Best wreath for fall


If you plan on hanging your fall wreath in direct sunlight, be sure to find one with UV protection, so the seasonal decoration lasts longer.

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Which wreath IS best for fall?

Hanging a seasonal fall wreath on your front door is a festive way to greet guests and welcome them into your home. Though these wreaths can feature many decorative elements, some hold up against the changing fall weather better than others. Style, durability and size are a few factors that can help you choose the best autumn-themed wreath for your home. If you’re looking for a beautiful and durable fall wreath to celebrate the season, the VGIA Artificial Fall Wreath is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a wreath for fall

Fall wreaths come in a variety of styles with different decorative elements and installation requirements. As you consider what wreath to buy, think about how and where you plan to install it in order to have everything you need when it comes time to hang your wreath.


All wreaths come in a circular design, but the use of space around that circle can vary widely based on the wreath style. Traditional wreaths utilize the entire area to build a fluffy and full arrangement. Modern or contemporary wreaths may experiment with different greenery and decorations. Minimalist wreaths feature a minimal use of space and materials to create a purposefully clean and elegant look. Consider what style of wreath complements your home decor to find the best match for your front door.

Decorative elements

Decorative elements on a fall wreath can include anything from timeless pumpkins, leaves and branches to faux blooms, dried flowers, acorns, pine cones, faux fruit, hand-crafted artwork, carvings or anything else that celebrates the season. Fall wreaths generally feature the season’s colors with lots of reds, oranges, yellows and golds. Some items may be glued down while others may be tied or twisted together. If elements are glued, be extra gentle when handling the wreath so you don’t disturb the decorations.


fall wreath hook

Wreaths can hang from a built-in hook, prefabricated holes, adhesive backing or a string or cord. If you don’t already have a fall wreath hook, it’s an easy investment to add to your fall wreath decor and lets you hang your wreath as soon as it arrives. Otherwise, you can use a screw, nail or adhesive hook to hang your wreath. If your wreath hangs by a ribbon, string or cord, be sure to measure how high up you need to place your hook.

What to look for in a quality wreath for fall

The main factors to consider when choosing a quality fall wreath are its durability and size. Ensuring your wreath can hold up over time and comfortably fit where you want to hang it will help guide you as you pick out the perfect seasonal wreath for your home.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Though many wreaths can handle a little wear and tear, not all are weather- or UV-resistant. If you plan on hanging your wreath in direct sunlight, be sure to find one with UV protection. Also, keep in mind that you may need to clean your wreath every season before putting it back in storage if you hang your wreath outdoors. For additional protection, you can spray your wreath with a clear acrylic spray to deter water damage from rain or moisture.


How well your wreath holds up to weather and time depends on the durability of its materials. A wreath structure can be made of metal, wood, branches, foam or plastic. Metal and wood are the most common and durable materials, and they will hold up the best through outdoor use. Most greenery or branches will be secured to the core structure, while more delicate decorations may be glued on. The more delicate the decoration, the more important it is to handle it with care as you hang, remove and store your wreath.


Wreaths can range in size, with the average size for a front door fall wreath being 22 inches. Larger sizes can range up to 36 inches, and smaller sizes can measure as small as 10 inches. If you’re looking for a standard size for your front door, opting for a 22-inch or 24-inch wreath will work well. Be sure to measure your space carefully before ordering a wreath so you know it will comfortably fit where you plan to hang it. 

How much you can expect to spend on wreaths for fall

Most fall wreaths range between $30-$80, with more expensive options costing $100 or more for ornate designs or delicate materials.

Wreaths for fall FAQ

How do I store my fall wreath after the season ends?

A. Some wreaths come with a sturdy box, providing the perfect storage space for your autumn wreath. However, boxes aren’t the only option. If you need another way to help them hold their shape and stay away from dust, you can cover them in plastic and hang them on a rack, individual hangers or a gallery wall. You can also store each individually in cardboard boxes or plastic bins, but be sure to label each wreath box if you have more than one so you know which one is which as the seasons change.

Can I clean my fall wreath?

A. Yes, gently. To remove dust, use a blow dryer on the cool setting and hold it 10 to 12 inches away from the wreath to blow the dust off. If some dirt or dust is stubborn, you can lightly use a feather duster, being careful not to disturb the decorative accents. You can also put your wreath in a paper bag with a quarter cup of salt and shake the bag gently. The salt will remove dirt and dust stuck between pine cones and foliage.

What ARE the best wreathS for fall to buy?

Top wreath for fall

VGIA Artificial Fall Wreath

VGIA Artificial Fall Wreath

What you need to know: This classic fall wreath features a full ring of autumn colors and berries for a welcoming door display.

What you’ll love: The wreath measures 22 inches in diameter and fits well on most doors. It works well as indoor or outdoor decoration. The wreath design is a classic look featuring fluffy grapevines and realistically colored berries. 

What you should consider: Be gentle when fluffing it up out of the box as some of the berries may fall off or crack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wreath for fall for the money

Unlit Artificial Hydrangea and Pumpkin Fall Wreath

Unlit Artificial Hydrangea and Pumpkin Fall Wreath

What you need to know: Pumpkins and fall colors make this wreath stand out at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: Realistic pumpkins and gourds adorn the face of this festive wreath. The arrangement also includes autumn leaves, berries, twigs and faux blooms. The 22-inch wreath is a generous size for the price. The colors on the decor elements include shades of green, red, orange, yellow, brown and gold.

What you should consider: It may not be as full as other wreaths of the same size.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

The Wreath Depot Eastbrook Silk Fall Wreath

The Wreath Depot Eastbrook Silk Fall Wreath

What you need to know: The bright colors are stunning on this weather-resistant silk fall wreath.

What you’ll love: The realistic fall blooms include deep reds, bright oranges and golden yellows that stand out against any door. Green foliage accents peek out from behind the flowers. The silk material creates a full and fluffy appearance and is UV-rated for safe use outdoors. The wreath measures between 22 and 24 inches wide, and it comes with an easy hanging loop and storage box.

What you should consider: The wreath lasts longer if kept away from direct sunlight and rain.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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