Which stove covers are best?

Finding the best stove cover for your kitchen depends on several different factors, namely the type of stove you have and what you plan to use your cover for. Whether you have a gas or an electric stove, plenty of stove covers can be found online to suit the needs of your kitchen space.

This Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Stove Cover is a great hybrid cutting board kitchen solution for the stove, offering a nice bamboo surface for kitchen tasks and adjustable legs to ensure a perfect fit over your stove.

What to know before you buy a stove cover


If you’re hoping to use your stove cover for something specific, it can be helpful to consider that need first before choosing the stove cover you think is best. If you’re only looking to cover small portions of your stove, you may consider smaller, more affordable accessories like stove knob covers. Others may prefer full stovetop covers for things like cutting foods, storing kitchen items or keeping their stoves clean.

Stovetop cover type

Several types of stove covers can be found today, largely depending on the type of stove you have and need to cover. Stove covers can be found in configurations raised above the burners, like those in wood, bamboo or similar materials, while many will simply lay on top of flat stove surfaces, like other stove covers in silicone, rubber or other soft material types.

Gas vs. electric stove covers

You’ll want to consider whether your stove is gas or electric and make your purchase based on that. Most stove covers are designed for either gas or electric stoves, with little crossover. This means double-checking your preferred stove cover’s product description to make sure it works with the stove type you have.

What to look for in a quality stove cover

Covers your stove

It may not be entirely necessary, but most buyers will prefer a model that covers their entire stovetop. In essence, finding a model that does adds another countertop surface to your kitchen, which can be particularly helpful in small kitchens that require a little extra working room.

Correct sizing

To ensure your stove is covered without being inhibiting, you’ll want to make sure you get a stove cover that’s the correct size, both in full stovetop coverage and in how high off the burners, if at all, you want your stove cover to sit.

Easy to move when cooking

Stove covers that can be easily moved out of the way when using your stove’s burners also add a volume of benefit since they can make it more doable to remove and replace when you need to use your stove. Those made from silicone and rubber may be easier to store out of the way, especially if they can be rolled up, while wooden, bamboo and other stove cover types may require a little extra work to develop a good system when it comes to cooking time.

How much you can expect to spend on stove covers

Since there are a variety of stove cover types, their prices can also vary from one stovetop cover to the next. Those looking for individual silicone burner covers, cheap stove covers or other silicone and rubber stove cover options for gas stovetops can expect to spend between $9-$50. Others looking for full wooden or bamboo stove cover cutting boards can expect to spend a little more, with these kinds usually costing around $40-$90.

Stove cover FAQ

Are stove covers safe?

A. If you make sure your burners are off when covering your stove, stove covers are safe. However, it’s worth considering that stove covers may not be best for pet owners or those in an environment that may risk an unpredictable event.

What are stove covers used for?

A. Besides simply covering the stove, stove covers can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks. Large stove covers can offer a surface to cut and prepare foods before cooking, while smaller burner stove covers can keep your stovetop clean over longer periods of time. Still, others may use stove covers for a range of other needs, depending on their individual circumstances.

What’s the best stove cover to buy?

Top stove cover

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Stove Cover and Cutting Board with Adjustable Legs

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Stove Cover and Cutting Board with Adjustable Legs

What you need to know: This huge stove cover is made from bamboo and works great with both gas and electric stoves, and its legs can be set to the ideal height above the stovetop.

What you’ll love: The adjustable legs on this stove cover can span about 4 inches, giving the user full control over how high off the burners this model sits. This bamboo stove cover measures just under 30-inches long by 21-inches wide and is 3.5 inches thick.

What you should consider: This stovetop cover is more expensive than many other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top stove cover for the money

YRYM HT Silicone Individual Burner Stove Covers

YRYM HT Silicone Individual Burner Stove Covers

What you need to know: For budget-conscious buyers, these individual stove burner covers are great for those with gas burners, and they come in a pack of eight silicone stove protectors.

What you’ll love: These are an affordable stove cover option for gas stoves, featuring a PTFE Teflon coating that makes them simple to clean. Most buyers make them last for long periods of time using about two full sets of stove burner covers.

What you should consider: Some buyers needed to cut these silicone stove covers to fit the exact size of their stove’s burners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Abra Thick Rubber Stove Cover and Protector for Glass Stovetops

Abra Thick Rubber Stove Cover and Protector for Glass Stovetops

What you need to know: This natural rubber stove cover is a great mid-tier option that’s easy to clean and is designed for flat electric stoves with glass burners.

What you’ll love: This rubber stove cover is super convenient to clean and features a design that’s easy to wipe down with a wet cloth and is also dishwasher-safe. Buyers can also purchase this stove cover in various sizes, ranging from as small as 21 by 24 inches to as large as 23 by 38 inches.

What you should consider: This rubber stove cover only really works for the flat stovetops typical in electric stoves, so it’s not ideal for most with gas stoves.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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