Which shipping mailer is best?

For those sending goods from here to there, shipping mailers are probably the most common package types used due to their lightweight, simple and self-adhering designs. And yet, deciding which shipping mailers are best for your needs may require you to consider what those needs are — namely what you plan to ship, how many you need and what size and type of shipping mailer you want.

For a stylish and eco-friendly choice, the KTOB Biodegradeable Shipping Mailers includes 50 shipping mailer units and a high degree of satisfaction for choosing an environmentally-conscious product.

What to know before you buy shipping mailers

Shipping items

The types of items you plan to ship may influence which models are the best bubble mailers for you. Whether you need a bubble shipping mailer or something slim with no padding, you can find both of the common styles in a variety of bulk packs and sizes. In addition to influencing the type of shipping mailer you’ll need, the items you hope to ship will likely also affect the size of mailer you need.

Quantity and frequency

For most purchases, shipping mailers will come in a quantity of at least five to 10 units, though they’ll usually include even more. If you ship items very frequently, you’ll likely save money buying a larger quantity of shipping mailers, which can be bought in bulk packs including hundreds of units, if needed.


Depending on what you plan to send, you should be able to buy appropriately-sized shipping mailers in a variety of suitable sizes. The most common sizes for shipping mailers include 4- by 8-inch, 6- by 10-inch, 10- by 13-inch and 14.5- by 19-inch mailers, though you can also find others in custom sizes. Other custom-sized shipping mailers will tend to be more expensive to purchase and to ship, though they’re not unreasonable.

What to look for in quality shipping mailers

Durable material

Shipping mailers need to be durable enough to withstand the shipping process, and fortunately, many of today’s models are. Even eco-friendly solutions like polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT) offer suitably-durable shipping mailers for long-term transit, which some buyers prefer over laminated paper, plastic or other materials.

Secure and safe

Keeping your items safe while in transit is first and foremost, especially when shipping something fragile. While many elect to buy padded shipping mailers or those with bubble wrap, others may not necessarily need them when shipping soft items like clothing, or those that are durable enough to withstand the trip on their own.


In most cases, shipping mailers include a self-sealing adhesive strip that makes it easy to seal the package when the items are all packed up. It’s important for shipping mailers to include a strong sealing adhesive to ensure that your items remain untouched by the elements of the outside world while shipping. To ensure this is the case, it may be worth taking a look at a given product’s reviews before finalizing the purchase.

How much you can expect to spend on shipping mailers

Shipping mailers can span a range of prices, largely depending on how many and what kind you purchase. For a small pack of cheap shipping mailers, you can expect to pay around $9, while most larger mailing envelopes and bulk packs will range from $10-$40.

Shipping mailers FAQ

Can you buy eco-friendly shipping mailers?

A. Some companies do make eco-friendly shipping mailers designed to help reduce waste on the planet. In fact, some even sell compostable shipping mailers that will biodegrade at a quicker rate than plastics and other materials.

Are shipping mailers the same thing as shipping mailer bags?

A. The terms shipping mailer and shipping mailer bags are essentially the same thing, referring to a wide range of products designed for shipping small items. While they’re larger and more durable than an average business envelope, shipping mailers also tend to be smaller and less expensive to ship than a box full of items.

What are the best shipping mailers to buy?

Top shipping mailer

KTOB 10x13-Inch Biodegradeable Shipping Mailers

KTOB 10×13-Inch Biodegradeable Shipping Mailers

What you need to know: These 10- by 13-inch shipping mailers are an excellent pick for the environmentally-conscious buyer, coming in a pack of 50 black mailing envelope units.

What you’ll love: These shipping mailers are made from the biodegradable material PBAT, which is even compostable in certain contexts. They also include a strong self-adhesive strip on the shipping mailer’s top end, in addition to being both moisture- and puncture-resistant.

What you should consider: These shipping mailers don’t include padding or bubble wrap like many other envelopes do.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top shipping mailers for money

Metronic 25-Pack of Padded Envelope Shipping Mailers

Metronic 25-Pack of Padded Envelope Shipping Mailers

What you need to know: This 25-pack of poly bubble shipping mailers is very affordable, sporting a low-profile look in a variety of sizes and colors.

What you’ll love: These shipping mailers feature a self-sealing strip and a firm bubble-wrap lining. While this particular pack is smaller than average, buyers can also purchase these shipping mailers in other sizes, and in either black, dark brown, teal or white colors.

What you should consider: This pack only contains 25 shipping mailers, which may not be enough for some buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

UCGOU 100-Pack of Self-Sealing Adhesive Poly Mailers

UCGOU 100-Pack of Self-Sealing Adhesive Poly Mailers

What you need to know: These shipping mailers are larger than average and feature a durable material, coming in a pack of 100 units for a reasonable price.

What you’ll love: Featuring a thick, plastic material, these shipping mailers are a great bulk shipping solution, especially for those sending items in the mail frequently. Buyers can also purchase these shipping mailers in black, hot pink, navy blue and teal.

What you should consider: These poly mailers don’t have bubble wrap lining the inside, so they’re most suitable for soft, durable items or for use with added padding elements.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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