Which knitting kit is best?

Knitting is a fun, relaxing hobby nearly anyone can enjoy, but newcomers may have trouble knowing where to start. Knitting kits are convenient because they often come with all of the essentials, including needles, yarn and a variety of knitting tools.

Most knitting kits are relatively affordable, but the contents can range widely depending on your skill level. If you’re a knitter with a bit of foundational knowledge, the ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Knitting Tips Set is the recommended pick. 

What to know before you buy a knitting kit

Types of knitting kits

Knitting kits appear in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, usually directed toward a specific audience. 

  • Starter sets are geared towards beginners with zero knitting experience and come with everything you need to get started. Their components are usually not particularly high quality, as most knitters will choose to upgrade once they get proficient enough. Starter kits usually come with a detailed, illustrated instruction manual. 
  • Project sets are a great choice for intermediate and experienced knitters looking for a fun challenge. These kits come with every item you need to create a single-knit garment, such as a hat or a pair of gloves. Project sets may come with a pair of knitting needles, but their focus is on specialty yarn, a pattern and a booklet of instructions. 

Some knitting kits focus entirely on high-quality replacement needles in various sizes. These kits are typically geared toward advanced knitters who already have everything else they need. 

Knitting-kit tips

  • If your knitting kit comes with a carrying case or a box with compartments, keep your workspace organized by returning all of your pieces to their proper spots. 
  • Even expert knitters make mistakes from time to time. If one of your projects didn’t turn out as planned, simply take it apart and reuse the yarn.  
  • Keep a knitting journal near your kit so you can record details and measurements.
  • Explore social media and knitting blogs for inspiration and project ideas.
  • If you’re a beginner, look for a comprehensive knitting kit that will let you experiment with needle and yarn sizes. 

What to look for in a quality knitting kit


Single-point knitting needles are available in a variety of sizes and can be crafted from plastic, wood, metal or even bamboo. If you’re not sure which needle to use, look for a kit that comes with a few sizes so you can experiment. Sizes 6, 7 and 8 are usually recommended for beginners. 


Many knitting kits come with scissors for cutting yarn. These tools should be sharp enough to cut quickly and cleanly without leaving behind stray fibers. Keep in mind that the scissors included in knitting kits are almost always designed for right-handed people. 

Carrying case

Some knitting kits have carrying cases constructed from fabric or durable plastic. Look for a case with compartments so you can keep everything organized, especially if your kit comes with lots of items. Many carrying cases have handles so you can easily travel with your knitting supplies. 

How much you can expect to spend on a knitting kit

The cost of a knitting kit can vary widely depending on the size and quality of its components. Simple starter sets are usually around $20-$50, while an advanced set with a selection of quality needles may cost over $150. 

Knitting kit FAQ

Are there knitting kits for kids? 

A. There are tons of great knitting kits for kids. They usually include colorful yarn; small, kid-friendly needles; and project ideas geared toward children. 

Where can I find knitting ideas? 

A. If you’ve tackled all of the projects included with your kit, try going online. There are countless knitting blogs, websites and video channels that can provide you with fun, creative project ideas. 

What’s the best knitting kit to buy?

Top knitting kit

ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Knitting Tips Set

ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Knitting Tips Set

What you need to know: Best suited for an intermediate or experienced knitter, this kit comes with a dozen pairs of high-quality needles in various sizes. 

What you’ll love: The needles are constructed from durable, surgical-quality steel. The carrying satchel is made of fabric and each needle pair gets its own pocket with a corresponding number. The set also included three premium cables, six stitch markers and more. 

What you should consider: The kit is somewhat expensive, and a few users had an issue with the needle cables falling off the needles. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top knitting kit for the money

Exquiss Bamboo Knitting Needle Set

Exquiss Bamboo Knitting Needle Set

What you need to know: This massive knitting kit comes with 54 needles in various sizes and tons of accessories. 

What you’ll love: In addition to 18 circular knitting needles and 36 single-point needles, the kit includes tools such as a tape measure and a pair of knitting scissors. It also comes with a plastic carrying case with compartments. 

What you should consider: Users like the bamboo needles, but some of the other knitting tools lack durability. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dxhycc Basic Knitting Tools Set With Case

Dxhycc Basic Knitting Tools Set With Case

What you need to know: This simple, budget-friendly knitting kit is perfect for beginners.

What you’ll love: All of the most essential knitting tools can be found in this set, including stitch holders, a tape measure, point protectors and scissors. The plastic carrying case is small and compact with convenient miniature compartments. 

What you should consider: A few knitters have noted that the tape measure is slightly off, and there are no instructions included with this kit. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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