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Once you find the perfect throw rug or area rug for your space, you need to find a rug pad to go with it to help protect the flooring underneath.

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Which rug pad is best?

A rug can be a crucial part of the decor of your home, whether you want to improve the style of the room or just add some carpeting to an area with no carpet. Once you find the perfect throw rug or area rug for your space, you need to find a rug pad to go with it to help protect the flooring underneath while adding comfort and security to the rug. You can place a rug pad on top of linoleum, hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, marble tile, laminate, carpet and concrete flooring. The Gorilla Grip Extra Plush Felt and Natural Rubber Pad is a top choice.

What to know before you buy a rug pad

Benefits of a rug pad

There are multiple benefits to adding a rug pad to your space. The rug pad can help protect your flooring, improve the life of your rug, make your carpet more comfortable, help with slip prevention and reduce noise. 

Rug pad dimensions

There are rug pads on the market as small as 2 by 3 feet, as well as rug pads as large as 12 by 20 feet, but not all rug pads come in a wide range of size options. That being said, you can always trim a larger rug pad to fit a smaller rug. And you can also place several different rug pads side by side under a wider or longer rug.

What to look for in a quality rug pad


Rug pads come in a wide range of materials, including felt and cushiony foam. The backing of the rug pad is usually made of rubber or latex to help prevent slippage, but not all rug pads have a non-slip feature. Rug pads made with plant-based materials, PVC or polymers are usually thinner and designed to keep your rug from slipping out of place. But these rug pads aren’t the best option if you want to add sound protection to your room or thickness to your rug.


Non-slip rug pads tend to only be about 1/8 inch thick or less, while thicker rug pads range from about a 1/4 inch thick to slightly under 1/2 inch thick. 


Rug pad materials are often made with airflow in mind, which can help prevent the moisture buildup between the rug pad and the flooring.

How much you can expect to spend on a rug pad

Rug pads can vary in price, depending on the material and size you choose. The most basic, thin, non-slip rug pads go for $5-$60. Thin felt rug pads cost anywhere from $15-$100, and those with extra cushioning and a slip-resistant backing go for $25-$185.

Rug pad FAQ

What’s the best kind of rug pad material if sound insulation is your main concern?

A. Rug pads dull or block noise by absorbing the impact of footsteps and other sounds. Felt is a great material since it has soft and dense fibers that absorb shock, and felt rug pads come in different thicknesses, so you will probably be able to find a depth that works well for your space if you find a felt product you like.

How can you keep your rug pad clean?

A. First, you need to follow the instructions of the rug pad you buy in order to keep it clean. Some rug pad models, like the thinner, non-slip varieties composed of polymer materials, can be washed either in a washing machine or by hand. 

The large and dense rug pads can be vacuumed either with a stick vac or a hand vac since these vacuums don’t produce strong suction that could damage the rug pad. If you get any stains or spills on your rug pad, it can be wiped with a wet cloth and patted dry with a towel.

Can you use a rug pad under a rug that is near a door?

A. Yes, you can use a rug pad under a rug that is near a door, but you need to measure the clearance below the door to make sure that there is enough room for both the rug pad and rug. The rug and rug pad will bunch up every time the door moves if there isn’t enough room for both. A thinner rug pad is the best option for this situation.

What’s the best rug pad to buy?

Top rug pad

Gorilla Grip Extra Plush Felt and Natural Rubber Pad

Gorilla Grip Extra Plush Felt and Natural Rubber Pad

What you need to know: This rug pad from Gorilla Grip is a great choice if you want a rubber mat that won’t stain or damage your hardwood floor.

What you’ll love: This popular Gorilla Grip rug pad offers a felt layer that is hypoallergenic and condensed stitched for sound reduction and durability. The rug pad can also be cut easily to fit other dimensions.

What you should consider: It’s important to consider that the size dimensions of this rug pad might not be accurate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top rug pad for the money

COLIBYOU Non-Slip Rug Pad

COLIBYOU Non-Slip Rug Pad

What you need to know: This budget-friendly rug pad is an excellent option for people who want environmentally friendly products.

What you’ll love: This eco-friendly and affordable rug pad features non-slip coating that is revived after machine washing and a grid pattern that is easy to trim down for smaller area rugs. It’s also made from plant-based and eco-friendly oils.

What you should consider: This non-slip rug pad shouldn’t be used on hardwood floors, in spite of the safety claims from the manufacturer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Grip-It Ultra Stop, Non-Slip Rug Pad

Grip-It Ultra Stop, Non-Slip Rug Pad

What you need to know: This strong rug paid from Grip-It is perfect for backing smaller area rugs and can be used for outdoor or indoor applications.

What you’ll love: This non-slip rug pad comes with a mesh design that enables the air to circulate through and under your area rug, a grid system that makes customized trimming easier and a polymer-covered grid that is non-slip on both sides.

What you should consider: Keep in mind that the mesh on this rug pad can adhere to the hardwood floors and leave waffle marks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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