Which wall-mounted computer desk is best?

Laptops are only getting smaller and many offices are going paperless, so the need for bulky office desks is fading. Wall-mounted computer desks have grown in popularity, especially among work-from-home professionals, because of their space-savvy designs and modern aesthetics. 

There are several styles of wall-mounted computer desks, ranging from simple shelves to involved folding designs. If you’re looking for a wall-mounted computer desk with curb appeal, the Latitude Run Cushing Floating Desk is our top choice. 

What to know before you buy a wall-mounted computer desk

Benefits of wall-mounted computer desks

Wall-mounted desks are space-savers, which makes them appealing to those who either have limited space or are seeking minimalist setups. Because users can install these desks at any height, it’s easy to create more leg room or design a standing workspace. Several wall-mounted desks have versatile designs that complement most furniture and room décor. 

Drawbacks of wall-mounted computer desks

Unfortunately, wall-mounted desks aren’t ideal for every setup or room. Most of them have limited weight capacities and won’t support heavier monitors or peripheral devices. Because they’re often made with inexpensive materials, construction quality is hit or miss. Many buyers agree assembly and installation is more complicated than expected as well. 

Popular types of wall-mounted desks

As different as each design looks from the next, wall-mounted desks can be grouped loosely into three main categories.

  • Mounted or floating desks attach directly to the wall. They’re simple, stationary units that rarely have moving parts other than drawers. 
  • Pull-down desks, as their name implies, have hinged desktops that are stowed in the upright position when they’re not in use. They’re considered the most space-savvy options. 
  • Folding wall-mounted desks operate similarly to Murphy beds with involved mechanisms that unfold desk tops and legs. These dynamic designs are often used in multi-purpose spaces. 

Assembly and installation

Wall-mounted desks require assembly and installation, which unfortunately, isn’t as straightforward as with regular desks. Many buyers agree these tasks are time-consuming and usually require more than one person for completion. However, you can always hire a pro to handle it.

What to look for in a quality wall-mounted computer desk


Most wall-mounted computer desks are made with engineered wood or MDF, but better-quality designs have real wood components. Because engineered wood and MDF are inexpensive materials, many of these desks are affordably priced. These materials are also preferred for wall-mounted desks because they’re reasonably durable and low-maintenance.

Construction quality

Construction quality is hit or miss with wall-mounted desks, but if you know which key features to examine, you’ll be able to find one that is well made. 

  • The desk should have well-fitting components that are tight and secure. 
  • Mounting hardware should feel durable and stable, and in particular, screws should be long enough to secure the desk to the wall appropriately. 
  • While the desk may be lightweight, it shouldn’t feel flimsy or buckle under light pressure. 

Storage and organization

Wall-mounted desks are minimalist designs, so they rarely have the storage and organization of regular desks. Many of them, however, have bookshelves, cubbies or drawers. However, they have limited weight capacities, and you’ll need to be selective in terms of what you store in these spaces. 

Weight capacity

Wall-mounted computer desks don’t have high weight capacities. At most, some may support up to 100 pounds, but others are limited to 30 pounds. It’s not exactly surprising, considering most people only intend to place laptops and paperwork on these desks. Basically, if you require a more involved setup with additional devices and office supplies, you may be better served by a regular desk. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wall-mounted computer desk

Basic shelf desks cost around $40, whereas most wall-mounted styles with more involved designs cost $200 and above. If you’re looking for one made with wood components, you’ll pay $400 or more. 

Wall-mounted computer desk FAQ

Do wall-mounted computer desks have cable cut-outs?

A. Some wall-mounted desks have cable cut-outs, but not all of them. In fact, it’s somewhat of a premium feature, so be prepared to pay more for it. Otherwise, you’ll need to drape wires and power cords down the sides of the desk. 

What colors are available for wall-mounted computer desks?

A. Most wall-mounted computer desks are available in black, white and wood tones. Some desks are only available in one color, whereas others may come in as many as 10 finishes. A few wall-mounted desks offer more than one hardware finish as well. 

What’s the best wall-mounted computer desk to buy?

Top wall-mounted computer desk

Latitude Run Cushing Floating Desk

Latitude Run Cushing Floating Desk

What you need to know: With its practical design, this wall-mounted desk offers enough space to set up a minimalist home office. 

What you’ll love: The desk has modern aesthetics, but its traditional wood-inspired design blends in well with most furniture. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds, which means you can set up your laptop and a few office essentials. The shelves offer just enough storage for books or small items. 

What you should consider: Some buyers felt assembly was challenging, and quality fell short of expectations. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top wall-mounted computer desk for the money

Ebern Designs Hondo Floating Desk

Ebern Designs Hondo Floating Desk

What you need to know: While it’s a simple option, this affordable floating desk gets the job done if all you need is a place to set up your laptop.

What you’ll love: Unlike other wall-mounted desks, this design has a deep drawer for office supplies. Because of its white finish, it has a crisp, clean appearance. It’s a space-savvy design that works well either on walls or installed in corners. 

What you should consider: The desk has a simple, clinical appearance that may not blend in with existing furniture.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Ebern Designs Yves Wall Mounted Computer Desk

Ebern Designs Yves Wall Mounted Computer Desk

What you need to know: If you’re looking for more room to lay out a workspace, this wall-mounted desk is ideal with a 42-inch table top. 

What you’ll love: There’s plenty of room to sprawl out with laptops and paperwork. The desk has three cubbies, one of which is ideal for storing devices or folders. It’s a fairly versatile design and has even been transformed into makeup vanities. 

What you should consider: While it’s said to be a sturdy design, there are mixed reviews and it has a low weight capacity of 44 pounds. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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