Best Harry Potter Christmas ornament


Fan-made ornaments offer a handcrafted gift, often with the option to customize or personalize the ornament. They can include a wider variety of materials than factory-made ornaments, bringing a new creative perspective to everyone’s favorite series elements.

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Which Harry Potter Christmas ornament is best?

If you or a loved one are fans of the beloved fantasy series, you can add some magic to your holiday decor with Harry Potter Christmas ornaments. There are many different themed trinkets to choose from, including those from name-brand manufacturers and ones handcrafted by fans. Considering your favorite Harry Potter moments, how much room you have on your tree, and whether you’re more loyal to the books or movies can help you choose the right ornament. If you’re looking for a nostalgic ornament any Potter fan will love, the Hallmark Harry Potter Stacked Books with Wand Christmas Ornament is the top choice.

What to know before you buy Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

A few considerations can help narrow down your search for the best Harry Potter ornament. Understanding the pros and cons of licensed and fan-made ornaments, different sizes and weights and various hanging styles can help you decide which magical memento suits your tree best.

Licensed vs. fan-made

Some Harry Potter Christmas ornaments are officially licensed to retail partners, while others are made from pure love and talent by fans worldwide. While both types of ornaments can fill your Christmas tree with nostalgic joy, they offer different experiences.

Officially licensed ornaments may more accurately represent the likeness of certain characters or use specific graphic elements, names and titles. However, they will likely be factory-made, with fewer personal touches.

On the other hand, ornaments made by fans offer a handcrafted gift, often with the option to customize or personalize the ornament. They can include a wider variety of materials, bringing a new, creative perspective to everyone’s favorite series elements.

Size and weight

When picking an ornament, size and weight can play a role in the overall ornament display. If the ornament is too small, it may not be as enjoyable once it’s on the tree. If an ornament is heavy, it may be challenging to find a branch sturdy enough to hold it.

Hanging style

Ornaments generally have two hanging styles: hooks or string. If the ornament already has a string or ribbon attached, all you have to do is loop that string around a tree branch and let your ornament hang naturally. Some ornaments come with a sturdy hanger attachment for you to use with your own hooks. Depending on the height of your ornament, make sure you have hooks with lengths that accommodate the hanging style so you can properly show off your ornament between the branches.

What to look for in quality Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

Consider where and how these magical ornaments will be used to help decide which features are appropriate for your Potter-lover’s Christmas tree.


Many Harry Potter Christmas decorations are made out of resin, which is lightweight and easily adaptable for creating detailed visual designs. Some ornaments are also made out of paper, metal, glass, plastic, clay, or a mix of mediums. Rigid materials will be easier to dust and clean than softer materials.


Resin, in particular, is durable and lightweight, making it ideal for Christmas tree ornaments. However, softer materials like paper are more resilient to falls or drops.

Sound and motion

Some ornaments recreate famous scenes from the series with battery-powered sounds and/or motion. Remember that batteries are not usually included with the ornaments and will need to be purchased separately.


If you’re looking for a Christmas tree decoration with a more personal touch, opt for one that allows for customization. Some ornaments let you pick from a set of designs, while others let you choose the words or colors added to the final decoration. These ornaments, often handmade, offer an extra special touch that feels almost like magic.

How much you can expect to spend on Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

Harry Potter Christmas ornaments can cost between $5-$25. More expensive options are available for $50 or more, depending on their limited availability, battery-powered features or personalized elements.

Harry Potter Christmas ornaments FAQ

Can I hang my Harry Potter ornaments on any size tree?

A. Probably, yes. Most Harry Potter ornaments will fit on standard-sized trees. However, if you’re decorating a miniature tree, oversized ornaments may not fit on smaller branches.

How should I store my Harry Potter Christmas ornaments?

A. The best storage option for your ornaments is with acid-free tissue paper in breathable but sturdy containers. That may be the original container it came in, or it may mean something you have at home. Keep in mind that plastic containers can trap moisture, so they’re not ideal for storing fragile ornaments in humid environments.

What’s the best Harry Potter Christmas ornament to buy?

Top Harry Potter Christmas ornament

Hallmark Harry Potter Stacked Books with Wand Christmas Ornament

Hallmark Harry Potter Stacked Books with Wand Christmas Ornament

What you need to know: This ornament is perfect for the Harry Potter bookworm who would rather read the books than watch the movies.

What you’ll love: The ornament features the first four books in the series stacked on top of each other with a wand sticking out of the middle. The resin-based ornament recreates the book covers down to the most minor details. It measures just over 2 inches in all directions and features a small loop at the top for easy hanging.

What you should consider: The book titles are the American version, not the British version.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Harry Potter Christmas ornament for the money

LaReesCollection Daily Prophet Christmas Ornament

LaReesCollection Daily Prophet Christmas Ornament

What you need to know: This fan-made recreation of the Daily Prophet lets you choose various front pages and adds a lot of character to your holiday decor at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: The newspaper ornaments are hand-made, and you have the choice between six different front page layouts. The ornaments measure 7 inches by 4 inches and are made from actual paper, newspaper, mod podge and twine. They come with a twin loop to hang on your Christmas tree.

What you should consider: Since they are made of paper, they are more delicate than other ornaments.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Harry Potter Christmas ornament worth checking out

VeryHarryMiniatures Birthday Cake Ornament Film-inspired Version

VeryHarryMiniatures Birthday Cake Ornament, Film-inspired Version

What you need to know: This homemade ornament pays tribute to Hagrid’s homemade birthday cake and is a playful way to brighten up a fan’s Christmas tree.

What you’ll love: The ornament is a miniature model of Harry’s pink and green birthday cake decorated with mod podge, acrylic paint and cardstock, and stands 2 inches by 1 inch tall. Fans can choose from the film or book version of the cake, or add a custom name. It comes with a decorative ornament hook.

What you should consider: Free shipping is not available from this seller.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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