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Which high-end conference room tables are best?

Each office needs at least one top-quality conference room table. Conference room tables help establish a professional atmosphere that’s free from distractions where you can make presentations to clients, work on business strategies and brainstorm new ideas for your business. The Zipcode Design Curved End Conference Table is a customer favorite and offers a sleek modern look for your business.

What to know before you buy a high-end conference room table

Table configuration

Some conference tables are long, singular pieces that are perfect for events and board meetings, while others come in multiple pieces that you can either join together or use separately. Some conference tables are U-shaped, which is popular, since it lets people on both sides converse comfortably without amplification. 

Number of people

Consider the number of people you need to seat at the conference room table on a regular basis. A 6-foot table will usually seat about 6 people, while a 10-foot table will seat about 10 people. 

Room size

Don’t purchase a conference room table that’s too large for your room. Measure the size of your room before buying a table. There should be at least 4 feet between the walls and the edges of the table to allow people to walk around the table when people are sitting.

What to look for in a quality high-end conference room table

Table material

The most common materials for conference room tables include solid wood, stainless steel, tempered glass, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), thermally fused laminate (TFL) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

  • High-density polyethylene is often used for conference room tables, since it’s very strong and durable, but also lightweight.
  • Thermally fused laminate tables are scratch- and wear-resistant and help keep the weight and cost of the table down.
  • Medium-density fiberboard tables don’t age, warp or crack the way solid wood tables do, particularly in fluctuating temperatures.
  • Tempered glass is sturdy, but it tends to be a lot denser than MDF or wood.
  • Stainless steel is often used in the legs and frame of the conference room table. It’s usually powder-coated gray or black.
  • Solid wood tables are typically made of hardwood and are more expensive than alternatives, including MDF, TFL and HDPE.


Conference room tables come in a few different shapes, including oval, boat and rectangle. Rectangle is the most common shape for a conference room table. Oval-shaped conference room tables, also known as racetrack tables, have rounded ends and straight sides.

With boat-shaped tables, the middle of the table is wider than the ends of the table. This kind of table has a smooth curve that bows outward in the center of the table and curves in toward the ends, but the ends of the table don’t come to a point. The end of the table is typically about 3 feet wide and flat.


The shorter your conference room table, the most likely it is that it will come in a single piece. But if your conference room table is longer, it will likely come in two, three or more sections, each of which will come in a separate box, and you will need to assemble the table. If you work in a small office, you might need to assemble the table on your own, so keep this in mind when you choose your table.

How much you can expect to spend on a high-end conference room table

High-end conference room tables range in price from about $400-$5,500 or more, depending on the materials, construction, features and quality of the table.

High-end conference room table FAQ

How important are power and data grommets in your conference room table?

A. There is no ideal answer to this question. It depends on how regularly people use laptops and other electronic devices at the conference room table. If there are regularly more than three electronic devices at the table, consider buying a conference room table with power and data grommets.

Can you use conference room tables on carpet flooring?

A. Yes, but keep in mind that after an extended period of time, the conference room table will likely leave some permanent marks on your carpet flooring in your conference room.

Which kind of conference room table is right for big groups?

A. A triclinium or U-shaped conference room table with seating around the outside of the table lets big groups of people see each other better than most other kinds of conference room tables.

What’s the best high-end conference room table to buy?

Top high-end conference room table

Zipcode Design Curved End Conference Table

Zipcode Design Curved End Conference Table

What you need to know: This modern conference table is a customer favorite and offers a sleek modern look for your business.

What you’ll love: This product comes with curved edges that protect against scuffing or snagging. The table is also composed of durable laminate, which holds up against daily wear and tear from gatherings and meetings.

What you should consider: Some consumers have difficulty fitting the pieces of this table together.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top high-end conference room table for the money

Symple Stuff Umstead Boat Shaped Conference Table

Symple Stuff Umstead Boat Shaped Conference Table

What you need to know: This stylish and durable table has plenty of features and can seat up to six people comfortably.

What you’ll love: This product includes two holes that fit power modules to help charge your devices during conference meetings, as well as softened edges for increased comfort. The whole design perfectly accommodates any office, and the table is stain- and scratch-resistant, which makes it long-lasting and durable.

What you should consider: The power module is sold separately from the rest of the product.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Upper Square Chelsea Rectangular Conference Table

Upper Square Chelsea Rectangular Conference Table

What you need to know: This versatile, metal-framed table offers a sleek industrial finish and functionality for the office.

What you’ll love: This product comes with an electronics cord protector for organization, which keeps your cords confined to one place, and is composed of metal accents and a wood design for effectiveness and stability. The table is an excellent option for commercial and residential offices.

What you should consider: This table is very heavy, which makes assembly difficult.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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