Which lowrider model car kits are best?

When you think of a lowrider, do you think of the song? Or do you think of the car scene that developed in Los Angeles back in the ’40s and still lives on today? These cars are classics that became legendary thanks to customization and acceptance into popular culture as a status symbol. These wide, long cars were larger than life and had personality, often augmented by hydraulics and fuzzy, colorful interiors. 

If you’re going to make some lowrider models, you should start with a classic like the 1967 Chevy Impala.

What to know before you buy a lowrider model car kit

Make and model

Each kind of model car you choose has its own history. Following that history will make it a unique low rider experience. How a Plymouth differs from an Impala in the body shape and the headlights is noticeable. Every car will have a unique look. The best low riders have a boxy, big body with round headlights and a slick paint job. The whole point of a low rider is to drive “low and slow” and enjoy yourself with loud music and a big attitude. The car culture has no true purpose other than the enjoyment of the ride itself. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, young Mexican American kids lowered the blocks and Z’ed the frames on their cars so that they could install wheels with huge rims while dropping the car body low to the ground.


Your model car doesn’t need to be a headache, but it can be if you don’t pay attention to the number of parts and the ease of assembly. The way many of these cars fit together, you’re going to be looking at small parts that need a lot of glue, so do yourself a favor and try to buy a simple model.


You’ll have to paint these cars yourself, so you need to invest in quality brushes and learn how to apply an even coat of paint. Otherwise, your model will look ugly even if you put it together perfectly. A blotchy and uneven paint job will ruin all that hard work.

What to look for in a quality lowrider model car kit


A quality lowrider model car kit will include all the parts unbroken and unscratched. It will come with an instruction manual, multiple racks of pieces, and decals to make the car seem authentic. Instructions make a big difference when making a model. Sometimes companies skimp on writing detailed instructions. As a result, the process becomes much more difficult than it ought to be. Make sure the instructions come with clear diagrams so that you don’t make any costly or time-consuming mistakes.


You should be able to tell at a glance what kind of car it is when you’re looking at the finished model. Are the headlights, body shape, and paint job accurate to the way the cars looked in real life? Don’t settle for models of generic car shapes when you pay for models of specific cars. You can compare the model to pictures of the real thing before you buy to get a sense of how true-to-life it is.

Classic model

The best lowrider model car kits will give you models of some of the most iconic cars from the movement. These old American machines had huge personalities to go along with their big-block engines and massive bodies. The Plymouth Roadrunner, Chevrolet Impala and the Monte Carlo are all instantly recognizable lowriders.

How much you can expect to spend on a lowrider model car kit

You can expect to spend anywhere from $30-$40 on a lowrider model car kit.

Lowrider model car kit FAQ

Why make a model car?

A. Because it’s a tremendously fun way to waste your time, especially if you like cars. If you want to feel like you’re being productive while you geek out about your favorite cars and put your hands to work, making models is a good hobby.

What were the most popular low riders?

A. The most iconic low rider is a Chevrolet. A Monte Carlo is the most quintessential low rider, appearing in gangster movies and the GTA series.

What’s the best lowrider model car kit to buy?

Top lowrider model car kit 

1967 Chevrolet Impala

1967 Chevrolet Impala

What you need to know: This ’67 Chevy Impala SS is 1/25 scale and comes with 50 pieces.

What you’ll love: The pieces were tooled with modern equipment so they’re very accurate to real life and won’t snap easily.

What you should consider: It’s an older model kit by AMT, which has a lot of detail and may not be suitable for kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top lowrider model car kit for the money

1974 Plymouth Roadrunner

1974 Plymouth Roadrunner

What you need to know: This Plymouth Roadrunner is 1/25 scale and has a hood that opens, as well as multiple color and racing stripe options.

What you’ll love: This model offers hours of engagement, with 82 pieces making up the kit. It has an exceptional amount of detail, with little flash and pieces that break out of the plastic easily.

What you should consider: You will have to buy some glue and an X-ACTO knife for this kit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

What you need to know: The 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo was an easy, everyday car for purchase back in the day. It was an affordable car that young guys modded to look cool. 

What you’ll love: The rounded body is a simple shape that looks heavy and solid. That simplicity is complemented by the wide headlights and grated grille. It’s a far cry from the sleek, aerodynamic cars of the 2000s.

What you should consider: Customers reported that this model has a lot of flash that has to be worked on to prep for paint.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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