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You can turn your room from fall to Halloween by adding just a few different touches. Add some jack-o’-lanterns amongst your plain pumpkins or cover your light fixtures in spiderwebs.

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Which Halloween table décor is best?

Whether you’re preparing for a party or just getting into the holiday spirit, decorating your table is a great place to start. From tablecloths to small accent pieces, there’s a lot of Halloween table décor out there. Choosing the best decorations depends on your personal style preferences and whether you need items for an individual night or the whole season. 

The Eldnacele Halloween Snow Globe Candle Lighted Lamp is a fun and spooky addition to any Halloween table décor. 

What to know before you buy Halloween table décor

Party decorations

Many Halloween party table decorations are single-use. If you’re throwing a casual party for friends, look for vinyl tablecloths, paper centerpieces and confetti. These items make a bold display but are affordable enough that you won’t spend your party worried someone will spill or knock something over. If you want fancier décor for your party, you don’t have to buy single-use items. Decorative items like plastic cauldrons and battery-powered candles look great and can last for several years.  

Seasonal decorations 

If you’re searching for Halloween dining table décor to last the entire season, it’s worth it to buy items of a higher quality that can last you for many years. Look for items made of good materials and be sure to store items correctly so they last. Keep your decorations in a cool, dry place when they aren’t in use. Cloth pumpkins, ceramic figurines, Halloween village items and candle holders are all versatile items you can incorporate into your Halloween dining table décor or any other table in your home. 


Many different styles of Halloween table décor exist. You may gravitate more towards cozy items, like smiling jack-o’-lanterns, friendly gnomes and fall leaves. Scarier décor incorporates spiders, fake blood, creepy jack-o’-lanterns and skeletons. If you have smaller children, try décor that features friendly depictions of Halloween characters. If you’re decorating for a party, you can also theme your Halloween party table décor around your costume

What to look for in quality Halloween table décor


A tablecloth serves as a great base for your Halloween table décor. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can use one on any table you wish to decorate. Traditional fall colors work well, like orange, yellow and brown. You can also choose bold Halloween colors, such as purple, orange, green or black. For parties or your candy table on Halloween night, there are single-use tablecloths that come in fun patterns with spiders, bats or haunted houses. 

Statement pieces

Whether it’s for your dining room table or the food table at a party, choosing a statement centerpiece can make your table stand out. You can’t go wrong with the Halloween classics, like a jack-o’-lantern, candelabra or spooky candles. If you want to be more creative, consider filling a three-tier tray with small Halloween figurines. 

Accent pieces 

Just as important as your centerpiece, filling out your Halloween table décor with small accent pieces is essential to completing your look. Small cardboard signs, tiny pumpkins, figurines of Halloween characters and confetti cut to look like bats or pumpkins are all fun choices. You can place these items around your centerpiece and trail them down the center of your table to the ends. 

How much you can expect to spend on Halloween table décor

For single-use tablecloths and decorative items made of cheaper materials like cardboard, you can expect to pay below $10. For larger items that will last you for many years, expect to pay $20-$50. 

Halloween table décor FAQ

How do I choose Halloween table décor that fits in with the rest of my fall decorations?

A. Many people put up general fall decorations at the beginning of September. If you want the Halloween décor you put up in October to complement the decorations already out, try to find Halloween décor that’s within the same color scheme. You can also turn your room from fall to Halloween by adding just a few different touches, such as adding some jack-o’-lanterns amongst your plain pumpkins or covering your light fixtures in spiderwebs. 

When should I put out my Halloween décor?

A. Usually, Halloween decorations start showing up at the end of September or the beginning of October, but the best time to put out your decorations is when you’re feeling in the holiday spirit. 

What’s the best Halloween table décor to buy?

Top Halloween table décor

Eldnacele Halloween Snow Globe Candle Lighted Lamp

Eldnacele Halloween Snow Globe Candle Lighted Lamp

What you need to know: This candle has a built-in swirling snow globe powered by batteries. 

What you’ll love: On the main body of the candle, bats appear to be flying through the yard surrounding a haunted mansion. This faux candle won’t drip, smoke or create any mess and it’s powered by AA batteries.

What you should consider: There have been rare reports of the spinning malfunctioning soon after purchasing. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Halloween table décor for the money

90shine 4-Piece Halloween Table Centerpiece

90shine 4-Piece Halloween Table Centerpiece 

What you need to know: This set of Halloween centerpiece signs are a cute addition to any table. 

What you’ll love: The four signs are easy to assemble, and you can use them in a variety of settings. They’re perfect for a party table, a seasonal dining table centerpiece or even to place on your mantel. Each sign has a Halloween phrase like “trick or treat.”

What you should consider: Signs are only about 5 inches tall, so they might need to be paired with other items to create a full look. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Elrene Home Fashions Crawling Halloween Spider Web Tablecloth

Elrene Home Fashions Crawling Halloween Spider Web Tablecloth

What you need to know: This is a fun spiderweb tablecloth to use for a party or the whole Halloween season. 

What you’ll love: The tablecloth set comes with an orange liner and the topping spiderweb tablecloth. Tiny spider-shaped accent tassels hang from the bottom of the cloth. The vinyl liner will protect your table from spills and mess. 

What you should consider: Some purchasers report that the liner is too thin. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s


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