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With the increasing amount of recipes available online through cooking websites, it’s common to use a cookbook stand for propping up a tablet instead. Make sure the cookbook stand has a splatter shield if you use it with a tablet.

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Which cookbook stands are best?

Anyone who likes to cook and has a collection of cookbooks can tell you how much easier life is with a cookbook stand. You don’t need to crane your neck at odd angles, most cookbook stands have a way to keep pages from turning and some have splatter guards to help you keep your cookbooks safe and clean. They can also be beautifully designed additions to your kitchen décor.

One high-quality cookbook stand for many of these reasons is the Creative Co-Op Metal Cookbook Holder. A gorgeous antique design spices up your counter space in addition to keeping your cookbooks easily accessible as they’re meant to be.

What to know before you buy a cookbook stand


The worst thing for a cookbook stand is to be too small for your cookbook. Most stands avoid this issue but make sure the stand is big enough if you have a particularly large cookbook.

To avoid this issue entirely, you can purchase a cookbook stand designed to hold more than one cookbook or a tablet, if you find recipes online.


The size of your cookbook stand is just as important to determining how much counter space it takes up as it is for being able to hold your cookbooks. Some can be truly huge, while others fold down for easy storage.


Weight can make it difficult to move your cookbook stand around your kitchen or complicate taking it with you to a different kitchen. Materials and construction are the main components when determining weight.

Angle of tilt

Most cookbook stands allow you to change the angle of tilt to make reading your cookbook as easy as possible. More tilt options available per cookbook stand means an easier time finding the perfect angle to avoid neck strain.


A cookbook stand can be just as decorative as it is functional. They can come in any number of styles and colors, so find one that complements your kitchen as much as it assists your cooking.

Even the most beautifully designed cookbook stand is useless with an unsteady base. Whether it rests on feet, has rubber grips or is one solid block, make sure your cookbook stand design includes a steady base.

Cookbook stand features


Cutting board

Plastic: Plastic is the most inexpensive and lightweight option. It trades durability and aesthetic design for maximum ease of use, portability and storage.

Wood: More common than plastic, the wood used for cookbook stands pairs excellently with wooden cutting boards and other rustic kitchen items. It’s fairly durable, but it’s important to note that wooden cookbook stands are susceptible to water damage.

Metal: The most durable cookbook stands are made from aluminum, steel and even wrought iron. The heavier the metal, the higher the durability, but the extra weight could be a problem if you like to move your cookbook stand around the kitchen with you.

Page holders

Cookbook pages always seem to turn on their own when you really need them to stay put. Cookbook stands with included page holders are an excellent option for avoiding this issue. These page holders can be anything from simple clips to heavy chains for draping on the page, so select the option you think will work best for your cookbooks.

Splatter shield

A cookbook stand with a splatter shield can be invaluable when cooking dishes that are prone to popping or for avoiding spills. They’re usually made from clear plastic and a hinge to give easy access for page turning.

How much you can expect to spend on a cookbook stand 

Cookbook stands run $20-$60. A higher-priced cookbook stand generally means sturdier construction, more durability and extra features like a splatter shield or page holders. Higher-cost cookbook stands also tend to have increased decorativeness. 

Cookbook stand FAQ

Do cookbook stands need to be put together?

A. Not usually, as most cookbook stands are one solid piece. Those that require some assembly usually take only a minute or two, and most will state it somewhere on the package. You can also double-check if it needs assembly by scanning customer reviews.

Do I really need a splatter shield?

A. If you don’t care about keeping your cookbooks clean or if you like the well-loved look of a stained cookbook, then no. If you’re using your cookbook stand to prop up a tablet, however, you should use a splatter shield, as liquid-based foods can seep through the edges of your tablet and ruin it.

Which cookbook stand should I get?

Top cookbook stand

Creative Co-Op Metal Cookbook Holder

Creative Co-Op Metal Cookbook Holder

What you need to know: This large cookbook holder has a vintage aesthetic and is extra-durable.

What you’ll love: Ball and chains at the edges effectively hold down pages.

What you should consider: This cookbook stand is large — possibly too large, depending on your needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cookbook stand for the money

BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand

BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand

What you need to know: This ultra-wide cookbook stand can hold a combination of items in addition to a cookbook.

What you’ll love: Different tilting options give you different viewing angles for maximum comfort.

What you should consider: There are some reports of the cookbook stand arriving with defective or missing screws.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Norpro Acrylic Cookbook Holder

Norpro Acrylic Cookbook Holder

What you need to know: This durable acrylic cookbook stand features an automatic splatter shield for protecting your cookbooks.

What you’ll love: This compact cookbook stand is lightweight and perfect for small spaces.

What you should consider: The vertical angle of this cookbook stand can be too steep for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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