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Using filtered water for your soda maker will provide a better taste than tap water.

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Which soda makers are best?

There are so many types of drinks to choose from when you walk into a store, it can be overwhelming and pricey, depending on what drink you choose. You can only choose from the flavors they have to choose from, and trying to add your own flavoring to an already sweet juice or soda can be excessive. Soda makers allow you to customize how bubbly you want your water, and you can customize them with flavors, making them possibly a much healthier option than purchasing a bottle of soda at the store. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and electric-free soda maker, the SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a soda maker

Types of carbonated drinks

Some soda makers can only carbonate water, while others can carbonate juices, wine, cocktails and more. The versatile models will cost more than ones that can only carbonate water. However, you can get creative, as you can add ingredients such as potassium bicarbonate to create club soda. For tonic water, you’ll need a tonic mix to add to the water. Then, if you want to flavor up your sparkling water/seltzer, you can turn it into a soda by adding flavored syrup to the carbonated water. 

Machine size

Take into consideration the amount of table or countertop space you have available for a soda maker. Most soda makers are slim and don’t take up too much space, but there are more expensive and powerful models that are bigger and can take up a decent amount of space. The manufacturer will list the size of the machine, so you’ll be able to determine if you have enough space for a certain soda maker. 


While manufacturers will tend to list a cleaning method to clean the soda maker, it’s best to perform some cleaning frequently after use. This helps prevent bacteria or mold from building inside the machine and in the bottle. One common method of cleaning the machine is with a damp cloth with some dish soap, and of course, always make sure the machine is unplugged if electric. Then use another damp cloth with no soap to wipe off everything. After that, let it dry before you start to use it again. 

What to look for in a quality soda maker

Nonelectric Powered

Manual-powered soda makers can be a lot more simple than electric-powered soda makers, as manual-powered ones don’t require electricity. Most of them just require a push of a button, a twist, or some other type of simple action. 

CO2 Canister

The standard size for a CO2 cylinder is 60L, anything less may result in less powerful carbonation. Brands such as SodaStream allow you to send back canisters when they’re empty, allowing them to be recyclable. Look for soda makers that can be sent back to the manufacturer, as it can be safer for the environment. It’s also best to have a soda maker that has a CO2 canister that is designated for that type of machine alone. Canisters that can be fitted on different brands of soda makers can be faulty with some of those brands. 

Reusable bottle

Most soda machines will come with a refillable bottle to carbonate the water. However, it’s best if it’s a plastic bottle to ensure that it’s BPA-free. Look for bottles that can be re-used consistently and won’t have a short shelf life after a few uses. 

How much you can expect to spend on a soda maker

Soda makers range from $50-$400, where the more powerful models that produce more carbonation will cost more. The items that come with the soda maker will determine the price as well, as some come in a bundle with items such as flavoring, extra bottles and more. However, the machine isn’t the thing you’ll be spending money on, as you’ll need to buy CO2 cartridges, possibly more bottles, and flavoring if preferred. Electric soda makers tend to cost more than those that aren’t. 

Soda maker FAQ

How long does a soda maker last?

A. A soda maker should last several years, as long as you properly clean the machine parts. Most manufacturers will recommend some type of cleaning schedule for you. While metal machines may cost more than plastic ones, they will be easier to clean and will last longer. Metal models include stainless steel and aluminum. 

Is a soda siphon the same as a soda maker?

A. A soda siphon and a soda maker are completely two different items. Soda siphons either have a bottle with pre-carbonated water or a bottle of tap water with a plastic top screwed on top. As you pour water from the bottle, a small CO2 cartridge will carbonate the water as it pours out. Soda makers on the other hand can carbonate much more water than a siphon, as the carbon dioxide cartridge is inside of the machine to create carbonated water. 

Can I use any bottle with my soda maker?

A. No, only bottles that are compatible with the soda maker can be used with the machine. Either the bottle or soda maker manufacturer will let you know which bottles are compatible with which soda maker. Attempting to use a random non-compatible bottle can result in damage or worse. Most of the time it’s recommended to use the bottle(s) that come with the machine. 

What’s the best soda maker to buy?

Top soda maker

SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker

What you need to know: This kit features a CO2 cylinder and 2 glass carafes that are dishwasher-safe. 

What you’ll love: It has a slim build that won’t take up too much countertop space. With the push of the button, you can make seltzer without using electricity. 

What you should consider: It could be a bit sturdier. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top soda maker for the money

DrinkMate Carbonating Bottle

DrinkMate Carbonating Bottle

What you need to know: Compatible with SodaStream carbon dioxide canisters, this machine can carbonate more than just water. 

What you’ll love: Sparkling water, juices, wine and cocktails are just some of the drinks you can make with this machine. It has an elegant designer finish that gives it a metallic look. 

What you should consider: The CO2 canister comes sold separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Spärkel Beverage System

Spärkel Beverage System

What you need to know: With a simple snap-lock mechanism, this soda maker is simple to use when making sparkling water. 

What you’ll love: The bundle comes with lime and orange fruit drops so you can add some flavor to your sparkling water. There’s also a reusable BPA-free carbonating bottle included. 

What you should consider: This can be less cost-friendly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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