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Which Eufy security cameras are best?

Keeping your family and property safe should be one of your greatest concerns, especially if you live in a bustling city. While many residents have subscriptions to security services, many opt for a technological approach through security cameras.

They are usually straightforward to install and often don’t require any tools at all. You also aren’t limited to certain areas, as many wireless models only need a Wi-Fi connection to keep an eye on things. So, if you are looking for a camera that doubles up as a massive floodlight, too, the Eufy Cam 2 Pro should be your first choice.

What to know before you buy a Eufy security camera

Eufy is owned by Anker

Anker, a Chinese-based technology company, owns the Eufy home security brand. Anker is best known for its power banks, fast chargers and other electronics, including hubs, docks and video conferencing equipment. Among others, Anker also owns brands like Nebula, Soundcore and Roav.

Indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless?

There is a wide variety of Eufy cameras available, and getting the correct one for your purposes is vital. Their outdoor cameras can accommodate floodlights and operate on batteries, while the indoor cameras aren’t waterproof and need a power cable. Consider what your needs would be, but know that Eufy has many cameras for almost any situation.

Eufy had a security breach in 2021

Knowing the capabilities of your security camera is essential, but it is also good to know when the company involved had a security breach. Unfortunately, Eufy’s record isn’t spotless. It suffered a rather significant security breach in early 2021. A flaw in the software allowed users to view live and recorded footage from other people’s cameras. The vulnerability impacted a tiny percentage of users, and Eufy patched the problem before hackers could exploit it.

What to look for in a quality Eufy security camera

Night vision

When setting up a security camera, you want to ensure that it can keep an eye on everything, no matter the time of day. A good quality security camera will have the ability to see after sunset, so night vision is a must. Even when criminals think that you can’t see them, you will be able to track their moves. While most night vision has a green filter, you do get full-color night vision cameras too. 

Field of view 

Equally as important as being able to see at night, you must be able to see a wide area. Unless the camera is pointed down an alley, the wider the angle, the better. The field of view will determine how much of your room or outside area you can view at once. When you can see more in a single viewing, it makes it a lot easier to keep track of any movement without repositioning the camera.


And speaking of moving the camera, you should look for a good security camera that features Pan-Tilt-Zoom. While stationary cameras are great for focusing on one specific area, you can adjust the camera with PTZ to where you want it. Some good-quality security cameras also have automatic PTZ, which can follow any movement that has been detected. Pan means that the camera can move from side to side, while tilt refers to the up and down movement of the lens. Zoom allows you to see closer into targeted areas of the feed.

How much you can expect to spend on a Eufy security camera

The regular price of a Eufy security camera will depend on the capabilities and additional functions. Entry-level security cameras retail $50-$70. Cameras packed with more technology retail for $150-$250.  

Eufy security camera FAQ

What happens when the camera’s storage is full?

A. It will depend on the camera, but in most cases, the storage will switch over to the cloud when the physical memory is at capacity. But that is usually just the case with wireless or Wi-Fi-connected cameras. Most entry-level cameras need to have the memory card swapped out or cleared.

Do outdoor cameras need an electrical connection?

A. Most outdoor cameras operate on rechargeable batteries, but some functions can make that difficult. It will vary between models, but a security camera with many powerful features will need to be connected to a wall socket. 

What’s the best Eufy security camera to buy?

Top Eufy security camera

Eufy Cam 2 Pro

Eufy Cam 2 Pro

What you need to know: This is a fully-featured solution that will have criminals on the run.

What you’ll love: With a camera that can pan a full 360-degrees, nothing will escape the beady eye of the Cam 2 Pro. It can record and live-stream footage in 2K resolution and has night vision sensors that can lock onto an intruder and follow their movements. The Wi-Fi camera is equipped with three high-powered floodlights to provide maximum coverage and visibility.

What you should consider: While it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it doesn’t support Apple’s HomeKit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Eufy security camera for the money

Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24

Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24

What you need to know: This is a stress-free solution for indoor security.

What you’ll love: Used for indoor security, the camera can be panned 360 degrees, tilted 96 degrees and produces footage at 2K resolution. The camera can track the movements of humans and pets and record any events of interest. It also has two-way audio so you can speak to anybody that walks past it.

What you should consider: While it is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, it only records footage at 1080p.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Eufy Pet Camera D605

Eufy Pet Camera D605

What you need to know: Keeping an eye on your pet has never been this fun.

What you’ll love: A security camera is great to check up on your property, but sometimes you want to see what your cat or dog is doing. For this, the Eufy Pet Camera is the perfect solution. With the 170-degree wide-angle lens and night vision, you can easily see what they are doing in full HD. But best of all is that you can throw treats at your pet through the mobile app. There are three distances from which to choose, and you can throw it in a 270-degree rotation.

What you should consider: The pet camera isn’t compatible with Amazon Alexa yet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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