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Dust your snow globes often. If you don’t, the dust can ingrain itself in tiny nooks, crannies and other imperfections to become a kind of grime that is far harder to remove than regular dust.

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Which snow globe is best?

The beauty and wonder of snow globes have captured the imagination of people since their creation in the late 1800s. Perfect for collectors, gift-giving and even lullabies when music is included in the base. However, not all snow globes are created equally, with some being prone to breaking or just plain ugly.

The best snow globe is The San Francisco Music Box Company Hand-Crafted Cardinal Snow Globe. This beautiful and hand-painted cardinal snow globe is the perfect display, ornament or gift. It includes a music box style windup that plays “The Holly and the Ivy” and the construction is top of the line.

What to know before you buy a snow globe

Exterior construction

When purchasing a snow globe, it is important to consider the exterior construction, which is the globe and base.

Globe: The globe is typically made of glass, although costs can be kept low with plastic. Despite the lower price, plastic is also more durable than glass and is of lighter weight. However, glass looks more elegant but is far more hazardous if dropped.

Base: The base of the snow globe can be made from anything, although usually it is made from wood, ceramic or plastic. Ceramic and plastic are more common as wood tends to be costlier. Design-wise, the base can be part of the overall design or it can just be a simple pedestal to keep the focus on the globe.

Interior construction

Snow: The snow is usually flakes of glitter, plain white material or a mix of both. You’ll want to make sure there is plenty of snow inside to fully enjoy the effect.

Water: Make sure the water inside is crystal clear. If you see any sign of discoloration or algae, look for another snow globe.

What to look for in a quality snow globe


Some snow globes can be personalized, with the most common methods being engravings or photos placed inside the globe.


Snow globes served as decorative paperweights when they were originally created. That’s no longer the case, so select a lighter globe if the globe is meant for a small child or a flimsy shelf.

Music and lights

Some snow globes double as music boxes with windup levers underneath or behind the base. They can also include lights that make the snow sparkle as it falls.

How much you can expect to spend on a snow globe

Like all collectors’ items, Snow globes can range in price from as low as $10 and as high as thousands of dollars. If you’re purchasing directly from a retailer, prices typically stay in the $10-$50 range, sometimes reaching into the low hundreds.

Snow globe FAQ

Are snow globes valuable collectors’ items or just personally valuable?

A. That depends on the snow globe. Some snow globes can be worth thousands of dollars, but others aren’t even worth their retail cost. If you’re looking to treat a snow globe as a valuable collectors’ item, focus on vintage, recognizable characters and limited giveaway snow globes. Just don’t be afraid to buy a snow globe with a design you love, even if it isn’t valuable.

Can you replace the water or the glass of a snow globe if it gets dirty or breaks?

A. Replacing the water of your snow globe is much easier than replacing the glass as the glass needs to be replaced by someone who specializes in snow globe repairs, which can be quite costly depending on the snow globe and the repair specialist.

Meanwhile, the water can be replaced relatively easily by yourself. Most snow globes have a plug on the bottom you can remove to empty and replace the water. You need to be cautious so as not to lose any of the snow, and you’ll want to replace the water with distilled water so it won’t change color over time. Think about cleaning out the inside with a mild cleaner before refilling it.

What’s the best snow globe to buy?

Top snow globe

The San Francisco Music Box Company Hand-Crafted Cardinal Snow Globe

The San Francisco Music Box Company Hand-Crafted Cardinal Snow Globe

What you need to know: This snow globe is hand-painted for maximum detail and craft.

What you’ll love: This windup musical snow globe plays “The Holly and the Ivy,” making it a perfect lullaby choice.

What you should consider: The snow in this snow globe is a bit heavy, settling onto the bottom of the globe rather quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top snow globe for the money

Neil Enterprises Create Your Own Photo Snow Globe

Neil Enterprises Create Your Own Photo Snow Globe

What you need to know: This snow globe is all about customization, making it a perfect gift idea.

What you’ll love: Numerous options for customization include base design changes and up to two back-to-back photos for the interior.

What you should consider: The included instructions aren’t as clear as they should be.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

StealStreet Marine Life Snow Globe

StealStreet Marine Life Snow Globe

What you need to know: The base of this brightly colored snow globe sets this piece apart.

What you’ll love: Tons of detail is packed into this snow globe, both in the globe itself and the base design.

What you should consider: It’s quite small at 3.75 inches tall. Some have arrived at consumers’ homes broken.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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