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Which organizers for your desk drawer are best?

Organization is one of the many keys to success. Spend less time fiddling around and searching for office items and more time focusing on tasks with the right organizer for your desk drawer. There are plenty of things to factor in when deciding on the right one for your specific needs and it’s best to have one tailored specifically for you. For a customizable, durable and high-quality organizer for your desk drawer, the Tenabort Set of 24 Interlocking Desk Drawer Organizer is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy an organizer for your desk drawer

Size of drawer

Before deciding on an organizer for your desk drawer, it’s best to have an understanding of the size of your drawer. You want your organizer to be flush with the drawer while maximizing space and efficiency. The width, length and depth of your drawer is worth measuring before purchasing.

Wear and tear

Desk organization shouldn’t be fragile. You should be able to throw items such as scissors, ink pens, pencils, staplers and whatever else in there without worrying about breaking or scratching the organizer. It should also be easy to clean and maintain without much effort to maximize your time focusing on important tasks.

Size of your items

It’s best to have a general idea of what items you need stored and their sizes. Bulky items such as three-hole punchers, scissors and staplers may require a larger organizer for your desk drawer. while smaller items such as paper clips, staples and thumbtacks may require smaller sections in order to be stored properly. 

What to look for in a quality organizer for your desk drawer


Although the depth of an organizer for your desk drawer isn’t able to be customized, some have multiple parts of different sizes that can be clipped together to add further neatness and allow your most used items to be within easy reach. They can also be separated and placed in different drawers to get even more out of your purchase.

Nonslip components 

When opening and closing your desk drawer, things slide around and become disorganized. This is exactly what an organizer for your desk drawer is supposed to prevent, so it’s best to look for rubber or silicone pieces underneath to avoid this. Your organizer should stay in place no matter how many times you open or close the drawers.

Constructed materials

Something to note when looking through different options of organizers for your desk drawer are the materials that they are constructed of. Some are plastic bins, while others are made of woven steel. This will determine how durable they are and how easy they are to clean. Also, although more durable, woven steel can tangle certain items such as staples or paper clips. 

How much you can expect to spend on an organizer for your desk drawer

An organizer for your desk drawer shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg. They typically start in price from under $10 and shouldn’t cost more than $35.

Organizer for your desk drawer FAQ

Can an organizer for my desk drawer organize papers?

A. For loose papers such as bills or documents it may be better to get a filing cabinet or an above-desk organizer. Desk drawer organizers are best for loose items like staplers, pens and highlighters. 

Can a desk drawer organizer be used for multiple drawers?

A. If made up of several, customizable pieces, then absolutely yes. However if it’s a singularly constructed organizer for your desk drawer it is only intended for one drawer. 

What are the best organizers for your desk drawer to buy?

Top organizer for your desk drawer

Tenabort Set of 24 Interlocking Desk Drawer Organizer

Tenabort Set of 24 Interlocking Desk Drawer Organizer

What you need to know: This has multiple pieces that can interlock, making it perfect for anyone looking to customize their desk drawer storage.

What you’ll love: Shallow design minimizes space and maximizes organization. Highly versatile, these pieces can be separated for different uses and drawers. They’re made from durable plastic, so cleaning them is a breeze. Just use a soapy sponge or cloth and a quick wipedown makes them good as new.

What you should consider: There is no grip or silicone on the bottom of these plastic parts, which may allow for them to slide around while in use

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top organizer for your desk drawer for the money

Huanuo Desk Drawer Organizer

Huanuo Desk Drawer Organizer

What you need to know: This black, alloy steel desk drawer has a sleek look, making it great for anyone looking to organize their office items.

What you’ll love: Simple design allows for long-lasting strength and reliable performance with a solid black, professional look. It is equipped with rubber pads to reduce any friction and prevent any sliding around when opening or closing your desk drawer. Two large and three small compartments ensure enough space to hold all your items.

What you should consider: You can’t customize this organizer, due to its singular design. This may not be the best for small items such as staples and paper clips due to its construction of woven steel.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Smartake 7-piece Desk Drawer Organizer Trays

Smartake 7-piece Desk Drawer Organizer Trays

What you need to know: Stackable trays made from unbreakable plastic makes them perfect for anyone looking for customizable desk storage.

What you’ll love: Multiple sizes and trays provide unlimited combinations to customize your storage. Silicone nonslip padding on the bottom of the bins prevents them from moving freely when dragging the drawer. The clear plastic construction allows for visibility, making it simple to see whichever item you’re looking for.

What you should consider: The trays do not clip together, making for a looser fit and increased chance of them slipping around. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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