Which utility cart for office use is best?

Finding the best utility cart for office use can save buyers a lot of time during work hours, especially if there are office items that you need to have within arm’s reach without sacrificing desk, shelf or drawer space. Choosing exactly what you need in a utility cart for your office may seem overwhelming, especially if you aren’t well-versed in what’s already out there.

For those needing something small and basic, this Alvorog Three-Tier Rolling Utility Cart is an affordable utility cart pick, featuring a simple set of wheels for transporting supplies to where you need them.

What to know before you buy a utility cart for office use

What you plan to store

One of the first things to consider when looking through the best utility carts is what exactly you plan to store on a given cart’s shelves or storage space. While some utility carts are suited better for office use, others may prefer utility carts that can be transported to and from the office, or that make it easy to store and access specific goods such as pens, documents, staplers or other supplies.

Utility cart types

While a variety of utility carts exist, the most common tend to be three-tier utility carts. These usually work well for those in an office, though others may benefit from carts with wheels, a larger heavy-duty build, an enclosed crate design that makes it easy to transport supplies or greater or fewer tiers.


Another factor to think about is where you plan to put your utility cart in your office, and how much space you want it to take up. While utility carts are usually used as a solution for storage in rooms without much storage or otherwise unconventional spaces, they’re also helpful for saving space in your drawers, on your desktop or in other unique use cases.

What to look for in a quality utility cart for office use

Storage shelves

Most importantly, to be called a utility cart, a product usually needs to include at least one shelf or storage surface, though most include at least two or three, if not more. The amount of storage shelves in a utility cart is largely up to you since there are so many options out there, or if you’re looking for a utility cart that doesn’t really have shelves at all.

Hooks and cups

Many utility carts provide creative storage solutions like the addition of hooks, cups or other modifiable and versatile compartments. 

Wheels and other features

Many of the best utility carts also feature wheels to make it easy to roll them to where you need them at a given time, while others still may include useful cart features like the ability to fold them up, mesh baskets for side storage or other modular storage options.

How much you can expect to spend on a utility cart for office use

Utility carts for offices can vary in type and quality, which means their prices can also vary quite widely. In general, cheap utility carts for office use may cost as little as $20, while larger and more expansive models with specific features may range from $25 to over $100, depending on what you need.

Utility cart for office use FAQ

What are utility carts used in the office for?

A. Utility carts can be used in the office for a variety of needs, depending on your office, though the most obvious service offered by a utility cart is easily accessible storage. In addition, utility carts often include wheels, which can make them easy to move around the office when you need to transport your supplies from spot to spot.

Are there utility carts specifically made for use at the office?

A. Part of the benefit of utility carts is their versatility, and while there probably are cart models designed specifically for office use, many generic utility carts may also help you achieve your needs. In addition, each office is a little different from the next, so the things you need to store at your specific office may also influence which utility cart will work best for office use.

What’s the best utility cart for office use to buy?

Top utility cart for office use

Alvorog Three-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

Alvorog Three-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

What you need to know: This simple, three-tier utility cart is a great pick for office use, featuring three hanging baskets, compartmentalized storage cubbies, hooks and wheels.

What you’ll love: Standing at about 34 inches tall, this three-tier utility cart offers a variety of storage options for those in the office. This rolling utility cart is also available in black, blue and white, and can be ordered with expert assembly or be assembled by the buyer.

What you should consider: This rolling utility cart may not be as durable as other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top utility cart for office use for the money

DTK Three-Tier Rolling Utility Cart with Cover Board

DTK Three-Tier Rolling Utility Cart With Cover Board

What you need to know: For those wanting something both affordable and decorative for the office, this utility cart features an attractive natural wood finish cover board on top.

What you’ll love: Along with being affordable, buyers love this rolling cart’s wood-finished cover board, which can add a level of covered storage. It comes with two hanging cups, four hooks and four wheels, two of which are lockable. In addition, it can be bought in white, blue or black.

What you should consider: A few buyers found that certain pieces on this utility cart broke after long periods of use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Felicon Foldable Rolling Utility Cart

Felicon Foldable Rolling Utility Cart

What you need to know: For those looking for a utility cart that’s a little more portable, this folding portable crate is a solid option, and features larger-than-average wheels.

What you’ll love: With four plastic caster wheels (two of which are lockable) and a completely enclosed design, this utility cart is great for transporting things to and from the office, and for folding up and stowing away when not in use. It’s also available in a wide range of colors.

What you should consider: This foldable utility cart didn’t have enough space for some buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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