Eufy robotic vacuum vs. Roomba vs. Roborock


The Eufy, Roomba and Roborock robotic vacuums all offer features that make them top choices.

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Should you buy a Eufy, Roomba or Roborock vacuum? 

Investing in a robot vacuum can save you time and effort while helping keep your floors spotless. Robotic vacuums are quickly becoming a must-have item for homes and apartments, and they are even a great gift for a college dorm. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right robovac for you? 

The answer depends on whether you are looking to focus on speed of cleaning, thoroughness or affordability. You’ll want to assess your needs and focus on features that fit your lifestyle. The Eufy, Roomba and Roborock robotic vacuums each have features that make them excellent choices in the search for a robotic vacuum, although in our testing, one clear winner emerges.


Roomba i7

When you think of robotic vacuums, it’s likely that the first brand that comes to mind is Roomba. As one of the early frontrunners, Roomba quickly gained market share and loyal, enthusiastic users. But it also garnered some well-deserved criticism for its clumsy room mapping technology and the need to place sensors to prevent the device from going where it shouldn’t, like hurtling downstairs. While many of the newer models, such as the Roomba i7, have improved on these early issues, Roombas can still lack the nimbleness of other robotic vacuums, especially those made by Eufy. 

Roomba’s most affordable models are in their 600 series. These offer standard suction for everyday cleaning but don’t achieve the edge-of-the-room cleaning of their more recent models. 

Roomba S9 model

Roombas run on the higher end of the price scale for robotic vacuums. Expect to pay in the mid-$500s for the top-end Roomba i7 and close to $300 for the Roomba e5 model. Their Roomba S9 model, which is self-emptying for up to 60 days and comes with other impressive bells and whistles, will run you upward of $1,000.

You do get a lot of robotic vacuum for your dollar when you invest in a Roomba. The Roomba i7, for example, can tackle stubborn dirt with a premium three-stage cleaning system and 10 times the suction of a Roomba 600. The vSLAM navigation allows the i7 to learn the layout of your home and build exclusive Smart Maps, which means it cleans your space in tidy and efficient rows.

Roomba pros

The i7 has considerable cleaning power and robust mapping technology that ensures your whole floor is clean. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, you can easily integrate your robot floor cleaning schedule into your broader smart home plan. Roombas are known for their powerful suction and the thoroughness of the cleaning they give floors, including adequate cleaning of medium to low pile carpeting.

Roomba cons

Roombas are on the high end of the cost scale. Some users report difficulties with the charging base.

Best Roomba

If price is no object, the Roomba i7 is a workhorse of a robotic vacuum that will keep your floors spotless.


The top end Eufy robovac

If you take a Eufy robovac for a spin, it’s easy to see why Eufy has quickly become a favored go-to for robovac shoppers. They’re slim, elegant and unobtrusively blend into any decor. They easily clean your floors without breaking the bank. The top end Eufy robovac is in the $300 range, and their equally performing Eufy mid-range models will run you less than $200. Eufys can slide under most furniture for a thorough clean even in hard-to-reach spots. Models range from a serviceable 1,000 Pa (pascals) of suction, to an impressive 2,000 Pa, which is recommended for homes with pets.

Eufy pros

Great on pet hair with its impressively strong suction, Eufy gets the job done. An ample dust bin across models means less frequent clean-outs. The app also allows for fully customized cleaning cycles. If you have the need to have your robovac get into low-clearance spaces (for example, under the couch), Eufy has great options, including the ultra-slim Robovac 30, which packs 1,500 Pa suction into a compact frame. Boost IQ technology in most newer models means Eufys adjust suction depending on floor conditions, and the impressive 100-minute run time means Eufy can keep even an open-floor-plan living space clean.

Eufy-brand brushes

Eufys are easy to maintain with a minimum of effort. One way to extend the life of your Eufy robovac is to be sure to keep its components clean and to replace them frequently. Be sure to have extra Eufy-brand brushes on hand for quick replacements. 

Eufy cons

Users report the occasional tumble down the stairs, but keeping the sensors clean usually eliminates this issue. One thing to also keep in mind with most ultra-slim models is that you’ll have to be diligent about cleaning out the filter.

Best Eufy

Eufy 11S

Although the high-end Eufy 30C is an excellent choice, you can get almost equal performance for a better value with the mid-range Eufy 11S.


A brand that’s getting more attention lately, but not one with enough distinguishing features to pull ahead of the competition.

Roborock pros

Roborock vacuums have good suction, serviceable mapping of rooms, and include “no clean” zones.

Roborock cons

These robovacs have a taller profile than some other models, making it difficult to clean under certain pieces of furniture.

Best Roborock

Roborock S4

Opt for the Roborock S4, which gives 2,000 Pa of suction and features a good mapping technology.

Should you get a Roomba, Eufy or Roborock?

If you’re looking to balance affordability with performance, you can’t go wrong with a Eufy. While Eufys are recommended for anyone in the market for a robovac, they make an especially good purchase if this is your first robovac and you aren’t quite sure how much you’ll come to rely on the machine. With a low barrier to entry at a good price, but packed full of features that will soon make you a fan, the Eufy 11S is slim, quiet and gets the job done every time. 

Eufys are consistently rated high by consumers on function and affordability, and they have been chosen on “best robot vacuums” lists since their introduction. With reliable drop-sensing technology, easy-to-master controls and multiple cleaning modes, you can rely on Eufy. 

Like with all robovacs, you’ll want to make sure to keep the roller brush clean, the sensors free of dust, and the dust bin empty. While the Eufy is immune to tumbles downstairs, if you have dark flooring or carpeting (which can sometimes confuse robovacs), be sure to block off areas where you don’t want your Eufy to go. You can program your Eufy to run on a schedule, but if you’ve got children or pets that may cause liquid spills when you’re not looking, be sure to program your Eufy to run at a time where you can scan the area before it does.


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