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Choose a tablecloth that’s machine-washable to easily keep it clean and hygienic.

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With the right tablecloth, you can transform your dining table from drab to delightful. Whether you want a simple, functional tablecloth for daily use or a more elegant tablecloth for dinner parties and special occasions, we have options for you.

This guide can help you find a tablecloth of the right size, shape, and material to meet your needs. We’ve got all the information you require, plus we’ve listed some recommendations. Our number one choice is Gee Di Moda Round Tablecloth, which is attractive and practical yet affordable.



If you’re looking for a tablecloth made of natural fibers, cotton or linen is your best bet. Cotton tablecloths have a nice drape to them, especially heavy cotton options, though they tend to wrinkle in the wash, so ironing is a must. Linen tablecloths look similar to cotton options but are made from flax fibers. Linen looks even heavier than cotton with an exceptional drape, but a slightly rougher, more rustic appearance. It’s also stronger and faster drying than cotton. The trouble is, it wrinkles even more than cotton, so you need to get serious with an iron.

Polyester is an alternative if you don’t mind synthetic fibers. It washes easily and has a natural resistance to wrinkles, so you might not need to iron your polyester tablecloth at all if you wash it carefully. Polyester tablecloths are durable and don’t fade.

There are also waterproof, wipe-clean materials, such as PVC and oilcloth. These are informal and best for everyday use, and they’re great for resisting spills and stains.


It goes without saying that you need to choose the right size tablecloth for your table and the occasion. You don’t want a tablecloth that leaves some of your bare table poking out, nor do you want a floor-length tablecloth for casual use. Think about how many inches of overhang you want — this is usually between 3 and 6 inches on each side for casual dining and between 8 and 16 inches on each side for formal affairs. Once you’re decided on your overhang, add double the overhang for each side to the diameter of your table or both its length and width to find what size tablecloth you require.


Colors and prints

You can find tablecloths in any solid color of the rainbow, though more subtle hues are most popular, such as white, beige, and gray. Of course, you may want to add some color to a neutrally decorated room by choosing a colorful tablecloth, such as bright yellow or teal. There are also tablecloths featuring various patterns and prints, such as floral or checks.


For the most part, you should buy a tablecloth that’s the same shape as the table you want to put it on — a rectangular tablecloth for a rectangular table or a round tablecloth for a round table.


The majority of tablecloths cost somewhere between $10-$50, depending on size and quality. However, some options from designer homeware brands can cost as much as $100-$200.


Are tablecloths essential?

A. There’s no rule that says you have to use a tablecloth, but a quality, heavy cotton tablecloth adds a touch of class for dinner parties and semiformal gatherings. Using a tablecloth day to day also helps protect your table from wear and tear.

What’s the best tablecloth for a home with kids?

A. If you have kids at home, we recommend sticking to a PVC or oilcloth tablecloth for daily use. Not only are these tablecloths wipe-clean so you don’t need to worry about staining from dropped food, they’re also waterproof to protect the table underneath from spilled drinks. Of course, you can always have some fancier cotton tablecloths on standby for when you have an adults-only meal.


Top tablecloth

Gee Di Moda Round Tablecloth

Gee Di Moda Round Tablecloth

Our take: This is a simple round tablecloth available in a range of colors and sizes between 70 and 132 inches in diameter.

What we like: The polyester fabric doesn’t fade or shrink in the wash and stays relatively wrinkle-free. It looks pricier than it is.

What you should consider: The overall quality could be better.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top tablecloth for the money

Gee Di Moda Square Tablecloth

Gee Di Moda Square Tablecloth

Our take: This affordable tablecloth impresses buyers with its excellent value for the money.

What we like: It hangs nicely. It is easy to wash and dry, and isn’t prone to wrinkling. It is available in sizes between 52 by 52 inches and 85 by 85 inches.

What you should consider: Some complained that it feels thin and flimsy.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

DII 100% Cotton Chambray Tablecloth

DII 100% Cotton Chambray Tablecloth

Our take: This is a quality tablecloth made from a heavy cotton chambray that looks smart and contemporary.

What we like: It’s available in a choice of nine colors. There is a good selection of sizes up to 60 by 120 inches. It can be machine-washed on a cold setting and tumble-dried on low.

What you should consider: It shrinks after the first wash.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

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