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Although listed as dishwasher safe, Microplane graters retain their sharp blades longer if you wash them by hand.

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Which Microplane is best?

A Microplane is a type of compact grater used to finely grate or even pulverize ingredients to a paste-like consistency, although coarser options are available. Microplane is a name brand, so you may pay a little more for a Microplane grater than a similar option from another brand, but it’s worth it for the sharpness and strength. 

If you’re looking for the best Microplane, consider the style of grater and how fine or coarse a grate you want. The Microplane Gourmet Series Grater is an excellent choice with various grate sizes available.

What to know before you buy a Microplane

Grater style

Microplane graters generally fit into the paddle grater or rasp grater categories. Paddle Microplanes have larger, paddle-shaped sets of blades, giving you a larger surface area to grate on, while rasp-style Microplanes have long, thin rasp-shaped sets of blades. 

You won’t find any significant difference in their performance. However, rasp-shaped graters are usually only available with fine holes for zesting and finely grating, while paddle graters have a wider range of blade options. If you’re looking for a classic fine grater, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people find it easier to wield thin rasp-style Microplane graters, whereas others like the larger surface area provided by paddle-style Microplane graters. 

Grate size

When most people think of Microplane graters, they usually picture one with small holes for a fine grate size. These fine graters are perfect for zesting citrus, finely grating ginger and garlic for a range of dishes and grating hard cheese to finish a dish. There are more options than just a fine grate size, however. 

The next size up is coarse, producing coarser results than the fine option but less coarse than the shreds produced by the large holes on a box grater. Ultra coarse Microplanes produce results similar in size to the large shreds made by a box grater, while extra coarse is somewhere between coarse and ultra coarse. Then you have non-standard options, such as slicers, shavers, ribbon graters and star graters. This gives buyers plenty of options, no matter what size and style of grates they want to produce. 

What to look for in a quality Microplane

Handle material

The majority of Microplanes have plastic handles, though some have soft-grip rubberized parts over the top of the plastic, making them easier to grip and more comfortable to hold. You can also find some high-end Microplanes with wooden handles, which is ideal if you prefer to avoid buying plastic products or you simply prefer the look of a wooden handle. What’s more, some rasp-style Microplane graters don’t have handles at all. 

Hanging loop

Microplane graters tend to have a hole in the handle that you can use to hang it from kitchen hanging hooks, a pegboard or similar. You can hang your grater directly from the loop or thread a cord through the hole if you find it easier to hang that way. 

Made in the USA

All graters made by Microplane are made in the U.S. and predominantly from materials sourced in the U.S., too. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Microplane

Microplane graters generally cost $15-$30, depending on the style and quality. Microplane-style fine graters are usually cheaper than this, but it’s worth splashing out on the original and best. 

Microplane FAQ

Is a Microplane the same as a grater? 

A. A Microplane is a type of handheld grater that usually has a fine grate size and is shaped like a rasp or paddle, not to be confused with a box grater. Microplane is a brand name, but it has become synonymous with this type of grater. 

What is a Microplane used for? 

A. You can use a Microplane to grate any grate-able food. These graters are prized for their sharpness, so they usually grate tougher foods where box graters struggle. However, they’re particularly popular with keen cooks for zesting citrus and grating garlic and ginger, making flavorful dishes without oversized lumps or garlic and ginger, which can taste bitter if not chopped small enough. 

What’s the best Microplane to buy?

Top Microplane

Microplane Gourmet Series Grater

Microplane Gourmet Series Grater

What you need to know: This is a quality paddle-shaped Microplane that’s available in a versatile range of grate sizes. 

What you’ll love: This Microplane grater is extremely sharp and well-made from surgical-grade stainless steel. The paddle shape offers a larger surface area for grating, which can make some tasks easier. 

What you should consider: Some users found the extra coarse option less than satisfactory, but this isn’t an issue when looking for a fine grate. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Microplane for the money

Microplane Grater Premium Classic Series Zester

Microplane Grater Premium Classic Series Zester

What you need to know: This fine file-type Microplane is great for zesting, as well as grating garlic and ginger. 

What you’ll love: Hard-wearing, sharp and reliable, this grater is probably the only one you’ll ever need. You can choose between a range of handle colors to match your other kitchen utensils. 

What you should consider: Some users don’t like the long, thin shape, but this is down to personal preference. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Worth checking out

Microplane Master Series Extra Coarse Grater

Microplane Master Series Extra Coarse Grater

What you need to know: Producing coarser shreds than other options, this Microplane is perfect for cabbage, carrots, cheese and chocolate. 

What you’ll love: As part of the master series, this model has a more refined look with a wooden handle. It’s made in the USA from US-produced stainless steel. The blades are extremely sharp for the toughest of grating tasks. 

What you should consider: It costs roughly twice the price of other Microplane graters. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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