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A leaf bag that stands up on its own frees your hands to more easily pour or shovel in yard waste.

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Which leaf bags are best?

Specially designed leaf bags can help alleviate a great deal of the hassle associated with the seasonal task of disposing of fallen leaves and yard debris. GardenMate 80-Gallon Professional Reusable Garden Waste Bags’ woven plastic material and heavy duty handles make them the best leaf bags available for those who wish to simplify yard work. These reusable bags are better for the environment than disposable options and are easy to fill, carry and empty.

What to know before you buy a leaf bag

Rigid vs. flexible

Some leaf bags have a collapsible design featuring rigid, internal ribbing. This allows you to pop them into shape when needed and compress them for easy storage. Other bags do not contain ribbing and are a more traditional sack or grocery bag shape. Rigid bags are easier to fill but often are less appropriate for heavy work. Traditional sacks are easier to store and contain fewer components that could potentially break and limit functionality.

Reusable vs. disposable

If you plan on doing a lot of regular leaf disposal on your property, it may be best to invest in reusable bags as opposed to a package of disposable plastic or paper leaf bags. Reusable leaf bags can pay for themselves in as little as one season. They also make for less waste come pickup day.


Some reusable leaf bags are made from tough, woven plastic or canvas. Others are made from thin but durable polyester sheets. Disposable leaf bags are available in both plastic and paper varieties.

What to look for in a quality leaf bag


Consider the yard waste you intend on picking up and select a leaf bag strong enough to both hold the weight of your refuse as well as resist tears and punctures from sharp sticks and yard tools.


Many leaf bags include built-in handles to make moving them easier. Choose a leaf bag with handles that are strongly attached; this limits the risk of tearing while working with heavy debris such as wet leaves or sticks and branches. Some bags also have handles on the bottom to make it easier to pour out debris.


Look for a leaf bag with a large enough capacity to keep you from having to repeatedly empty it while working. Leaf bags that are too small for multiple loads of leaves do little to save you time while doing serious yard work. Leaf bags that are too large may cause you to overfill them, making them difficult to manage and messy to empty.

How much you can expect to spend on a leaf bag

Leaf bags can cost as little as $3 for a pack of disposable paper sacks to $40 for a single collapsible, reusable canvas bag. Many property owners find packs of rugged, reusable bags to fit their needs in the $20-$30 range.

Leaf bag FAQ

What makes a leaf bag better than a regular trash bag?

A. Bags specifically made for yard work are tougher, thicker and more rigid than a typical plastic trash bag. They resist tearing and are easier to fill and empty. Some municipalities have banned traditional plastic trash bags from being used for yard waste, making leaf bags essential.

How do you dispose of leaves and yard waste?

A. Sending your leaves and yard waste to the landfill is not advised. Many people mulch their leaves, providing their yard and garden with nutrients that enrich the soil. If mulching is not an option, many towns offer leaf collection services. Reach out to your municipality to find out what the guidelines are for leaf pickup in your community.

Can you use a leaf bag for sticks and branches?

A. Typically, yes. Most leaf bags are designed to accommodate a small amount of sticks and branches. However, they generally do not withstand being filled with heavy loads of logs and tree limbs.

What’s the best leaf bag to buy?

Top leaf bag

GardenMate 80-Gallon Professional Reusable Garden Waste Bags

GardenMate 80-Gallon Professional Reusable Garden Waste Bags

What you need to know: This pack contains three large leaf bags made of thick, water-resistant woven plastic.

What you’ll love: These strong leaf and lawn bags each have an 80-gallon capacity. Multiple handles and heavy duty materials make these bags great for hauling almost anything.

What you should consider: Some users have reported tears in the seams of these bags after limited use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top leaf bag for the money

Fiskars 394050-1004 Kangaroo Collapsible Container Gardening Bag, 30 Gallon

Fiskars 394050-1004 Kangaroo Collapsible Container Gardening Bag, 30 Gallon

What you need to know: This 30-gallon bag holds itself up straight and is perfect for quick jobs.

What you’ll love: The collapsible design of this bag allows it to stand up like a traditional trash can but still be compressed for flat storage. Polyester construction is lightweight and water-resistant.

What you should consider: This bag’s small size makes it ideal for small jobs such as pruning and gardening, but it is not strong or big enough for large-scale yard work.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

30 Gal. Paper Lawn and Leaf Bags - 20 Count

30 Gal. Paper Lawn and Leaf Bags – 20 Count

What you need to know: This pack of 20 paper leaf bags is an affordable way to collect and dispose of lawn debris.

What you’ll love: Brown paper bags comply with most town ordinances regarding lawn-waste pickup and disposal. They are recyclable and very inexpensive.

What you should consider: These bags are not acceptable for wet, heavy yard waste or branches that may tear through them

Where to buy: Sold by The Home Depot.


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