determined by the material your whiteboard is made from. This is usually accomplished by wiping the board with an alcohol-dampened cloth, which extends the life span of your whiteboard but isn’t a permanent solution.

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Which whiteboard is best?

There are tons of ways to use a whiteboard. Whiteboards, like their cousin the blackboard, have as infinite a range of possibilities as there are words and images to draw. Whether you’re teaching, organizing, brainstorming, doodling, playing hangman, running a meeting, scheduling or truly anything else, a whiteboard is there for you with an infinite amount of reuse. Just erase, clean and write or draw again.

For all those reasons and more, the OfficePro Ultra Slim Board is the best whiteboard for you. A magnetic backing for attaching notes and pictures easily as well as an included hanging kit for easy set up help you get working, creating and playing that much faster.

What to know before you buy a whiteboard

Whiteboard surface

There are four main surface types for whiteboards that affect the writing and cleaning of the whiteboard: laminate, melamine, porcelain and glass. For more information on whiteboard considerations, visit the whiteboard buying guide from BestReviews.

Laminate whiteboard: An inexpensive option, laminate surfaces are irreparable if scratched and require regular cleaning. It is highly resistant to staining, however, and the price for laminate whiteboards is generally low.

Melamine whiteboard: Melamine is the most common and least expensive material for whiteboards. This board needs replacing after a while due to ghosting — when the ink bleeds into the porous surface, which can leave behind ghost-like images. Higher-quality melamine whiteboards resist ghosting for a longer time. 

Porcelain whiteboard: One of the more expensive options, porcelain whiteboards give you maximum value for the money you’ll have to spend on them. Porcelain isn’t porous, so it will not ghost, which also makes them the easiest material to clean and the longest lasting.

Glass whiteboard: This whiteboard is the most expensive type, often costing as much as four times any other material due to the complicated manufacturing process. The trade-off is how easy it is to maintain and clean a glass whiteboard. Plus, they come in different colors and styles, including frameless.

Whiteboard maintenance

All whiteboards will require the use of a dry eraser. Dry erasers are specifically designed to remove the special type of ink contained in dry erase markers by absorbing the ink into their velour fibers.

Whiteboards also require cleanings, the regularity and intensity of which are determined by the material your whiteboard is made from. This is usually accomplished by wiping the board with an alcohol-dampened cloth, which extends the life span of your whiteboard but isn’t a permanent solution.

Whiteboard installation

There are almost as many ways to install a whiteboard as there are uses for them. They can be magnetically attached to refrigerators, adhered to walls with your choice of adhesive, screwed in or any other way you’d like to install it wherever you want it.

What to look for in a whiteboard

Standard styles

Traditional, classroom-style landscape whiteboards are the most standard of styles. They can have any number of features, come in all manner of sizes and shapes and usually include bonus accessories like attachable shelving for markers and erasers.

Portable whiteboard

Portable whiteboards are perfect for times when installation is not possible or preferable. These are usually attached to wheels, can be turned to portrait or landscape orientations and are generally for school or work settings.

Personal whiteboard

Personal-sized whiteboards are generally small, handheld whiteboards. They are usually no larger than 1 foot by 1 foot and can be a great way to leave notes and prevent paper waste.

Cork whiteboard

Some whiteboards include a section of corkboard in addition to or instead of magnetic backing. It could be as little as a small strip or even half corkboard/half whiteboard. Cork is usually only on medium to large whiteboards.

Calendar whiteboard

Calendar whiteboards include a non-erasable calendar detailing that usually covers an entire month’s worth of dates. Small calendar whiteboards exist, but most are medium to large.

How much can you expect to spend on a whiteboard

Smaller, basic whiteboards are usually less than $25, while midrange whiteboards can be anywhere from $25-$125 depending on size, material and additional features like magnetic backing. Whiteboards of very large sizes can cost several hundred dollars.

Whiteboard FAQ

What’s the most visible color of dry erase marker for my new whiteboard?

A. This would be black or other darker colors like blue, green and red. Newer markers are also more vibrant as older markers can be faded and otherwise difficult to see.

Can a chipped whiteboard be repaired?

A. Unfortunately, no, and it will also begin to chip even more. That doesn’t mean the whiteboard is unusable though. If the chip is small, especially if it’s in the corner, try covering it up with whiteboard tape and keep using the other 99% of the whiteboard like nothing happened.

What’s the best whiteboard to buy?

Top whiteboard

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard

What you need to know: This sizable and budget-friendly whiteboard is very easy to clean and magnetically backed.

What you’ll love: A detachable marker tray helps keep your dry erase markers and erasers easily organized.

What you should consider: This size is much better suited for personal usage rather than any kind of workplace or office setting.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top whiteboard for the money

OfficePro Ultra Slim Board

OfficePro Ultra Slim Board

What you need to know: The magnetic backing and large surface make this ultimate, classic whiteboard a perfect choice for any need.

What you’ll love: The included hanging kit makes this whiteboard incredibly easy to install anywhere in your home or office.

What you should consider: The magnetism of this whiteboard can feel weaker than some depending on the type and quality of the magnets used.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Quartet Glass Whiteboard

Quartet Glass Whiteboard

What you need to know: This sturdy, magnetic and easily mounted glass whiteboard is stylish and functional, though quite expensive due to its size.

What you’ll love: Every single spot of this whiteboard can be utilized, thanks to its frameless design. Plus, a 15-year warranty guarantees a long-lasting purchase.

What you should consider: Though rare, the drywall anchors are still reported to occasionally cause the whiteboard to fall.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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