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Some file boxes feature organizational features like tabs, color-coded hanging folders or separated compartments, offering the user a range of unique storage options for documents and other letter-size paper items.

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Which file boxes are best?

File boxes are a useful tool for keeping letter-size documents safely stored in a single organized place. And while a wide range of file box options is available, there are only a few differences worth considering model to model that might make narrowing down the options a little more tolerable.

For the utmost in secure file organization, the SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Locking File Box is nearly indestructible and is secure enough to keep your files safe, even in emergencies.

What to know before you buy a file box

Where you plan to put your file box

Physically speaking, where you plan to put your file box may have a major impact on which model will work best for your needs. The best office storage cabinets are simply those that fit perfectly into the spaces they’re intended to fit into, and finding a file box that fits where you want is just as important.


The best file box for your needs will also depend on how many files you’re hoping to store. If you have a lot of files, you’ll want to avoid small file boxes with limited capacity or consider buying multiple file boxes to fit all of what you need throughout them. If you plan to keep only a small number of documents, may consider purchasing a slim file box that fits better into multiple spots.


Depending on what you prefer, some file boxes include other features like locks, fireproof ratings, detachable lids, handles, and added organizational tools. And you may prefer decorative file boxes that liven up your office space. In either case, consider identifying what you’re looking for in a file box before you buy, and you may end up getting more use out of your purchase in the long run.

What to look for in a quality file box

Secure and organized file holding

Most of all, users buy file boxes to keep their documents safe, secure, and organized. Because of this, many elect to purchase file box models that include locks or other security features. Or they look for file boxes with organizational tools like tabs, color coding, or multi-compartment spaces, among other organization and security features.


Many use their file boxes to transport documents from one location to the next, making it particularly useful to buy a portable file box. File boxes that are especially portable may be slightly smaller or include a handle or two for easy carrying.


It’s also helpful to find a file box that’s durable, especially if you plan to move your file box around a lot. While a standard cardboard file box may be durable for the average user’s needs, others may prefer even more sturdy file boxes made from a variety of hard plastics or from metal, for the utmost in durability.

How much you can expect to spend on a file box

Due to the wide variety of types available, file boxes can vary in price from model to model. While a single file box may cost $10-$20, bulk packs are common and may cost $20-$75, depending on what style, material, and volume of file boxes you purchase.

File box FAQ

Can you buy file boxes with wheels?

A. Yes, you can find a number of file box models with wheels, which can be particularly useful if you regularly move your file box around a given room. Some file boxes with wheels include casters with locks, making them easy to maneuver multi-directionally.

Are plastic file boxes better than cardboard file boxes?

A. While they aren’t necessarily better, plastic file boxes do tend to be more durable than some cardboard file boxes, often standing the test of time a little bit better. Still, cardboard file boxes can be recycled, and they’re usually a little lighter than plastic or metal file boxes.

What are the best file boxes to buy?

Top file box

SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Black Locking File Box With Key

SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Black Locking File Box With Key

What you need to know: This locking file box from SentrySafe offers the utmost in security, featuring an external lock, a thin build, and robust, fireproof alloy steel housing.

What you’ll love: On top of offering a secure locking mechanism, this file box is rated for fireproofing in up to 30-minute durations of 1,550-degree Fahrenheit fires, making it extra safe and secure.

What you should consider: Despite being a locking file box, some found this model more expensive than they were looking for, especially if they didn’t need the locking or fireproof features.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top file box for the money

IRIS USA Letter and Legal-Size Plastic File Box Storage Bins 4-Pack

IRIS USA Letter and Legal-Size Plastic File Box Storage Bins 4-Pack

What you need to know: If you need multiple file boxes, you’ll get excellent value out of this four-pack of file boxes. The plastic file boxes feature detachable lids.

What you’ll love: These file boxes have a super affordable price point. The plastic file boxes include a large volume for storing legal- and letter-size documents. Their durable plastic construction can withstand everyday wear and tear.

What you should consider: Many buyers didn’t need all four file boxes, and instead, bought a single model that was suitable for their needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pendaflex Black Plastic Portable File Box With Handle and Latch

Pendaflex Black Plastic Portable File Box With Handle and Latch

What you need to know: This slim, plastic file box is a perfect pick for those on the go. It features a simple plastic design that’s just 6.5 inches thick and comes at a fair price.

What you’ll love: This portable file box is great for those who want something with a low profile and is easy to transport. It comes with three reinforced hanging folders that have tabs and inserts, and it can hold around 12 letter-size hanging folders altogether. It also has a convenient latch and handles for carrying.

What you should consider: Some buyers wanted a file box that could fit more documents than this model was able to.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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