What is the best propane tank gauge?


A propane tank gauge will not register until the tank is open for gas flow.

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Which propane tank gauges are best?

Operating your propane grill without a tank gauge is like driving your car without a gas gauge — when the fuel runs out unexpectedly, there’s a good chance you’ll be in a less-than-ideal situation. Luckily, a propane tank gauge is not that expensive, so there is no reason why you should ever be without one.

Our favorite is the GASLAND Upgraded 2 Way Propane Gauge because the splitter feature allows you to run two propane devices from one tank. If you would like to learn more about propane tank gauges, keep reading.

What to know before you buy a propane tank gauge

There are two different types of fittings a propane tank may accept — a POL fitting or a QCC1/Type 1 fitting. If you do not purchase the right gauge, you will not be able to attach it to the tank without also purchasing a converter.

POL fitting

A POL connection is mostly found on older (or larger) tanks. A propane tank gauge with this fitting would screw into a socket, vaguely like a light bulb. To make this seal secure, you will need a wrench for tightening.

QCC1/Type 1 fitting

A QCC1/Type 1 connection is found on newer (or smaller) tanks. A propane tank gauge with this type of fitting features a large nut that can be screwed on (and fully tightened) by hand. Another important difference in this type of connection is that it features a safety mechanism that won’t allow the gas to exit the tank unless the proper fitting is attached.

What to look for in a quality propane tank gauge


You will want to be sure that your propane tank gauge is manufactured using brass. It’s a softer metal so the connections can create a better seal. Additionally, brass is highly resistant to corrosion.


You will want a gauge with a dial that is large and easy to read. The dial should also be color coded with green, yellow, and red sections for quick identification of the propane level. The cover can be glass or plastic, but you’ll want a quality seal so it doesn’t fog over in changing weather, making it difficult to read.


The length of your tank gauge is only important if your propane tank is inside of a cabinet. Many cabinets do not have much extra room, so a longer gauge might not fit. If your propane tank is not in a cabinet, the length won’t be an issue.

Dust cap

The dust cap is a little plastic covering that is only used when the gauge is not connected. It helps keep dirt and debris from finding a way inside the gauge. Most, but not all models have this handy feature.


If you have two devices that will be running off of a single propane tank, you will need a Y-splitter. Having the gauge built into the splitter is a convenient and cost-effective way to have both features in one fitting.

How much you can expect to spend on a propane tank gauge

The beauty of shopping for a propane tank gauge is that the price range for all models is very narrow. Unless you are looking for a special feature such as a longer hose or a Y-splitter, the cost of a propane tank gauge will be between $10-$15. What this means is you can shop for the exact model you want without worrying about the cost.

Propane tank gauge FAQ

What is the difference between a regulator and a gauge?

A. The gas in a propane tank exits under very high pressure, high enough to damage your grill. A regulator reduces that pressure to a safe level. A gauge, on the other hand, just monitors that pressure, it does not change it.

How does a propane tank gauge work?

A. The gauge monitors the pressure of the gas exiting the tank. While it is not a direct indication of how much fuel you have left, it provides a fairly accurate estimate. Once the needle of the gauge drops to the yellow, it means you have approximately a quarter tank left — which could still be enough for a low-pressure cook. Once the needle drops to the red, however, you’ll be unable to cook.

What’s the best propane tank gauge to buy?

Top propane tank gauge

GASLAND Upgraded 2 Way Propane Gauge

GASLAND Upgraded 2 Way Propane Gauge

Our take: A top-quality propane tank gauge that allows you to connect one tank to two devices.

What we like: This gauge has the more convenient QCC1/Type 1 type fitting. It can be installed by hand (no tools needed).

What we dislike: If you will only be fueling one propane device, you will not need a gauge with a Y-splitter tee.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top propane tank gauge for the money

GASLAND Propane Tank Gauge

GASLAND Propane Tank Gauge

Our take: An inexpensive, easy-to-use QCC1/Type 1 propane tank gauge that features tool-free installation.

What we like: This tank gauge is manufactured utilizing high-quality brass. It can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from camping to barbecuing, and it features a large, easy-to-read gauge.

What we dislike: A few users have noted that this gauge may drop into the yellow a little prematurely.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Awakingdemi Propane Tank Gauge

Awakingdemi Propane Tank Gauge

Our take: This basic model provides all the functionality you need to deliver quick and accurate pressure readings on your propane tank.

What we like: The color-coding (green, yellow, red) is easy to read and understand. This model is compatible with QCC1/Type 1 propane tanks.

What we dislike: This no-frills propane tank gauge does not have a dust cap.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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