Which Presto deep fryer is best?

There just isn’t a substitute for deep frying in the culinary world that gets close to matching the taste. It can be difficult to deep fry at home without the proper gear. However, Presto makes it incredibly easy to select a strong quality option that doesn’t require much counter space, so you can deep fry to your heart’s content.

The best Presto deep fryer is the Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer. This Presto option is so high in quality across the board that it only narrowly misses being professionally graded, and the 5-quart capacity allows for deep frying anything in large quantities.

What to know before you buy a Presto deep fryer

Types of Presto deep fryers

Presto sells two types of deep fryers: pots and baskets.

Pot fryers: Pot deep fryers are very similar to slow cookers in design. They are the simplest variety, deep frying by having oil added to them and using tongs or slotted spoons to add and remove the food from the oil. They are more affordable as well.

Basket fryers: Baskets are just like the deep fryers you may have seen used in fast food kitchens. They use a basket to lower the food into and raise the food from the oil. They are more expensive but far easier to use, plus they decrease the risk of being hit by splattering oil. 


Presto deep fryers come in capacities ranging from 4 to 12 cups of oil. Each cup of oil allows for cooking one serving of food with basket deep fryers tending to have larger capacities. Generally, the 4- to 6-cup range is good for small groups, with 8 to 12 cups being better for larger gatherings or possibly frying very large foods.

What to look for in a quality Presto deep fryer


Some but not all Presto deep fryers have a built-in thermostat for relaying the temperature of your oil. It isn’t strictly necessary as you can always purchase a deep-fry thermometer should your Presto deep fryer not have a built-in thermometer, but it does make it much easier to use.

Safety features

Presto has many extra safety features, though not all of them may appear in a given unit. Two of the most common safety features are cool-touch exteriors and breakaway cords.

Cool-touch exterior: Many Presto deep fryers have a cool-touch exterior. These models are built to further increase the safety of the consumer by greatly reducing the chances of burns.

Breakaway cord: Being another excellent safety feature, breakaway cords are designed to disconnect from the deep fryer itself if the unit or cord is accidentally bumped, preventing everything from going flying and potentially causing extraordinary damage.

How much you can expect to spend on a Presto deep fryer

Presto deep fryers are very affordable, considering how expensive some deep fryers can be. The very basic Presto deep fryers only cost around $30, although they lack the various capacities and extra features you can find in the $40-$50 range. The truly best of the best Presto deep fryers rarely exceed the $75 price range.

Presto deep fryer FAQ

What kind of foods can I deep fry with a Presto deep fryer?

A. The only restrictions when it comes to the kind of foods you can deep fry in a Presto deep fryer are foods that can fit inside the fryer. You can genuinely deep fry any kind of food so long as you can batter it; you can even deep fry ice cream so long as it’s well frozen and fried quickly.

Is it safe to use a Presto deep fryer?

A. As long as you follow all precautions and instructions, a Presto deep fryer is entirely safe to use. Certain models even feature extra precautions past the industry-standard ones. You can also adhere to these basic safety rules: Never leave a functioning deep fryer unattended or allow your oil to exceed 400 degrees. Should a grease fire occur, put it out by smothering rather than putting it out with water.

What are the best Presto deep fryers to buy?

Top Presto deep fryer

Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

What you need to know: Presto’s best of the best deep fryer thanks to its many features and the top tier quality of its construction.

What you’ll love: A 5-pound capacity means an entire family can be cooked for at once. The entire unit is very easy to take apart and reassemble for cleaning.

What you should consider: There are a few reports of the temperature gauges being inaccurate.

Where to buy: Amazon and Home Depot

Top Presto deep fryer for the money

Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

What you need to know: This budget Presto deep fryer doesn’t just cost less itself, but it also saves money on oil by needing very little of it.

What you’ll love: The non-stick material is very easy to clean, and it only requires 4 cups of oil to cook four servings worth of food.

What you should consider: The Teflon coating in the pan has caused a few issues for a few consumers.

Where to buy: Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

What you need to know: The dual chamber design allows for frying two different foods at once without cross contamination.

What you’ll love: An included lid gives you the ability to safely store the oil you used within the deep fryer so you can reuse it later.

What you should consider: There’s no temperature control for the unit, and the oil does tend to splatter quite easily.

Where to buy: Amazon, Kohl’s and Wayfair

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