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Which standing desk chair is best?

Standing desks are great for those looking to increase their circulation during the day and keep their posture straight. The perfect desk chair — with armrests, adjustable height settings, smooth rolling wheels, and comfortable, durable material — is tough to find, but the closest is the Soho Soft Pad Drafting Chair. You’ll love rolling from place to place in your comfortable chair to save your legs when all that standing at your desk has become too much for the day.

What to know before you buy a standing desk chair


Some think the most important materials in a chair are the leather or fabric that make up its seat, but often overlooked are the screws, levers and wheels that often break first. A chair with solid screws, nuts and wheels will keep going strong for years. When looking for your standing desk chair, make sure that its hardware is made of durable solid plastic or aluminum.

Height adjustability

One of the few drawbacks to a standing desk is that sometimes you need to sit and give your legs a rest. With a standing desk chair whose height is adjustable, you’ll be able to stay at the perfect height for all your meetings. If you have an adjustable standing desk as well, an adjustable chair is a must-have to make your desk usable at any height. 


When you are sitting down, you’ll want something that is not only comfortable but will help improve your health. That means a chair that not only makes it easy to adjust the height and wheel from place to place, but that has adjustable arms and good lower back support.

What to look for in a quality standing desk chair

Rolling wheels

There’s nothing more fun than being able to roll from place to place in your office while sitting in your chair. Get a chair with solid plastic or metal wheels and smooth wheel bearings so you can glide along the floor. Without good rolling wheels, your chair will be harder to scoot into a comfortable position at the desk.


It’s hard to top the feeling of spinning around to talk with your coworkers or turning to the left or right to finish up some work at your desk. A chair with good ball bearings will keep your swivel smooth. Before buying, check to make sure that your chair isn’t fixed in one position.


Having your arms at the right angle not only helps you type and write correctly, but can have a major impact on your posture. Adjustable armrests not only help you control the angle of the arms’ tilt but the height at which your own arms will sit. Some chairs lack armrests; if you are using this standing desk chair as your main seat during the day, it’s highly recommended that you don’t skip the armrest.

How much you can expect to spend on a standing desk chair

You can expect to pay $100-$400 for a quality standing desk chair. This range in price is mainly due to the chair’s features and the materials used to construct it.

Standing desk chair FAQ

How many inches can you adjust the seating position of a standing desk chair?

A. Most adjustable desk chairs have 18 to 24 inches of travel. Some can move more or less, though, so check on the specifications of your chosen chair.

Does a standing desk chair have a weight limit?

A. Every chair is rated to a different weight. Check the information on the retailer’s website or ask the manufacturer to find out the limit for your chair.

What’s the best standing desk chair to buy?

Top standing desk chair

Soho Soft Pad Drafting Chair

Soho Soft Pad Drafting Chair

What you need to know: Soft leather and elegant style mix with efficient ergonomics to make this chair the perfect addition to your home office.

What you’ll love: The chair’s great looks make it a statement piece. Its leather is comfortable from the start, and gets even more comfy the more you sit in it — so much so, you’ll want to sit at your desk as much as you stand.

What you should consider: Leather can be less durable than cloth, so you’ll have to be careful not to let the material tear.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top standing desk chair for the money

Boss Office Products B1615-BK Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair

Boss Office Products B1615-BK Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair

What you need to know: Even for the budget-conscious, this white chair makes a great option for anyone looking to add a simple chair to their standing desk. 

What you’ll love: The chair’s padding helps you stay comfortable while its height adjustability makes it easy to match any height of your standing desk.

What you should consider: The chair’s lack of arms can make it difficult to stay seated for a long time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Drafting Chair

What you need to know: With easy transitions from even the lowest height setting to the height you need for your standing desk, this chair makes any position comfortable.

What you’ll love: Its footrest, conveniently placed armrests and soft, breathable mesh make this one of the most comfortable chairs around. It’s available in white, black, blue and dark gray.

What you should consider: The lighter-colored chairs can get dirty if you don’t take proper care of them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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