Best personalized Christmas ornaments


As you shop for a personalized Christmas ornament, consider how much you can customize. The more design elements you can customize, the more you can tailor your ornament around specific memories and create a truly unique relic.

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Which personalized Christmas ornament is best?

There’s a certain magic in the air when you hang Christmas tree decorations and come across a personalized Christmas ornament. It’s a chance to relive a shared memory with your loved ones. However, not all personal ornaments offer the same amount of nostalgia. Choosing the right ornament for your tree can help you perfectly capture a favorite memory, celebrate your family or commemorate a life event. 

If you’re looking for a family-friendly personalized Christmas ornament, the DIBSIES Personalized Reindeer Family Christmas Ornament is a great option.

What to know before you buy a personalized Christmas ornament

When purchasing a personalized ornament, the key considerations include the size, hanging style and personalization elements.

Elements of personalization

There are different parts of a Christmas ornament that can be personalized. Common ways to personalize an ornament include names, dates, photos, event descriptions and paw prints. If you have an idea in mind of what your ornament will celebrate, you can find one that allows you to customize that specific element.


The size and weight are important factors in any custom ornament shopping experience. The size will determine how much space you have to add characters or personal details. If you have more to say on your ornament or want to easily read it, make sure it is large enough to fit your personalization. Some ornaments have character limits to fit within the design.

Hanging style

Personalized ornaments can hang from hooks, string or ribbon. If the ornament already has a string or ribbon attached, all you have to do is find a sturdy branch and let your ornament hang naturally. Some ornaments come with a metal hook attachment for you to use with your own hooks. Depending on the height of your ornament, make sure you have hooks with lengths that accommodate the hanging style so your ornament hangs comfortably between the branches.

Handmade elements

Most personalized Christmas ornaments use a template ornament and then add personal details after you make your purchase. These ornaments, often handmade, offer an extra special touch because no two ornaments are the same. Because of the handmade detailing, the final product may look a bit different from the photos.

What to look for in a quality personalized Christmas ornament


Personalized Christmas ornaments can be made out of glass, metal, ceramic, wood, resin, plastic or other mixed mediums. The most common materials are generally wood and resin, as they are the easiest to alter to fit custom orders while still offering a high-quality, durable ornament.


Many personalized Christmas ornaments are just as durable as traditional ornaments, as they are made with the same materials. Resin and plastic, in particular, are sturdy and relatively lightweight. However, more delicate materials such as glass or ceramic are less resilient to falls or drops. If you have small children or pets in your home, you may want to hang more fragile ornaments higher up the tree to prevent accidental falls or bumps.

Customization options

Once you know what type of custom ornament you’d like, you can find a quality personalized ornament to fit your needs. As you shop, consider how much you can change on the ornament, including the number of characters and space available for any text, names, dates, colors, materials, shapes, photos and context. Sometimes you can change many elements of the ornament or only customize one part. The more options you have to personalize your ornament, the more you can tailor your decoration around specific memories.

How much you can expect to spend on personalized Christmas ornaments

Many personalized Christmas ornaments range between $10-$20. More expensive options are available for $25 or more, depending on the extent of the personalization and the quality of the ornament.

Personalized Christmas ornament FAQ

Can I order personalized Christmas ornaments as a gift?

A. Yes. Gifting personalized Christmas ornaments to friends and family is a unique way to celebrate shared experiences. You can use them as wedding favors, party favors, reunion gifts or other keepsakes. Keep in mind that personalized ornaments don’t usually come in bulk orders, so you may pay a premium if you have a large order.

How do I store my personalized Christmas ornament?

A. Store your personalized ornaments with acid-free tissue paper in breathable but sturdy containers. You can use the original container or find something suitable at home. Know that plastic containers can trap moisture, so they’re not ideal for storing fragile ornaments in humid environments.

What’s the best personalized Christmas ornament to buy?

Top personalized Christmas ornament

DIBSIES Personalized Reindeer Family Christmas Ornament

DIBSIES Personalized Reindeer Family Christmas Ornament

What you need to know: A cute reindeer-themed resin ornament that’s ideal for couples and families to celebrate every family member.

What you’ll love: Families can choose how many family members to add by adding their names to reindeer wearing glitter Santa hats. You can also include a year on the lower part of the ornament, commemorating a specific time. Choose between cozy reindeer and ugly sweater designs, and add family members up to a family of five. A ribbon loop is included for hanging.

What you should consider: Designs are limited to families of five.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top personalized Christmas ornament for the money

Alphabetcanvas Our First Christmas Personalized Ornament

Alphabetcanvas Our First Christmas Personalized Ornament

What you need to know: A newlywed ornament that can be customized in more ways than one for an affordable price.

What you’ll love: The wooden ornament is handmade and comes in three design options. Include your newlywed name and the year to celebrate your first Christmas together. The wood is ¼ inch Alder wood and includes a satin ribbon for hanging and a gift box.

What you should consider: The ornament doesn’t have much room for two last names or hyphenated names.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

ShoreItUp Personalized Beach Christmas Ornament

ShoreItUp Personalized Beach Christmas Ornament

What you need to know: A clear orb that lets you personalize almost every element, making it perfect for celebrating any kind of event.

What you’ll love: Choose from a snow-covered or beach setting to build your custom globe ornament. Add up to 10 pieces of text inside the globe, and choose from seven decorative ribbon colors. This is a highly customizable option for commemorating vacations, family memories, weddings, reunions or other fun events and dates.

What you should consider: Some inner decor pieces are packaged separately for safe shipping and you will need to assemble them to finish the ornament.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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