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Which poly mailers are best?

While messaging and emails have accelerated the pace of doing business in our modern world, physical products still need to be shipped. Creating a smart, affordable mailing strategy can make the difference between profit and loss. One solution is to use poly mailers.

The best poly mailer is durable, weather-resistant and easy to use. For example, Coastwide Professional Self-Sealing Poly Mailer is a lightweight option that features a self-sealing strip that is tear-resistant and tamper-evident. This helps ensure your product gets to its intended destination safely.

What to know before you buy poly mailers

What is a poly mailer?

The easiest way to define a poly mailer is to say it is an envelope made from polyethylene film instead of paper. Beyond that, a poly mailer usually features a fold-over lip with a strip of adhesive that provides a reliable seal and makes it easy to use. A poly mailer is manufactured to be durable and moisture resistant.

Benefits of using poly mailers

Switching to poly mailers provides your business with many benefits that you cannot experience with regular envelopes or bubble mailers. Besides being lightweight, thinner and more durable than paper mailers, poly mailers take up less storage space and can handle more extreme conditions. They are moisture-resistant, so they won’t be as easily damaged by damp or humid storage spaces. Additionally, the peel-and-seal closure means you won’t have to use packing tape, which is required when shipping in boxes.

Are poly mailers bad for the environment?

Like any product, there are responsible ways to purchase and dispose of poly mailers. If you want to be kinder to the environment, purchase poly mailers manufactured using recycled materials. Since most poly mailers are polyethylene, they are recyclable. However, you may have to go to a specific drop-off location, as polyethylene shouldn’t be placed in a bin with other plastic items. Also, some poly mailers feature two peel-and-seal strips that allow you to use the mailer twice.

What to look for in a poly mailer

Since all poly mailers are somewhat moisture- and weather-resistant, tear-resistant and tamper-evident, there are only four key elements to consider when purchasing: size, thickness, color and padding.


You need to purchase a poly mailer that is large enough to ship your products. However, you must be careful because some space is lost in the design. This means that you need to check the inside dimensions and the outside dimensions. For example, a poly mailer listed as 9 inches by 12 inches might not actually fit 9-inch by 12-inch products.


Poly mailers are made of the same material as plastic grocery bags. From experience, you have probably realized that some grocery bags need to be doubled to function as expected. The same goes for poly mailers. Thinner options might not be as durable as thicker mailers.


White or some other neutral color is fine for most shipping applications. However, if you want to impact your presentation, poly mailers are available in a wide variety of colors. Additionally, if you want to purchase poly mailers containing a printed message, such as “thank you for supporting our business,” that option is also available.


Just like paper envelopes, it is possible to purchase bubble poly mailers if you need a little extra protection.

How much you can expect to spend on a poly mailer

Depending on how many you purchase at one time, how large and thick the envelope is and if they are padded, a poly mailer may cost anywhere from 10 cents to nearly $3 per envelope. Most individuals should not have to pay more than 30 cents per envelope.

Poly mailers FAQ

Are there any special fees for using a poly mailer?

A. The USPS has three main categories of mailing: letter, flat and parcel. The size of a mailer determines its category, not the envelope’s material. If a poly mailer is less than 6.125 inches high by 11.5 inches long and 0.25 inches thick, it can be mailed as a letter. If a poly mailer is less than 12 inches high by 15 inches long and .75 inches thick, you can mail it as a flat. Larger items would be considered a parcel.

How do I prepare a poly mailer for shipping?

A. A poly mailer is prepared the same way any other piece of mail is prepared. Place the item you will be shipping in the poly mailer and seal it. Remember, a poly mailer is best for mailing flat items that aren’t easily crushed or damaged, such as books or clothing. Place a label on the package that has all the required information to accurately identify the name and location of the shipper and the receiver. Make sure the label won’t smudge if it gets wet or rubbed. 

What are the best poly mailers to buy?

Top poly mailer

Coastwide Professional Self-Sealing Poly Mailer

Coastwide Professional Self-Sealing Poly Mailer

What you need to know: This is a pack of 100 white poly mailers 9 inches by 12 inches in size.

What you’ll love: The mailers are white, so the shipping label is easy to see. They seal with a self-sealing, square flap that has tear-resistant seams. The strip closure is tamper-evident, and the mailers open easily with a tear strip.

What you should consider: There are no consistent complaints regarding the performance of these mailers.

Where to buy: Sold by Staples

Top poly mailer for the money

Metronic White Poly Mailers

Metronic White Poly Mailers

What you need to know: This large pack of 200 self-sealing poly mailers is designed for shipping clothing safely.

What you’ll love: If desired, you can get these poly mailers in various colors, such as white, blue, teal, purple, pink and more. The envelopes are larger than typical document envelopes, so they are better suited for shipping articles of clothing. The mailers are lightweight, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant and waterproof.

What you should consider: This 200-mailer option is for the individual who does a lot of mailing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Staples Self-Sealing Bubble Mailer

Staples Self-Sealing Bubble Mailer

What you need to know: This pack of 25 poly bubble mailers provides extra protection for shipping items.

What you’ll love: The usable inside dimensions of these mailers are 7.13 inches by 10.75 inches. The material is moisture resistant to help prevent damage, and the peel-and-seal closures make these mailers simple to use.

What you should consider: These mailers are more expensive than other options, but they are also padded, so they still provide value.

Where to buy: Sold by Staples


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