Which box fan for windows is best?

We all need to stay comfortable and cool in our homes, especially when the temperatures begin to rise. Air conditioners are a great option, but they can also be very expensive. Box fans for windows are efficient, economical, affordable and convenient, and there are multiple types of box fans available. If you’re looking for a superior box fan for windows, then the Hurricane 20-Inch Classic Series Box Fan is an exceptional choice.

What to know before you buy a box fan for windows

Learn about the anatomy

A box fan for windows is a big and portable fan that’s typically square-shaped. It also features a propeller blade that helps you circulate the air throughout your home. Both the front and back of the box fan for windows have a lattice-work or grille design to promote airflow. This kind of fan is perfect for placing in a doorway or window to help draw and circulate cool air from one place to another. 


Box fans for windows have a number of different advantages, including a simple setup, portability, easy maintenance and energy efficiency. Box fans for windows are also very affordable and environmentally friendly.


Box fans for windows are usually about the same size, with a blade diameter of about 20 to 21 inches. They do need more space than other kinds of fans, since they’re pretty big, but they offer more efficient cooling power due to their size.

What to look for in a quality box fan for windows


The power of the box fan is measured by the amount of air movement it offers, and the airflow is usually measured in cubic feet per minute, also known as CFM. A box fan that’s rated at 1,800 CFM, for instance, will cool your room of 1,800 cubic feet in just one minute. For the most efficient air movement, look for a box fan for windows that can move air through a room in less than three minutes.

Speed settings

Most box fans feature three speeds, including high, medium and low, but some box fans for windows only provide two speeds, including low and high.


Box fans for windows tend to make some noise, but some box fans are much louder than others. Check the decibel rating before you make your purchase. The quietest models have ratings of 35 decibels or less.

How much you can expect to spend on a box fan for windows

Box fans for windows cost about $15-$60, depending on the CFM rating and the number of speeds they offer. The most basic box fans for windows usually have a CFM rating under 2,000 and two speeds and cost about $15-$25, while midrange box fans for windows have a CFM rating of 2,000 to 2,500 and three speeds, and range in price from $25 to $35. The high-end box fans for windows have CFM ratings over 2,500 and cost about $35-$60.

Box fan for windows FAQ

Where is the best place to place a box fan for windows?

A. Many homeowners put their box fan in an open window because it can draw fresh air in from the outdoors. You can also put your box fan for windows with the front part of the fan facing outward, so it draws the warm air outside from inside your house.

You could also put your box fan on a piece of elevated furniture like a bookcase or table. Elevating your box fan enables it to circulate the air in the room more effectively.

Can you use an air conditioner along with a box fan?

A. A box fan for windows goes fairly well with an air conditioner since it can help you circulate the cool air from your air conditioner throughout your home to make your house more comfortable. 

Running a box fan for windows and an air conditioner simultaneously can enable you to raise your thermostat by about three to five degrees. You can put your box fan near the air conditioner vent for the best results.

What’s the best box fan for windows to buy?

Top box fan for windows

Hurricane 20-Inch Classic Series Box Fan

Hurricane 20-Inch Classic Series Box Fan

What you need to know: This energy-efficient box fan for windows from Hurricane features reliable airflow and a contemporary design.

What you’ll love: This amazing Hurricane box fan provides three speeds, energy efficiency, adjustable feet, an attractive modern design, a standard 20-inch size and airflow of about 2,400 cubic feet per minute.

What you should consider: This Hurricane box fan for windows might be a little too loud for certain customers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top box fan for windows for the money

Black+Decker Mini Box Fan

Black+Decker Mini Box Fan

What you need to know: This mini box fan for windows from Black+Decker is slim enough to put on your windowsill.

What you’ll love: This small Black+Decker box fan for windows offers three speeds and plenty of white noise that’s not too overpowering. The box fan also stands upright on a flat surface and is fairly powerful for its compact size.

What you should consider: There have been a few occasional reports of motor burnout with this mini box fan.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pelonis Three-Speed Box Fan

Pelonis Three-Speed Box Fan

What you need to know: This modern and streamlined box fan from Pelonis is a stylish and powerful 20-inch model.

What you’ll love: This wonderful Pelonis three-speed box fan for windows comes with a carry handle integrated into the frame, a stylized grill that is tight enough to prevent injury to your fingers and slim blades that optimize the airflow. 

What you should consider: Multiple customers said this three-speed window box fan is fairly loud.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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