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Which pencil case is best?

Whether you’re a student, an artist or a working professional, you’ve probably acquired lots of pens and pencils. Finding a sturdy, cute and functional pencil case is essential to keeping your office supplies organized and transportable. 

Pens and pencils are incredibly easy to misplace, so keeping them in a pencil case reduces the chances of your writing supplies getting lost in the mess. If you’re looking for a cute, transportable pencil case, the Della Gao Pencil Case is the best choice. 

What to know before you buy a pencil case 

There are a plethora of options for pencil cases on the market. Here are a few considerations to ponder before purchasing a pencil holder


Pencil cases should be transportable. Consider what size will best serve your needs for storage. You should be able to easily toss your pencil case in a backpack or purse to and from work or school.  


Some pencil cases feature various sections for specific storage needs. Some pencil cases have one main compartment, while others have various pockets for more streamlined storage. 


Pencil cases are generally made from plastic or cloth, and each pencil case closes differently. Some pencil cases have zipper pockets, while others can be snapped open and closed with a button. 

What to look for in a quality pencil case


Pencil cases are made from a variety of materials. A few common materials they are made out of include: canvas, polyester and nylon. 


The average pencil case can hold anywhere between 20 and 50 writing utensils.  


A quality pencil case can come with a surprising number of features. Here are a few to look out for:  

  • Zippers: A quality zipper has teeth that are flat and smooth so the zipper can open with ease. The slider used to open and close the zipper should be easily grasped and should glide smoothly across the zipper. 
  • Standing pencil cases: Some pencil cases come with a wide, sturdy base so the unit can stand up on its own.  
  • Pockets: A quality pencil case will have at least one main pocket, but many pencil cases feature several pockets of different sizes for diversified storage.   
  • Personalization: A personalized pencil case may be appealing to a person who likes a good monogram. Personalized pencil cases can come with a name or initials so they won’t get mixed up with another person’s pencil case. 
  • Design: Some quality pencil cases come in fun designs. From bright colors to a case emulating zipper monsters, a well-designed pencil case can be a great choice.  
  • Metal three-hole punch: For those who like to store their pencil case inside of a binder, some pencil cases come with a metal three-hole punch so it can be inserted into a binder with ease. 

How much to expect to spend on a pencil case

A quality, long-lasting pencil case may cost anywhere between $10-$25. 

Pencil case FAQ

How many pencils can a pencil case hold?

While most pencil cases can hold 20 to 50 pencils, some pencil cases have the capacity to hold more than 100 writing utensils. 

How can I wash a pencil case?

It depends on the material. Usually, plastic and nylon material can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe. Some cloth or canvas pencil cases can be put into the washing machine. Be sure to check a product’s description before cleaning. Generally, pencil cases that incorporate a metal zipper aren’t machine washable. 

Can a pencil case fit a calculator? 

A small handheld calculator may be able to fit inside of a pencil case. A scientific calculator is generally too large to fit in a standard pencil case. Check the product’s description to see the size of the case and if it will accommodate the size of your calculator.

Can I store a face mask in a pencil case? 

It depends on the pencil case. If there are multiple pockets, a pencil case can most likely accommodate storing a face mask. However, mesh pencil cases are not conducive to storing face masks and neither is storing a face mask in the same compartment as pencils and other writing utilities. 

What’s the best pencil case to buy? 

Top pencil case 

Della Gao Pencil Case

Della Gao Pencil Case

What you need to know: Made from durable, lightweight oxford material, the pencil case has two compartments and can hold up to 70 pens or pencils. 
What you’ll love: The simple black pencil case is water-resistant, tear-resistant and is easily transportable. 

What you should consider: Some reviewers said the product was smaller than they expected. The product’s description says the pencil case is 8.2 inches x 2.55 inches x 4.5 inches.    

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon   

Top pencil case for the money

Sooez High-Capacity Pencil Case

Sooez High-Capacity Pencil Case 

What you need to know: The pencil case is large, includes a handle for transportation and has three different compartments: one main zipper compartment and two smaller pockets on the inside. The back outer pocket has 14 durable elastic straps that can hold frequently used pens.
What you’ll love: It comes in eight different vibrant colors and can hold up to 100 pencils. There is a small loop on the end of the pencil case that can be used to hook it onto a backpack.   

What you should consider: Some reviews noted a strong plastic smell. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon  

Worth checking out 

Teskyer Pencil Case

Teskyer Pencil Case 

What you need to know: The product comes with two pencil cases, one that is army green and the other is purplish-blue. Each can hold up to 30 pens or pencils. 
What you’ll love: The case can be used not only for pens and pencils but to hold makeup, keys, jewelry, cellphones and more.  

What you should consider: The pencil case only has one large compartment. 

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon 

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