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Whether you’re looking to add an easy entryway into your backyard or want to improve airflow in your home on pleasant days, purchasing a magnetic screen door is an easy and frugal solution. Magnetic screen doors are convenient and lightweight barriers to keep bugs and pests out, while still letting in the sounds and smells of the outdoors. They can also help with energy consumption, as running air conditioners use 6-percent of all electricity produced by the United States according to the United States Department of Energy.

Though they may look similar, magnetic screen doors have different qualities and benefits which may be more suitable to you and your family’s needs, like easy access for pets or small children. If you have a western-facing opening, consider purchasing the Magzo Magnetic Screen Door, which will stay in place during strong winds.

What to know before you buy a magnetic screen door


Magnetic screen doors usually have a width of 30, 32, 34, 36 or 38 inches and a standard length between 82 to 96 inches. Before purchasing a magnetic screen door, carefully measure your doorway to find what size screen door you will need. Make sure to leave a few inches at the top and on either side to allow for adhesive or magnetic attachments. Without those extra inches, you could unintentionally purchase a magnetic screen door too small to fit your doorway.


Mkicesky Reinforced Fiberglass Double Mesh Curtain

Magnetic screen doors are made out of a variety of materials, such as polyester, nylon or fiberglass. Models made of polyester and nylon are usually quite light, whereas fiberglass models tend to be heavier and more durable. Besides weight and durability, the material of your magnetic screen door can also affect its appearance. Before buying a magnetic screen door, make sure the model also fits your desired aesthetic.


Opacity refers to how easy or difficult it is to see through the magnetic screen door. The less opaque, the easier it is to see through the door. The more opaque, the less you’re able to see. Although all screen doors are somewhat see-through, models made out of darker materials can provide greater opacity. If your home has pets or small children, you may want to consider a magnetic screen door with a lower opacity, so you can see if they are approaching the door and avoid collision or injury.


Usually, a magnetic screen door is installed using adhesives or magnets. Most magnetic screen doors use adhesives that are packaged with the product and can be quickly stuck to the edges of your doorframe. Some models use magnets that are attracted to metal pieces located above and beside the doorway. Magnetic attachments may be more convenient but are usually not as secure or sturdy as their adhesive counterparts. Before purchasing, consider which installation procedure may be more beneficial for your home.

What to look for in a quality magnetic screen door

Though magnetic screen doors are quite simple in construction and design, some models contain a few features and benefits which might make them a more desirable option.

Windproof hasp design

Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door

To help keep the door from blowing open in heavy winds, some magnetic screen doors have small connectors, called hasps, located on the bottom and middle of the opening. Closing the hasps can help not only with keeping the door shut during heavy winds but also the longevity of the screen door, as moving and shaking in the wind can cause damage to the product.

Installation video

Megamesh magnetic screen door

Though installation of a magnetic screen door might seem like a simple and straightforward process, unplanned issues are always a possibility. Some models come with a step-by-step instructional video to help make the installation of the magnetic screen door easier.


Repeated use of a magnetic screen door inevitably leads to wear and tear on the product. Magnetic screen doors made out of fiberglass tend to be more durable, but are usually heavier than their polyester counterparts.

How much you can expect to spend on a magnetic screen door

Depending on size, materials and durability, the price of a magnetic screen door can vary. Most models will cost between $20-$30, but can cost as low as $10 to as high as $100.

Magnetic screen door FAQ

What tools will I need to attach my magnetic screen door?

A. Most magnetic screen doors attach using magnets or adhesives and do not require tools for installation. Before buying, check the packaging or look online to see if tools are necessary.

Does my magnetic screen door have a locking function?

A. Most magnetic screen doors do not have a locking function. Some models have clasps on the inside which can help secure the screen opening, but do not lock.

Is my magnetic screen door windproof?

A. Constructed of lightweight materials, most magnetic screen doors are rarely windproof but are highly wind-resistant and should stay attached to your doorframe during a brisk wind.

What’s the best magnetic screen door to buy?

Top magnetic screen door

Magzo Magnetic Screen Door

Magzo Magnetic Screen Door

What you need to know: Available in several sizes, this magnetic screen door fits a variety of door widths allowing for use in multiple areas of the home.

What you’ll love: Constructed of durable fiberglass, the Magzo Magnetic Screen Door performs well even in windy conditions.

What you should consider: Though it works well with small pets and children, larger dogs may accidentally strain or damage the product.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top magnetic screen door for the money

Yufer Magnetic Screen Door

Yufer Magnetic Screen Door

What you need to know: A perfect fit for homes which need to keep bugs out while allowing in more natural light.

What you’ll love: The screen’s weighted bottom helps keep it in place during wi days while the 26 sewn-in magnets allow the screen to quickly shut behind users.

What you should consider: Hot weather may compromise the adhesive which holds the hook-and-loop strips to the door casing.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Megamesh Magnetic Screen Door

Megamesh Magnetic Screen Door

What you need to know: A magnetic screen door made by a customer-trusted company.

What you’ll love: The company offers a 100% bug-free guarantee for the first year and has reinforced edges to increase durability.

What you should consider: The top of the screen does not open as wide as the bottom which can make it a hassle for taller people to use.

Where to buy: Amazon


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