Which address book is best?

While modern smartphones make it easy to store phone numbers and other ways to contact each other, it can also be refreshing to keep a handwritten address book for family and close friends. Most of the best address books today also feature pages dedicated to things like web login information, birthdays, anniversaries and still other helpful organizational tools.

If you aren’t entirely sure what you’re looking for, this bloom daily planners Hardcover Contacts Address Book is a great fit for the needs of most, and it features a sleek, elegant design that’ll make you want to use it.

What to know before you buy an address book

How you’ll use your address book

As a buyer, it’s probably most important to consider what specific needs you have for your address book. While the best daily planners may include some address and contact info features, address books usually focus on this aspect, while often adding other features. You may also want to consider if you need your address book to be a specific size, design or layout. If you’re looking for an organizer you can take with you on the go, for example, you may benefit most from a small address book.

Other useful features

Many address books will include more features than just contact information pages. Most commonly, you’ll find address books with monthly planners, birthday pages, notes pages, pen-holding bands and password-detail pages. However, if there are certain features you prefer over others, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right address book to fit your needs.

Design preferences

Although address books are a tool for organization, they don’t have to only focus on this. Many will choose their desired address book based on how its design looks, as long as it gets the job done. For some, a minimal, black address book is the best bet for business and office needs, while others might prefer something more expressive that they enjoy using more for its aesthetic.

What to look for in a quality address book

Tabs and organization features

Most importantly, address books are meant to be helpful to your organization needs. As a result, most of them have developed convenient, alphabetical tab systems that make it easy for the user to flip directly to a person’s name entry. Some may also prefer other organizational features, like having the contact information section near the beginning or end of the address book, or having it be the only section at all.

Easy to read with writing room

If you’re going to handwrite in your address book, it’s important to get one that offers a large enough print to be legible, as well as enough writing room that you won’t run out of space with each entry. 

Password keeper and other digital assets

In the modern world, many also prefer address books with password-keeper sections, or those that allow the user to detail password and login info for a variety of sites. Address books will often also include space for users to write down information about other digital assets, like email address entry space among the contact information section.

How much you can expect to spend on an address book

Address books can vary a little bit in price, although most users have no problem finding one within their budgetary needs. In general, you can find cheap address books for as little as $3 or as much as $10, while high-quality or specialty address books will usually cost $10-$30.

Address book FAQ

Do address books come with planners?

A. Some address books do also feature planners, although it’s more common to find planners with a small address and contact section. Still, depending on what you need in an address book, you might want to think about getting one that contains both.

Can you use your address book for documenting email addresses?

A. Most modern address books include a line for email addresses, or at the very least, will allow enough space for the user to include it. If this is super important for your needs, however, it might be best to double-check that the model you’re considering features a dedicated email address slot before you buy.

What’s the best address book to buy?

Top address book

bloom daily planners Contacts Hardcover Password Keeper and Address Book

bloom daily planners Contacts Hardcover Password Keeper and Address Book

What you need to know: This hardcover address book features a beautiful black-and-gold embroidery design on the front, as well as a monthly birthday calendar and password keeper.

What you’ll love: This address book is about 6-by-8.25 inches and features convenient tabs for staying organized. If the design doesn’t quite do it for you, this address book also comes in four other designs, each of which features the convenient and straightforward contact portion.

What you should consider: Some buyers said the side binding rings were a little bigger than they liked.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top address book for the money

JUBTIC Alphabetical Tab Hardcover Password Keeper and Address Book

JUBTIC Alphabetical Tab Hardcover Password Keeper and Address Book

What you need to know: On top of its super-affordable price tag, this address book with tabs features a password section, a birthday calendar and a straightforward, minimal design.

What you’ll love: This small address book is just 5.2-by-7. 7 inches, making it more portable than the average address book. Its simple design is super easy to follow, especially with the tabbed system. It also comes in black, green, navy or pink, and features a useful birthday calendar and emergency contact pages.

What you should consider: This address book’s tabs and text are a little small, and some elected to go with other options featuring larger text and easier-to-flip tabs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kate Spade New York Navy Floral Leatherette Address Book with A-Z Tabs

Kate Spade New York Navy Floral Leatherette Address Book With A-Z Tabs

What you need to know: This designer address book from Kate Spade comes at a reasonable price, featuring 146 well-designed contact pages, monthly planner and birthday pages and a beautiful floral cover design.

What you’ll love: For those looking for an address book with tabs and serious style, this model from Kate Spade is a great pick with beautiful, paint-like flowers on the book’s front and back covers, as well as its spine. The text is minimal, leaving lots of room to write any necessary information.

What you should consider: A few said that this address book’s tabs were a little flimsy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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