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Dried flowers look beautiful in bouquets and arrangements. Their texture is uniquely suited to the aesthetic of the fall season.

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Which fall flowers are best?

While often associated with spring, flowers can make a lovely addition to your fall decor. Fall flower arrangements usually feature warm colors, like oranges, yellows and reds. Mini roses, sunflowers and mums are all popular flowers used during autumn. Whether artificial, dried or real, flowers are an excellent way to decorate any seasonal table in your home.  

If you are looking for something cute and festive, the Justweddingbouquets Pumpkin Centerpiece is a top choice. These beautiful silk fall flowers come arranged in a cute pumpkin that is perfect on a side table or as an addition to a fall display.

What to know before you buy fall flowers


Before buying fall flowers, consider where you’ll place them in your home. This will help you select the perfect size and style. Flowers look great on most any table you have. Larger arrangements work well as the centerpiece for your dining table, entryway table and on shelves in alcoves. Smaller arrangements work well on coffee tables, side tables or in your bathroom. You can also put fall flowers outdoors on the front or back porch of your home. 

Full arrangement vs. bunches 

Whether artificial or real, you can buy flowers in full arrangements or in individual bunches. Full arrangements are great if you are short on time or don’t want to create your own bouquet. They sometimes come with a vase, making it ready to display upon arrival. You can use individual bunches to create your own custom arrangements or simple displays. 

Flower container 

Read the product description for the fall flowers you are considering to see if they come with a container for display. If they don’t, you’ll need to find a quality vase or other vessel for exhibiting them. If you don’t want a traditional vase, try something a little more unique. For instance, live fall flowers like mums can be replanted in an attractive pot. Old pitchers, galvanized tubs and wooden crates make cute, rustic flower containers. 

What to look for in quality fall flowers

Real flowers

Real flowers make a great addition to any fall decor. You can use arrangements of cut flowers to decorate your table for a special dinner or just to get yourself into the fall spirit. One of the most popular types of live fall flowers are chrysanthemums, or mums. These come in a variety of autumn colors that complement most seasonal decor.

Artificial flowers

For flowers you can enjoy year after year, artificial fall flowers will look good almost indefinitely with proper care. They can be easily arranged in vases, centerpieces, pumpkins and other containers. You can also buy artificial flowers individually and make your own bouquet for display. If not exposed to inclimate weather, these flowers can do well outside on a porch table or by your front door. 

Dried flowers 

If you are looking for something between real and artificial flowers, dried flowers are an excellent option. Dried flowers look beautiful in bouquets and arrangements, and their texture is uniquely suited to the aesthetic of the fall season. These flowers will last for a long time, and you can also use them to make wreaths or other crafts. 

How much you can expect to spend on fall flowers

You can usually find small arrangements of artificial flowers and dried flowers for $15-$25. For larger faux arrangements, the costs are generally between $40-$90. Arrangements of real flowers are likely to cost up to $100 or more, depending on the container and size.

Fall flowers FAQ

How do I store my artificial flower arrangements?

A. Make sure you clean your arrangement before storing it. You can do this by gently wiping it with a micro cloth or giving it a gentle blast with compressed air. Keep your arrangement in an airtight plastic container or padded bag. Avoid storing in areas with extreme heat or exposure to moisture. Give your arrangement plenty of room away from other items so that their shape is not compromised. 

How long do real and dried flower arrangements last?

A. Cut flower bouquets can last 7-12 days. You can help ensure your bouquet lasts as long as possible by changing the water every few days. Many cut flower arrangements come with a food packet and instructions to help keep them looking their best and extend their display life. 

Dried flowers can last up to a year. With proper care, they can last much longer. If you purchase dried flowers that have been dyed, their colors will stay vibrant longer. Avoid placing both fresh and dried bouquets in direct sunlight. 

What are the best fall flowers to buy?

Top fall flowers

Justweddingbouquets Pumpkin Centerpiece

Justweddingbouquets Pumpkin Centerpiece

What you need to know: This cute pumpkin flower arrangement is a perfect addition to your fall decor. 

What you’ll love: Each arrangement is handmade and comes in a pumpkin vase. The flowers in the bouquet are orange, yellow, white and green. The ceramic pumpkin is 7 inches wide.

What you should consider: These are made to order, and shipment takes 2-3 weeks.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top fall flowers for the money

Momkids Fall Faux Flowers

Momkids Fall Faux Flowers

What you need to know: This bouquet of baby’s breath flowers come in a variety of warm fall and pastel colors. 

What you’ll love: These flowers will add a lovely pop of fall color to any table. This set comes with six bunches of baby’s breath. You can choose from orange, red, yellow, white and other colors. The length of each bunch is approximately 19.7 inches. 

What you should consider: Some buyers have complained that the orange flowers look closer to yellow. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out 

TWIGZstore Petite Mini Fall Dried Flower Bouquet

TWIGZstore Petite Mini Fall Dried Flower Bouquet

What you need to know: This bouquet of dried fall flowers makes a lovely seasonal decoration. 

What you’ll love: This small bouquet is perfect for your coffee table. Each handmade bouquet features dried mini roses and other fall-colored flowers. You can order this item either wrapped in paper or with an amber bud vase. The bouquet is approximately 8-inches tall. 

What you should consider: Some may prefer a larger bouquet. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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