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Trendy and comfortable, ball chairs are increasing in popularity both at home and at the office.

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Which budget ball chairs are best?

Ball chairs have become a trendy and comfortable alternative to standard desk seating. These chairs are said to help increase calorie burn and core strength by keeping your abdominal and back muscles engaged as you work. Some ball chairs allow you to detach the ball portion and use it in your regular workout.

While premium ball chairs can get pricey, there are plenty of budget alternatives for those who want to try one out for themselves. The PharMeDoc Exercise Ball Chair provides the benefits of an exercise ball with the familiarity of an office chair in an affordable, quality package.

What to consider before you buy a budget ball chair

Learn how a ball chair works

While sitting in a traditional chair, most of your body’s core muscles are relaxed and at ease. Ball chairs roll underneath you as you sit, meaning your body has to continually make small changes to adjust your balance and keep you stable. In this way, ball chairs engage your core muscles throughout the day.

Your expectations

Take the manufacturer’s claims with a grain of salt and don’t expect a ball chair to provide a serious workout. While ball chairs do provide a more involved sitting experience, you shouldn’t anticipate large improvements in your daily calorie burn or overall muscle tone. Ultimately, you should purchase a ball chair if you find traditional office chairs to be uncomfortable and enjoy any body toning or energy use as an additional benefit.

Your fitness level and experience

Ball chairs with removable balls are great for people who already practice yoga, are familiar with the core exercises that people perform using a workout ball or are interested in using the ball in their fitness regimen with their yoga mats. However, for those without experience, ball chairs can take some getting used to. Until you adjust, make sure you try out your ball chair in a situation where you’re able to catch yourself if you begin to lose your balance.

Your intended usage

Be sure the area in which you intend to use your ball chair can accommodate one, and select a model that works in your office’s environment. Some ball chairs have casters on them, making them great for people who often find themselves rolling their chairs between workstations. Others have stationary feet or a ring-shaped base to prevent the ball from rolling across the room.

What to look for in a quality budget ball chair

Back support

Some ball chairs are little more than the ball itself. These models don’t allow you to lean back. Others place the ball in a more traditional-looking chair, with the backrest included. Consider your comfort level and your ability to maintain your posture as you work to determine which type of chair best suits your needs.


Many ball chairs include additional exercise accessories, such as resistance bands and pamphlets describing various workouts you can perform at your desk. If you’re looking to do more than simply activate your core while you work, these accessories may provide the means and inspiration to further enhance your activity.


Most ball chairs include some type of base. This can be as substantial as an entire chair with a backrest and wheels or as simple as a ring that sits on the floor and keeps the ball stationary. 

Ball chairs without bases keep you more actively engaged while you maintain your balance, but you run the risk of tipping over or returning to your office to find that your ball has rolled across the building. Consider your preferences, your fitness level and the environment you’ll be sitting in as you decide what type of base to look for.


The main material in all ball chairs is the rubber that the ball itself is made of. However, some models also include a cloth cover for those wanting a softer or more attractive-looking chair. Keep in mind that some covers may be more slippery than the rubber of the ball itself, and an underinflated ball inside of a cloth cover will look wrinkled and misshapen.


Ball chairs come in a range of sizes. The height of your desk, your body type, the base of your ball chair and your comfort level all play a role in determining which size ball is best for you. If possible, try a few models to see which ones put you at a height that allows you to work at your desk without having to overreach or struggle to type.

Ball chair tips

  • Ball chairs provide minimal results when only used for stationary sitting. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes every hour rocking back and forth or side to side to enhance the experience, loosen your muscles and more deeply engage your core.
  • As with any type of exercise equipment, you get what you put in. A ball chair can’t take the place of a morning jog, nor should it give you an excuse to indulge in an extra donut after lunch. If fitness or improvement is your goal, combine your ball chair with a dedicated routine for best results.
  • Keep the pump to your ball chair handy. Returning to work after a holiday will be extra disappointing if you arrive to find your chair deflated and unable to support you properly.

How much you can expect to spend on a budget ball chair

High-quality, budget ball chairs are available for $20-$80. The more expensive models usually include additional accessories like resistance bands and a base.

Budget ball chair FAQ

Will using a ball chair give me six-pack abs?

A. No. While using a ball chair engages muscles that are at rest in traditional chairs, they don’t provide nearly the amount of muscular activity or calorie consumption required to burn significant fat or build muscle mass.

Can I use a ball chair for yoga?

A. Yes. Chairs that allow you to remove the ball are popular with those who practice yoga. Beginners with yoga also benefit from the additional stability that many ball chairs provide, thanks to their base.

How do I inflate my ball chair?

A. Most ball chairs include an air pump that you can use to both inflate and deflate the ball. Consult your ball chair’s instructions in order to properly inflate your chair.

What’s the best budget ball chair to buy?

Top budget ball chair

PharMeDoc Exercise Ball Chair

PharMeDoc Exercise Ball Chair

What you need to know: This fully realized ball chair includes a backrest and wheels.

What you’ll love: Specifically designed with office use in mind, this model features a large ball and a base that resembles a traditional desk chair. Wheels allow you to move around your workstation easily.

What you should consider: Some users report this chair is shorter and harder than they were expecting.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top budget ball chair for the money

PHYLLEXI Yoga Ball Chair

PHYLLEXI Yoga Ball Chair

What you need to know: This affordable ball chair is made of extra thick rubber.

What you’ll love: With its unique finish, this ball chair has a textured exterior that’s quiet and easy to grip. You can use it at home, in the gym or in the office. It’s available in multiple sizes and three colors.

What you should consider: This ball doesn’t include a base.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SpoxFit Exercise Ball

SpoxFit Exercise Ball

What you need to know: This ball is available in many colors and includes a base ring for more stability while being used as a chair.

What you’ll love: The ball includes accessories for both working out and sitting comfortably at your desk. Its base allows for stability and roll-proof storage, while its resistance straps and grips allow you to get the most out of your desk time.

What you should consider: This ball chair’s included pump only injects a small amount of air per press and can be time consuming to use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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