Where can you find the best coasters?

Imagine owning a beautiful table or desk, only to discover soon after that the surface is damaged. The material has spots where the wood or other material has faded from heat or stained by condensation.

Coasters are the best way to avoid unsightly rings from coffee cups or condensation from an iced glass of soda. They come in various materials and colors and can extend the life of your furniture. Our number one choice, the Barvivo drink coasters set, is a popular product that keeps your tables looking great.

What to know before you buy a coaster


Most kitchen counters are made from durable materials like granite or tile. These materials can handle warm drinks like coffee or tea without a coaster. However, for cold beverages, you’ll want something that soaks up moisture, leaving your countertops free of liquid. 

Living rooms and dens

Since the living room makes the impression for the rest of the home, you want coasters that go well with your decor and look nice. A coaster of any material should leave your furniture protected, so aesthetics are more important than material. For a den, similar instructions apply. But you might try for a more informal look, opting for a more personalized coaster.

Dining room

Dining tables are a prime spot for surface damage without coasters. Ensure you have some that protect your table from both cold and hot drinks and go with your furniture since this is usually the place to entertain dinner guests.

What to look for in a quality coaster


Coasters offer a level of protection for your furniture, and the material you choose will decide how much. You can find coasters in almost any material, but some are better suited for specific tasks. For example, materials like cotton or cork are great for absorbing water, making them ideal for iced beverages. Hot drinks do well with marble or wood. And there are many other materials, including leather, crystal, rubber, metal and more. 

Coaster design and color

Coasters come in different shapes like round or square, and some have interesting surfaces or designs on them. You can select one that fits well with your decor. When selecting a coaster, pick a functional type that’s pretty enough to spruce up a room. With color, anything goes. Whatever hue you can imagine, there’s a coaster out there that matches it. From polka dots to stripes and solids, everything is possible.


Some coasters have phrases, quotes or jokes written on them. It’s fun to purchase them based on your personality or as a present for a friend. You can even buy them made to order with your own words. The options are limitless.


The backing, which is the bottom of the coaster, protects desks and tables from rings. You can find backing in materials such as rubber, cork or felt. They all do different things to protect your tabletops, like scratch resistance or temperature protection. If you’re concerned about scratching on a glass tabletop, felt is a good choice. Rubber is excellent for preserving your furniture.

Coaster container

You’ll find these in all shapes and sizes. It’s a box that holds the coasters. Their primary purpose is to provide a place for the coasters when you aren’t using them for drinks. Some are simple and functional, while others are works of art. They will usually match your coasters, so you can leave them in the container when not using them for drinks.

Coaster edge

Rims are a good idea if you’re concerned about moisture getting on your furniture. They keep glasses in place and stop water from sliding onto tables. It’s perfect for materials like wood that often get rings from condensation.

How much do coasters cost?

It depends on if you buy coasters separately or as a set. A set ranges from less than $10-$100 or more, depending on quality. However, an average set will usually cost less than $25. A single coaster can cost anywhere from $10-$20 individually.

Coaster FAQ

Q: Are coasters really necessary?

A. Coasters stop your furniture from acquiring rings, which are difficult if not impossible to remove later. So they are necessary if you want your furniture to stay in great shape.

Q: How many should I buy?

A. This varies by room and how many people you usually have in your home. One way to decide is by counting the number of chairs in the room and then add a few more for good measure. That way, you know you’ll have enough even with extra guests.

What’s the best coaster to buy?

Top coaster 

Barvivo drink coasters set of eight

Barvivo drink coasters set of eight

What you need to know: A great set with a classic look and a good amount of coasters.

What you’ll love: It has a rim to protect from liquid, made of silicone and you can purchase it in several hues.

What you should consider: Material gets dirty quickly, but washing it is simple.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top coaster for the money

Lipper International Acacia Round with Cork Coasters

Lipper International Acacia Round with Caddy

What you need to know: A great pick for a low price that looks good in any setting.

What you’ll love: The Acacia wood is easy to care for and is very absorbent.

What you should consider: The coasters are more narrow in size and may not fit wider cups and mugs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ENKORE Coasters Set of Six

ENKORE Coasters Set of Six

What you need to know: This brand is an excellent option if you’re buying coasters for the first time.

What you’ll love: They’re made of silicone and keep glasses from tipping over.

What you should consider: These don’t have the best for durability and can leave rings on furniture from the liquid.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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