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Face painting can be used for holidays such as Halloween, a kid’s birthday party, to support your favorite team at the big game and more.

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Which face painting kits are best?

Face painting can provide fun for everyone involved. Both artist and subject get to enjoy the creative experience of face painting, but the process can be ruined if you don’t have the right paints.

Don’t settle for smudged lines, cakey colors, stained skin or poor pigments when the right face painting kit makes the job effortless. A face painting kit like the Bo Buggles Professional Face Paint Kit is perfect for creating beautiful shapes, colors and lines.

What to know before you buy a face painting kit

The right brushes

Just like face painting kits, there are good brands and poor quality brands when it comes to paintbrushes. You can buy the best professional face painting kit available and still end up with disappointing face art if you don’t have the right artist brushes

If you are just starting with face paint, you don’t need an impressive collection of brushes to create great face art. Be sure you have a round brush, flat or angled brush and a filbert brush in your arsenal. If you plan to do more complex, professional face art, then you may want to expand your collection. It’s also important to keep face paintbrushes separate from craft brushes for safety and hygiene reasons.

Face paint uses

Different face paint kits work better for different uses, so be sure to consider your goals when choosing a face paint kit. For example, if you plan to head to the stadium in support of your favorite sports team, you can get away with a lower-quality face paint kit than if you want to attempt some intricate Halloween face paint designs. If you intend to do some face painting for kids, you need to make sure all the paints are specifically safe for children.


Not all face paints are safe to have on your skin for long periods or to place near your mouth and eyes. Some face paints that claim to be safe contain heavy metals, cadmium, lead, formaldehyde and other harmful compounds. Toxic ingredients can make them dangerous if ingested, especially for young children. Avoid purchasing the cheapest face painting for kids or anything that isn’t clear about the products used in their paints. Face paint kits that are compliant with FDA requirements will offer higher levels of safety.

What to look for in a quality face painting kit 


Safety isn’t the only reason why you want to know what’s in your face paint. The ingredients used in face paint give a lot of information about how to use the paint and what kind of quality to expect. There are many base ingredients for face paints and some make a huge difference in how your face paints perform. Water-based paints are easiest to clean up, while alcohol-based paints tend to last longest. There are also a variety of preservatives, perfumes and pigments in different face painting kits that can affect how they perform.


Ingredients, weather conditions, primers, sealers and the individual wearing the face paint all have a direct effect on a face paint’s durability. Alcohol and castor oil-based paints are some of the most durable types of face paint. They don’t require a primer or sealer to be sweat- and water-resistant. Pressed powders can also be incredibly durable, but they do require a good base primer and sealer to compete with alcohol and castor oil-based face paint.


Nobody wants a face paint kit with a disappointing color selection, even if you’re just face painting for kids. As you shop around for face painting kits, be sure to take the number of colors and quality of pigment into consideration. Don’t forget to look for black and white colors to help with line work.

How much you can expect to spend on a face painting kit

Even a professional face painting kit won’t break the bank. You can expect lower-quality face painting kits to start around $7, while high-end kits are about $35-$50.

Face painting kit FAQ

What supplies are needed for face paint?

A. A quality face painting kit, a variety of brushes, sponges for blending, a mirror, a plastic cup and a washcloth are all helpful tools for face painting.

What kind of paint should I use for face paint?

A. Only use paints that are specifically created for face or body painting as face paints. Go with alcohol or castor oil-based paints for more durable face paint. Water-based face paint is great for easy cleanup.

Can I use face paint as makeup?

A. Yes … and no. Manufacturers create face paint as a cosmetic product, so it obviously can be used on the face, but it is not designed for extended wear like most makeup products.

What’s the best face painting kit to buy?

Top face painting kit

Bo Buggles Professional Face Paint Kit

Bo Buggles Professional Face Paint Kit 

What you need to know: This professional face painting kit comes with two brushes, 50 stencils and 16 quality paints — four of which are glitter options.

What you’ll love: With 12 beautiful colors and four glitter pots, this high-quality face painting kit is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. With vibrant paints that dry quickly and don’t require a lot of water to stimulate, a little goes a long way.

What you should consider: Some users say that certain colors cause stains on the skin, even after washing off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top face painting kit for the money

Create a Face Face Painting Kit for Kids

Create a Face Face Painting Kit for Kids

What you need to know: While this kit doesn’t have as many paints as some of its competition, it may be the perfect size for some users.

What you’ll love: With eight water-based face paints, two glitter paints and two brushes, this kit is ideal for anyone looking for durable, affordable face paints. You can expect the colors to blend easily, dry without smudging and wash off well.

What you should consider: While well-reviewed, some users say these paints irritate the skin after washing off, even for users who don’t have sensitive skin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Snazaroo Metallic Face Paint

Snazaroo Metallic Face Paint

What you need to know: These playful paints offer good value for the money since they perform well and clean easily with soap and water.

What you’ll love: With lively colors that are suitable for sensitive skin, a how-to-face-paint guide and sufficient brushes, this face painting kit packs everything you need into one box.

What you should consider: Some users complain that the paints are dry and that they flake off when applied. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Etsy


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