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When using a cookie stamp, be sure to use a nonstick grease spray or butter to ensure the dough doesn’t stick to the stamp. Dusting the stamp with flour may also help.

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Which cookie stamp is best?

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to prepare for all things baking. Enter the cookie stamp, a sophisticated version of the cookie-cutter. A cookie stamp imprints a design onto the surface of cookie dough versus cutting out a shaped outline. Stamps allow bakers to up their game by providing a way to decorate with intricate designs. Just look at Sur La Table’s gingerbread house stamps, which wrap functionality and beauty into three holiday designs that are guaranteed to be a treat. 

What to know before you buy a cookie stamp


Cookie stamps come in various materials, like plastic, wood and metal. While all are functional, they each have pros and cons. Carved wooden stamps can serve as both a baking tool and decoration. But since the wood is porous, you have to be sure to clean them well. Metal stamps are easy to clean and will last a lifetime, but make sure to dry them well or they may rust. Plastic is generally dishwasher-safe and a less expensive option, but it may not be the most eco-friendly.

Stamp mechanism

Some stamps have a stationary handle, while others are spring-loaded. Spring-loaded stamps ensure your cookies are uniform. However, they can make cleanup more difficult. Fixed-handle stamps have fewer moving parts and are easier to wash and dry. Rolling pin stamps are also available, but require even pressure to ensure a uniform cookie.

Frequency of use

If you’re a holiday baker and only once a year, keep in mind the quantity and size of the stamps for storage purposes. If you go with a more generalized stamp that may be used throughout the year, it may be worth purchasing something a little more substantial — especially if it will be used regularly.

What to look for in a quality cookie stamp


Consider how you plan on using your cookie stamp. Do you intend to press them into balls of dough or onto rolled-out dough? Stamping into balls of dough requires the extra step of scooping onto a prepared baking sheet, which dirties an additional kitchen tool. If you roll out the dough for stamping, you can have more control over the thickness of your cookies.

Artistic Flair

Stamps vary in design and can be incredibly detailed or simple. If you want to add royal icing highlights but aren’t the best at free-form design, a more intricate stamp allows you to trace details while piping. If you prefer to add your own artistic touch, consider purchasing a stamp with a minimalistic design.


Are you baking for the masses or just your family? If you’re headed for a bake-a-thon, look for a smaller stamp that gives you more cookies without doubling your dough recipe. But be aware that you may lose some of the details in the stamp between stamping and baking. If the quantity isn’t the main focus, look for larger stamps, around 3 inches or larger, which will provide an average-sized cookie with beautiful detailing. 

How much you can expect to spend on a cookie stamp

Most cookie stamps come in sets and range in price from around $10-$30. Custom stamps may cost around $50 or more, depending on the manufacturer. 

Cookie stamp FAQ

What kind of cookie dough is best to use with cookie stamps?

A. Sugar cookie dough is a classic choice for stamps. However, as long as the dough is smooth and rolls out thin, the sky’s the limit! If you want to mix it up, try using gingerbread or shortbread dough for something a little different.

What is the best way to store my cookie stamps?

A. A clear plastic container or airtight plastic bag is the best way to store stamps. Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the stamps before you put them into storage. Labeling the container or bag will make it easier to find the stamps when you’re ready to bake. 

What’s the best cookie stamp to buy?

Top cookie stamp

Sur La Table Gingerbread House Impression Cookie Cutters

Sur La Table Gingerbread House Impression Cookie Cutters

What you need to know: These are high-quality cookie stamps at an affordable price point.   

What you’ll love: The three stamps provide a variety of beautifully detailed gingerbread-style homes. They are made of BPA-free ABS plastic and come with a 6-month warranty. 

What you should consider: The spring-loaded stamps are hand-wash only. 

Where to buy: Sold by Sur La Table

Top cookie stamp for the money

Nordic Ware Heirloom Cookie Stamp Set

Nordic Ware Heirloom Cookie Stamp Set

What you need to know: You can use this classic set of cookie stamps for baking all year-round.

What you’ll love: These durable cast-aluminum stamps with wooden handles are easy to use for bakers of all ages. The three stamps offer intricate designs such as scallops, crisscross and floral. Stamps come with a limited lifetime warranty.

What you should consider: These stamps are hand-wash only. When cleaning them, you should not submerge the solid maple wood handles. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Worth checking out

PartyCrafts Custom Your Text Cookie Stamp

PartyCrafts Custom Your Text Cookie Stamp

What you need to know: Create your own message on a cookie with this one-of-a-kind text stamp.

What you’ll love: Choose the size and font you want with this unique stamp. You can also create a custom logo or design with this stamp. 

What you should consider: Make sure you run your customized message through spell-check before adding it to your cart.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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