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Are Instant Pot blenders or Vitamix blenders better? 

People have relied on countertop blenders to mix emulsified concoctions for decades. The traditional milkshake is a blend of ice, milk and ice cream, remains a perennial favorite dessert beverage. Many people drink blended fruit, vegetable and protein smoothies as a simple way to consume healthy nutrients. Some consider a blender a must-have countertop staple to satisfy dessert cravings. Others consider it a necessity to whip up easy meal replacement beverages. Shoppers in either category may discover the Instant Pot blender is an affordable kitchen companion but appreciate the power and prestige of the Vitamix blender.

Instant Pot blender

Corelle, a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated, the inventor of Pyrex® glass, introduced their Instant Pot brand in 2010. Innovation drives the parent company’s corporate mission in each of its products. The Instant Pot blender is one of those products that demonstrate the company’s inventive outlook. Everyday cooks will find several features of the Instant Pot blender useful in producing a variety of recipes.

Instant Pot pros

The Instant Pot blender is a multitasker with a retail price near $100. It’s a single-unit kitchen appliance with several features to make mixing and cooking possible in one container. Panel operation buttons include the modes smoothie, crushed ice, purée and ice cream. In addition, there are controls for soy milk, rice milk, nut/oat milk and soup. As the panel buttons suggest, its multi-functional capabilities assist in creating both hot and cold products. Housing a heating element that warms liquids directly instead of other heating blenders that rely on swirling motion and friction to create warmth, the Instant Pot blender cooks soups with temperatures reaching up to 212 degrees. Broths containing chopped veggies, water or other liquids you can easily puree without the need to swap containers. No immersion tools are necessary with this unique blender. The Instant Pot is not limited to heating capabilities. It also works like a typical blender creating cold combinations like “nice” cream, ice cream’s close cousin crafted in a blender. Accessories include a measuring cup, cleaning brush, tamper, strainer bag for nut, rice, oak and soy milk. The self-cleaning feature allows for a fuss-free after-prep cleanup.

Instant Pot cons

If you have difficulty lifting everyday kitchenware single-handedly or even double gripped, you may find the six-pound glass container a challenge to maneuver. The downside of the efficient heating element of the Instant Pot blender is the hot-to-the-touch thick glass that requires handling with the use of a kitchen towel or oven mitt. The removable center lid also requires users to protect their hands when unscrewing to add ingredients while heating.

Best Instant Pot blender

Instant Pot Blender Ace Nova

Instant Pot Blender Ace Nova
This is one of Instant Pot’s more economical blenders that includes a heating component, making it great for both hot and cold meals. It also has a 10-speed adjustment with a pulse, providing the user with incredible control over the power.

Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wayfair

Vitamix blender

In the late 1930s, the Barnard Sales Co. developed its first Vitamix blender to promote health and nutrition through its vitamin and wholesome foods business. 20 years later, the U.S. Department of Agriculture would offer Americans its list of Recommended Daily Allowances. As the nation became accustomed to improving health-related to foods consumed, products emerged to make eating well easier than ever before. By the 1980s and 1990s, the benefits of a healthy diet rich in plant-based foods became obvious. Vitamix did its part to inform its consumers and provide new ways to enjoy eating healthily. As a result, Vitamix blenders grew in popularity and became known for their quality and high performance to complement lifestyles that included healthy eating.

Vitamix blender pros

Vitamix blenders have earned their reputation of superior quality. Their overall durability, including their stainless-steel blades and motor performance, make them one of the most sought-after brands for professional chefs and serious at-home cooks. Blade strength is tough enough to pulverize the skins, stems and seeds of many vegetables and fruits. There are many models to choose from with varying features to suit individual needs and desires. Heat and friction-producing, fast-spinning blades make soup preparation in Vitamix blenders possible, no need for a stove. Programmable settings on some models with containers ranging from 64, 48 and 32-ounce multi-serving capacities ensure there’s a model to suit your needs. There’s even a handy single-serving 20-ounce Vitamix Personal Blender model for individual, on-the-go servings. Plus, there’s a small bowl-container accessory that makes puréed baby-food creations a cinch. In short, there’s a Vitamix blender to suit a variety of uses. Cookbook guides and recipes included with most models ignite creativity while providing nutritious alternatives for liquid meals. Self-cleaning abilities of higher-end models might be among the most prized features as you determine which model is best.  Vitamix offers warranties up to 10-years on most models, so consumers can feel confident that their investment in a Vitamix blender comes with a little peace of mind.  

Vitamix cons

For many, the price of the Vitamix blender will be the greatest drawback to purchase. Even though there are a variety of models to choose from, Vitamix blenders range in price from $250 to nearly $600. In some models, the Vitamix blender’s substantial power seems to be accompanied by an equal amount of noise. Vitamix plastic containers, although BPA-free, may be a turnoff for some consumers who prefer glass receptacles, especially when heating ingredients.

Best Vitamix blenders

Vitamix Professional G Series 750

Vitamix Professional G Series 750
This high-performance blender tops the chart of the Vitamix models. Its superior functionality has made it a popular blender among both at-home consumers and professional chefs.

Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Vitamix Explorian Series E310

Vitamix Explorian Series E310
A reliable Vitamix model without some of the bells and whistles of the Vitamix Pro-750, it gets your blending job done at a slightly more digestible price point.

Sold by Amazon and Sur La Table

Should you get an Instant Pot or a Vitamix blender?

Price may be the most significant factor determining your purchase between the Instant Pot blender or a Vitamix blender. Many features overlap in both brands, so versatility between the Instant Pot blender and the Vitamix blender is a highlight for both. If time-tested durability inspires confidence in a product, then your purchase of the Vitamix blender will likely be a smart long-term investment.


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