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Depending on what your needs are, most outdoor ceiling fans offer an approved moisture rating of “damp” for outside humidity and light exposure to rain.

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Which outdoor ceiling fan is best?

Finding the best outdoor ceiling fan for your space can be tricky, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for. While a number of ceiling fans may work for your outdoor space, it can also be tough to match aesthetics with airflow capacity and additional features like lighting or remote controls.

Individuals looking for a simple, yet powerful outdoor ceiling fan are usually happy with the top choice Emerson Kathy Ireland Home Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, which also offers a super-strong airflow.

What to know before you buy an outdoor ceiling fan

Exposure to moisture

Most of all, the best outdoor ceiling fans must be rated for exposure to some moisture, even if they will be in a covered place. While most ceiling fans that are for indoor-outdoor use are rated “damp,” meaning they can get wet from moisture in the air but not rain or other environmental sources of water, others may be rated “wet” if they’re suitable for use in uncovered gazebos, or other areas where the motor will need to be protected from water.

Ceiling fan size

Another major factor to consider when looking at outdoor ceiling fans is how large the space is where you’ll install the fan. The standard ceiling fan features 52-inch blades, though a wide range of fan blade sizes exist if you need one that’s smaller or larger.

Ceiling fan CFM rating

The point of having a ceiling fan is to increase airflow, which is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. Outdoor ceiling fans are often advertised with a certain amount of airflow capacity in CFM. They range from as low as 1,000 CFM for small fans, or as much as 5,500 CFM for high-quality residential fans. Some industrial and commercial fans offer even more airflow.

What to look for in a quality outdoor ceiling fan

Motor with multi-speed control and reverse

A ceiling fan’s motor is one of the most important pieces of hardware, as it determines how quickly the blades spin and in which direction. Most standard ceiling fans offer the ability to use multiple speeds, usually as many as three, though some also have fewer or more speeds. Outdoor ceiling fans sometimes include reverse functions, particularly useful in regions with changing seasons.

Remote control

While most ceiling fans at least include a pull-chain, some find it useful to buy a model with a remote control. These can sometimes offer more options for controlling the fan’s airflow, or if they don’t, they’re simply more convenient to use.


Many people prefer to buy outdoor ceiling fans with an attached light, or a light fixture mounting kit that will allow them to put a light in after purchase. While it certainly isn’t a necessity, it can be especially helpful to have an outdoor ceiling fan with a light in places that are particularly small since there is no need to find space for additional lighting.

How much you can expect to spend on outdoor ceiling fans

Outdoor ceiling fans span a wide range of prices depending on the features they offer. In general, you can find cheap outdoor ceiling fans for about $100, while higher-quality ceiling fans may cost between $200-$500.

Outdoor ceiling fans FAQ

Where is it best to mount an outdoor ceiling fan?

A. It’s probably best to mount your outdoor ceiling fan in a space central to where you plan to hang out, at a height of at least 7-8 feet. You’ll also want to mount it to a sturdy ceiling surface where you can also run electricity to the fan.

What is an outdoor ceiling fan’s blade pitch?

A. The blade pitch of any ceiling fan refers to the overall tilt of the fan’s blades, and it ultimately determines the fan’s airflow. While a set of fan blades that aren’t tilted at all would significantly minimize airflow, those with between 12-15 degrees of blade pitch offer a strong airflow suitable for the average space.

What’s the best outdoor ceiling fan to buy?

Top outdoor ceiling fan

Emerson Kathy Ireland Home Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson Kathy Ireland Home Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What you need to know: This beautiful five-blade ceiling fan from Emerson includes a nice Venetian bronze finish, features three reversible fan speeds and boasts an impressive 5,231 CFM of airflow.

What you’ll love: This fan model includes five blades with three different airflow speeds and reverse functionality, as well as a light installation kit. This fan’s wide, leaf-like blades produce a tremendous amount of airflow, and it has a nice Venetian bronze finish that can beautify any patio, garden or outdoor space.

What you should consider: Some buyers found this model a little too expensive for their budget, and others preferred a model with a light fixture already installed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top outdoor ceiling fan for the money

Hunter Fan Company 59262 Cassius 52-Inch Three-Blade Wooden Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company 59262 Cassius 52-Inch Three-Blade Wooden Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What you need to know: For buyers who prefer a more minimal take on the outdoor ceiling fan, this contemporary three-blade fan is a great look, and comes at a reasonable price.

What you’ll love: On top of being one of the more affordable outdoor ceiling fans out there, this model offers a minimal look with three blades, reverse functionality and an impressive airflow capacity of 5,537 CFM on its highest setting.

What you should consider: This outdoor ceiling fan model does not include a light or remote control, though it was found sufficient for most buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50207 Five-Blade 52-Inch Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50207 Five-Blade 52-Inch Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

What you need to know: Those looking for a tropical outdoor ceiling fan look to match the garden or patio will love this model from Honeywell, complete with five wide fan blades and decent airflow.

What you’ll love: Another fairly affordable outdoor ceiling fan, this model comes in beautiful bronze or sandstone finishes, featuring three airflow speeds and reverse functionality. In addition, it’s rated for damp outdoor settings and is perfect for covered patios and outdoor areas.

What you should consider: This model only offers 3,516 CFM of airflow capacity, which many buyers didn’t think would be sufficient for their needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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