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Which Reed and Barton flatware is best?

Flatware is essential to the enjoyment of any meal. The best flatware sets offer longevity, weight and even stunning beauty that can enhance any meal and space.

Reed and Barton is a top flatware producer, with a range of high-quality options that come at a high cost but are designed to last a long time. Their Hammered Antique 20-Piece Set is a stunning, worthy addition to any dining room.

What to know before you buy Reed and Barton flatware

Flatware pieces

Modern flatware sets feature five unique pieces: the dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon and teaspoon. These five items generally allow for diners to enjoy a varied three-course meal, though sometimes not all five utensils will be used. Most Reed and Barton sets will include these five items, though some antique options forgo the dinner spoon for a four-utensil set. Additionally, Reed and Barton sell individual knives, spoons and forks should a piece need to be replaced.


Most Reed and Barton flatware sets serve either a single person or four people, with sets featuring five or 20 pieces, respectively. They do offer a handful of sets, however, that serve 12 people for more comprehensive coverage. Unless you are serving four people regularly, hosts are likely to need to make several purchases to achieve the desired count.

Serving utensils

In addition to flatware sets that serve specific individuals, Reed and Barton also sell serving sets that are meant to be placed next to dishes at the center of the table and used by everyone. Such sets vary in number and specific tools; commonly available are a salad fork, salad spoon, butter knife and ladle. More specific tools offered are an ice spoon, pie slicer and dessert knife.

What to look for in quality Reed and Barton flatware


Reed and Barton offer flatware made of two distinct materials. Their stainless steel lineup is durable and well constructed, offering easy maintenance and longevity for both casual and formal affairs. Stainless steel flatware includes a percentage of chromium and nickel, which is expressed as a ratio. Stainless steel 18/10 offers corrosion resistance and longevity, with 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Reed and Barton also offers 18/0, which is less resistant to corrosion, and as a result, will come at a lower price and need to be more carefully maintained to avoid wearing down over time.

Reed & Barton also has high-end sterling silver flatware. This material is highly sought after for its longevity, beauty and weight. Sterling silver will last for generations, although it comes at a steep price.


Reed and Barton flatware feature various traditional and ornate designs on their flatware with some more modern options mixed in. Most feature simple patterns that easily fit in with any decor. However, their sterling silver line of flatware typically boasts elaborate, antique designs. 


While most Reed and Barton flatware feature a metallic exterior, some options are finished with gold for a more ornate and sophisticated look. Certain sets have a polished, mirror finish that is bright and eye-catching, while others are finished with a satin or matte look that provides a more muted tone.

How much you can expect to spend on Reed and Barton flatware

Due to the high quality of materials used and elegant designs employed, Reed and Barton flatware comes at a high cost, and quite a bit higher than most competitors. A five-piece stainless steel set can run up to $75, while the same set in sterling silver costs several hundreds of dollars.

Reed and Barton flatware FAQ

How do I clean my flatware?

A. Stainless steel 18/10 is dishwasher safe. It’s advised to rinse cutlery immediately before placing it gently in the utensil basket; be sure that items have ample space so they don’t crash into each other. Avoid detergent with citrus as these can cause spots. Generally, hand washing will offer increased longevity. However, items should be fully rinsed immediately to avoid spotting.

Mild soap and warm water should be used for sterling silver; avoid placing them in a metal sink, as the flatware can react with other metals. Dry the flatware immediately with a soft cloth and store it safely away.

Should Reed and Barton flatware be used for formal or casual events?

A. Reed and Barton offer a range of flatware that can be used for a variety of occasions. Stainless steel options, especially those with simple designs would be worthy in casual settings and daily usage. Sterling silver, however, is typically reserved for formal affairs due to its weight and design as well as the work it takes to maintain it.

What’s the best Reed and Barton flatware to buy?

Top Reed and Barton flatware

Hammered Antique 20-Piece Set

Hammered Antique 20-Piece Set

What you need to know: This stunning hammered flatware set is made of high-quality stainless steel that offers a rustic and eye-catching accompaniment to any meal.

What you’ll love: This flatware set serves four people. The beautiful hammered look offers a farmhouse feel. The good weight and terrific balance make the flatware easy to wield. It’s also dishwasher safe.

What you should consider: The quirky, hammered design might not appeal to everyone. It also only serves four people.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Reed and Barton flatware for the money

Longwood II 5-Piece Set

Longwood II 5-Piece Set

What you need to know: This simple yet beautiful high-quality flatware set for a single person offers quality value.

What you’ll love: It has a worthy price for a stainless steel 18/10 flatware set. The subtle and gorgeous design elevates any meal. It’s also durably constructed and dishwasher safe.

What you should consider: The utensils are somewhat wide and heavy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Crescendo II 65-Piece Set

Crescendo II 65-Piece Set

What you need to know: This comprehensive set serves 12 people offering longevity and versatile usage for both formal and casual settings.

What you’ll love: This 65-piece collection comprises 12 settings along with five serving utensils including a butter knife and salad fork. The traditional design fits in with most plate designs and decor.

What you should consider: It’s made of 18/0 stainless steel, so is not as high of a quality as other sets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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