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Just because these oyster grill pans are marketed as for use on a grill doesn’t mean they can’t also be used in places like ovens to make recipes that a grill may not be suited for.

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Which Oyster Grill Pan is best?

Oysters are able to be cooked in plenty of ways and served with any kind of food. They are commonly eaten raw and straight out of the shell, but not all find this appetizing. Many turn to grilling oysters first, but considering the variety of shell shapes they can be very difficult to position without risking spilling the meat. Enter oyster grill pan.

The best oyster grill pan is the Outset Oyster and Scallop Grill Pan, a heavy-duty cast iron pan that holds up to 18 oysters.

What to know before you buy an oyster grill pan


Oyster grill pans are typically made of either aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic stoneware.

Aluminum: The cheapest, lightest material, aluminum cooks very evenly and handles the high temperatures of the grill very well and is a good choice for infrequent oyster grillers.

Stainless steel: The middle ground in every way between aluminum and cast iron, stainless steel is excellent for any type of oyster grilling.

Cast Iron: Heavy, highly durable, and even heating are the hallmarks of cast iron. This is the best of the best when it comes to oyster grill pans.

Ceramic stoneware: Ceramic stoneware is mostly about appearance, meant to both cook the oysters and serve them. They aren’t very durable, but they are effective, especially if you frequently entertain guests.


Oyster grill pans can come in capacities of 12-30, generally speaking. How many oysters you usually grill at once will determine the capacity you’ll need, but it never hurts to buy a model with a slightly larger capacity than you usually need.


Some oyster grill pans come in packs of two or more, allowing you to cook as many oysters as you need. Others, especially individual oyster grill pans, can come in packs of 12 or more. You know best how many pans you’ll need, so choose a pack that will best suit your needs.

What to look for in a quality oyster grill pan


Oyster grill pans vary quite drastically in every category, which makes it very important that your prospective oyster grill pan includes all the necessary documentation. You’ll need to know how to clean them, how to preserve them, how to increase their lifespan and especially what their cooking limitations are.


It can be very difficult to remove a scalding hot oyster grill pan if it has no handles or easy method of moving them. Make sure your prospective oyster grill pan is easy to manipulate. 

Pan surface

Your oyster grill pan could have shell-shaped indentations, simple circular dips or any other shape. They can also have non-stick surfaces, especially cast iron oyster grill pans.

How much you can expect to spend on an oyster grill pan

Oyster grill pans are fairly affordable, with most entry-level oyster grill pans being less than $20, thanks to cheap materials and low capacities. Spending between $20-$35 is recommended should you regularly cook oysters or cook them in larger batches at once. Spending more than $35 will net you an oyster grill pan made of the best materials with capacities for up to 30 oysters.

Oyster grill pan FAQ

How long do oysters take to cook when using a grill?

A. That can depend on several factors, from how hot your grill is, what kind of material your oyster grill pan is made of, if they are shucked or not and whether you’ve added anything on top of your oysters like breadcrumbs or cheese. Generally speaking, however, most oysters will be fully cooked around the 5-6 minute mark.

Can oyster grill pans be washed in a dishwasher?

A. Some certainly can be, while others absolutely must not be. It generally depends on the material of your pan, but the manufacturer will usually specify one way or another. Materials that are generally dishwasher safe are aluminum and stainless steel. Cast iron pans need to be washed by hand. 

What are the best oyster grill pans to buy?

Top oyster grill pan

Outset Oyster and Scallop Grill Pan

Outset Oyster and Scallop Grill Pan

What you need to know: This cast iron oyster grill pan is highly durable and can cook up to 18 oysters at once.

What you’ll love: The cast iron comes pre-seasoned, and it heats perfectly evenly when on the grill.

What you should consider: This oyster grill pan must be hand washed after use, as it is not dishwasher-safe.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top oyster grill pan for the money

DOMG Stainless-Steel Oyster Grilling Pan

DOMG Stainless-Steel Oyster Grilling Pan

What you need to know: Not only can this two-pack of oyster grill pans cook up to 16 oysters at once, they can also be used as a serving tray.

What you’ll love: A center slot allows for placing sauces or additions such as lemons, and the stainless steel is dishwasher-safe.

What you should consider: The bottom of these pans have some sharp edges that can scratch tables if placed on them directly instead of on a pot holder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cute Cactus Stainless-Steel Oyster Grilling Shells

Cute Cactus Stainless-Steel Oyster Grilling Shells

What you need to know: This set of 12 individual oyster grill pans are incredibly versatile and very easy to clean.

What you’ll love: You can cook more than oysters in these grill pans, including scallops, clams and even a few desserts.

What you should consider: This set doesn’t come with a bag or case, making it very easy to lose any of the individual pans when not in use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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