Which funny thank-you card is best?

Thank-you cards might seem traditional or old-fashioned, but they make up a multibillion-dollar industry, so there are still plenty of people sending thank-you cards and other greeting cards to their friends and family. Funny thank-you cards are a wonderful way to express gratitude for a gift or something you’ve received from a friend or loved one. The VNS Creations Funny thank-you cards come with stickers and envelopes, and they’re perfect for gratitude or employee appreciation.

What to know before you buy a funny thank-you card

Size and weight

Most thank-you notes are meant to be mailed with standard postage stamps. These cards weigh 1 ounce or less when put in envelopes, and the dimensions are 4 by 6 inches. But card sizes and weights can differ drastically, and some of these cards exceed the weight limit and dimension limit for standard mail. You need to add extra stamps for these thank-you notes.


Top thank-you cards come from reputable brands and are more expensive per package. If you are looking for top-quality cards, consider the integrity of the envelope and the cardstock. The best cards are rigid, have a little weight to them and fit well into the envelopes.


Thank-you notes are usually made of cardboard and paper, but some embellished cards have textile details, such as poms and glitter ribbon.There are also some thank-you cards composed of recycled materials if you’re looking for eco-friendly cards. These brands tend to buy recycled paper goods or use discarded materials from their own factories.

What to look for in a quality funny thank-you card


Small sets of thank-you cards are packed in vacuum-sealed bags, but deluxe sets usually come packed in durable boxes. Some sets even come with their own hinged cases, which you can use to arrange and organize other stationery items and cards.


The best thank-you cards come with envelope seals for a fancy finishing touch. These seals are most often seen as silver or gold foil medallions, but some sets have embossed seals with intricate details.

Bonus items

Thank-you card sets typically come with envelopes and cards, but some also come with bonus items, including stickers, stationery and additional envelopes. You might also find picture frames, miniature address books or desktop calendars in these sets.

How much you can expect to spend on a funny thank-you card

Funny thank-you cards usually cost about $5-$50 per package, depending on the quantity and quality of cards in a package. The most inexpensive cards go for about $5-$12 per package, while midrange cards cost about $12-$35 per package and high-end cards vary in price from about $35-$50 per package.

Funny thank-you card FAQ

Does it matter which kind of pen you use to write thank-you cards?

A. Use any kind of pen you want, as long as the ink doesn’t bleed or smear. For instance, rollerball pens use ink that takes awhile to dry, so you must leave the card open for a couple minutes before closing it to reduce any ink transfer. Ballpoint pen ink typically dries faster, so you can write the card and close it right away with little to no ink transfer.

How do you know if your thank-you cards require extra postage?

A. Some thank-you cards, especially cards from industry leaders, say on the package if extra postage is required. They don’t usually say how much extra postage is needed, but it’s helpful to know, so you can either head to the post office or simply use an extra stamp. Not all thank-you cards list this info, so weigh the card on a kitchen scale or postal scale if you’re in doubt.

How do you recycle old thank-you cards?

A. Donate your old thank-you cards to after-school or art programs, special needs schools or nursing homes. Many people create handmade thank-you cards out of old cards, so donating your old thank-you cards will provide them with a diverse array of materials to use. Another option is saving the old cards for your own arts and crafts or repurposing the cards into makeshift shopping lists or bookmarks.

What’s the best funny thank-you card to buy?

Top funny thank-you card

VNS Creations Funny Thank You Cards

VNS Creations Funny thank-you cards

What you need to know: This set comes with 40 4-inch by 6-inch thank-you cards with stickers and envelopes, which are perfect for gratitude or employee appreciation.

What you’ll love: These inspirational thank-you cards are big and blank on the inside, which means there is plenty of space for you to write down your gratitude and appreciation for the people in your life, including colleagues, employees, family, friends and partners.

What you should consider: Some customers say that half of the cards are oriented the incorrect way, so they can’t be used.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top funny thank-you card for the money

American Greetings Funny Thank You Card

American Greetings Funny thank-you card

What you need to know: You can give this funny thank-you note that says “Let’s taco ’bout you” to anyone, including a friend, colleague, partner or relative.

What you’ll love: This product comes with rows of limes and tacos with green foil accents, as well as some punny humor, to thank anyone, including a family member, relative, friend or partner, for a birthday or graduation gift.

What you should consider: Some people say that the paper is too thin and the card is bent on arrival.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Eat That Frog Thank You Card Pack

Eat That Frog thank-you card pack

What you need to know: This thank-you card pack features 52 cards with envelopes and funny designs that will make your recipients laugh.

What you’ll love: This product comes with a money-back guarantee and thank-you cards for every occasion, including weddings, graduations and baby showers. The inside of the notes are blank, so you can write whatever you want on the inside.

What you should consider: The envelopes that come with these cards are difficult to close.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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