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Before you purchase your new water filtration system make sure it filters out the impurities that are actually in your water; the Environmental Protection Agency releases water quality reports annually that contain that information.

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Which water filtration systems are best?

Much of the water available in our faucets and taps can contain impurities of varying levels and concentrations that can make it either slightly unhealthy or fully unusable without the proper filtration. With so many different types of contaminations and filter systems, it can be difficult to pick the right water filtration system.

The best water filtration system for many consumers is the Home Master Artesian Full Contact. This water filtration system reintroduces the healthy minerals back into the water it filters, unlike most filtration systems which simply remove them with contaminates.

What to know before you buy a water filtration system

Types of water filtration installation

There are three types of water filtration installation: undersink, faucet-mounted and whole-house.

  • Undersink: Undersink filter systems filter water through a pipe before it reaches the sink it is installed under. It is a type of point-of-use system.
  • Faucet-mounted: Another point-of-use system, the faucet-mounted system attaches directly to the faucet itself and doesn’t require plumbing like the undersink system.
  • Whole-house: The only point-of-entry system, a whole-house system is installed at the water main line that services your home. It occasionally needs additional point-of-use systems to filter out all possible contaminants.

Benefits of water filtration systems

There are many benefits to filtering the water in your home that arise from removing contaminants but some of the immediate improvements are:

  • The taste and smell of your water is improved.
  • Your digestion could see improvement.
  • If you switch to filtered water over using bottled water you can save a huge amount of money every year; not to mention the improved environmental effects.
  • Filtered water reduces the amount of soap build up on your dishes and reduces irritations in your clothing.

What to look for in a quality water filtration system

Filtration types

There are typically three kinds of water filtration system types: activated carbon, distillation and reverse osmosis.

  • Activated Carbon: Typically found in under-sink systems, activated carbon filtration removes contaminants through a positively charged, porous absorbent filter. 
  • Distillation: Distillation systems heat the water it filters until it boils before it collects only the steam. It is an imperfect filter, as certain contaminants can become vaporous and may be collected along with the water.
  • Reverse osmosis: This is the most effective filter but also the most wasteful. Reverse osmosis reverses the flow of water to pass it through a semipermeable membrane.

Ease of maintenance

Removing and replacing filters in a water filtration system is unavoidable, but it can be much easier or more difficult depending on your selected system. Some filters are so easy to replace that they just twist off and on while the most difficult changes are reverse osmosis filters that require you to replace their membrane. On the bright side, that membrane only needs replacing every two or so years.

How much you can expect to spend on a water filtration system

A water filtration system can range in price from as low as just under $100 to as high as $500, and possibly more. The biggest difference in price is just how many stages of filtration the given system has, but you can generally expect to spend around $90-$130 for the most basic two-filter systems with an additional $25-$75 to both the low- and high-end of the ranges for every extra filtering stage.

Water filtration system FAQ

How often do I need to change my water filtration system’s filter cartridge?

A. That depends on both the filter cartridge, the filtration system and the contaminants that are being filtered out. There isn’t really a general timeframe to give, thanks to the complex nature of water filtration, so make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s information on when to change the cartridge or purchase a filtration system with a filter change alert.

What are the differences between a point of use (POU) and a point of entry (POE) water filtration system?

A. A point-of-entry system will filter all of the water in your home by filtering from the source of your water before it goes to the various sections of your home. A point-of-use system only filters the water that comes through a single water source like an individual faucet. Point-of-use water filtration systems are best if you only care about purifying your drinking water. Otherwise, you may want to grab a point-of-entry system that can filter your entire home.

What’s the best water filtration system to buy?

Top water filtration system

Home Master Artesian Full Contact

Home Master Artesian Full Contact

What you need to know: The ability of this water filtration system to actually reintroduce lost healthy minerals makes it the undisputed best selection.

What you’ll love: In addition to reintroducing lost minerals, the osmosis system purifies the water thoroughly.

What you should consider: The only downside to this water filtration system is its very high cost. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top water filtration system for the money

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series

What you need to know: This is an all-around top option for its very affordable price range.

What you’ll love: The cost of filtering a single bottle’s worth of filtered water is only one cent.

What you should consider: It doesn’t reintroduce lost minerals like other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

iSpring 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis

iSpring 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis

What you need to know: A five-step filtration system ensures a quality level of filtration.

What you’ll love: Each stage of the five-step filtration is calibrated to ensure clean drinking water.

What you should consider: There is a lot of waste with this water filtration system with 2-3 gallons of water wasted to cleanse a single gallon.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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