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Which floral wreath is best?

There’s no better way to showcase the beauty of a season than with a floral wreath. These decorative pieces are hung inside or outside to create a welcoming atmosphere and add natural beauty to your home. Van Cortlandt Farms’ Natural Dried Handmade Flower Wreath is a beautiful piece of decor outfitted with real dried plants. It’s an all-natural product and is full of flowers and grasses pulled from the seller’s farmland.

What to know before you buy a floral wreath

Natural vs. artificial

Natural wreaths are praised for their fresh scent of dried flowers and plant life. They’re eco-friendly with biodegradable materials and conveniently fade at the end of a season. These wreaths are delicate and can leave a mess in their wake, especially if placed on a door or cabinet that’s regularly used. 

Artificial wreaths aren’t organic or biodegradable but are much longer-lasting than natural wreaths. They’re often made of plastic, silk and foam and can be packed away at the end of the season, designated to return the next year. These wreaths are cheaper overall due to being a long-term investment.


You should choose the right size wreath for wherever you plan to place it. A general rule is to pick a wreath that will cover 50%-75% of the space’s width and that’s no longer than the surface it’s hanging on.

Seasonal options

Natural wreaths are good for a few months, which is convenient given that most people change their wreaths by the season. Wreaths are specially designed for different seasons or specific holidays.

  • Spring wreaths are usually the most colorful, having an assortment of flower blooms and buds. Springtime Easter wreaths are usually dotted with pastel flowers and fake eggs.
  • Summer wreaths often have bright flowers, assorted leaves and fruits. These wreaths often have vibrant ribbons and bows.
  • Fall wreaths usually include elements like miniature pumpkins, multicolored leaves and bright flowers such as orchids, asters and goldenrods. During this season, you can find Halloween wreaths with black accents and cobwebs and Thanksgiving wreaths with cornucopias and vegetables. 
  • Winter wreaths usually have fake dustings of snow paired with pinecones and holly berries. Christmas wreaths follow the style of traditional holiday decor with ribbons and ornaments.

What to look for in a quality floral wreath

Extra accessories

Wreaths aren’t just for show, and unique pieces are fitted with additional accents that give off aromatic smells. Cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, lavender and dried citrus are common choices for creating a fresh scent.

Other wreaths, especially ones crafted for the holiday season, will have string lights or tea lights nestled in their leaves. These lights will be battery-powered or have a cord that connects to an outlet.


You should look for a floral wreath that’s assembled using more than just glue. Glue won’t hold long-term, especially on a wreath that’s placed outdoors. Choose wreaths that are crafted with wire or floral picks to guarantee a sturdier product.

Keep in mind that wreaths made entirely of natural materials are more prone to shedding. As the wreath ages it will drop more fibers and grasses. If you have small children or pets that are too curious for their own good you may want to keep a natural wreath out of their reach. 


A quality wreath is multifunctional and can be placed anywhere inside or outside of your home. Most wreaths are hung on doors, windows or mantels. More creative places could be above your bed, on a dining room wall, in a frame or on a cupboard. Some wreaths are even used as centerpieces and are a popular choice for wedding receptions.

Most wreaths can be hung on a wall by sliding them over a nail or wall hanger. Many synthetic wreaths will have a metal wire on the back specifically for this purpose.

How much you can expect to spend on a floral wreath

Natural and artificial wreaths cost $50-$150.

Floral wreath FAQ

How long do natural wreaths last? 

A. Natural wreaths can last for an entire season if cared for correctly, and if placed outdoors, you can expect it to last about 2-3 months. 

How often should you mist your wreath?

A. If you own a natural wreath, you want to keep it moist by misting it every few days.

What’s the best floral wreath to buy?

Top floral wreath

Van Cortlandt Farms Natural Dried Handmade Flower Wreath

Van Cortlandt Farms Natural Dried Handmade Flower Wreath

What you need to know: This handmade wreath is arranged with real dried flowers.

What you’ll love: This wreath has an assortment of artemisia, purple globe amaranth, green wheat, yarrow, flax, nigella, purple sinuata statice and orange safflower. The dried flowers are fit for any season and can be hung on doors, walls, chairs and mantels or as table rings.

What you should consider: This wreath is made from living materials and is not meant for repetitive use.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top floral wreath for the money

August Grove Yoakum Peony 19-Inch Flower Wreath

August Grove Yoakum Peony 19-Inch Flower Wreath

What you need to know: This is an artificial wreath made with silk flowers and foam leaves.

What you’ll love: This fade-resistant wreath can be hung on your door or set as a table centerpiece. It has cream peonies, mixed berry clusters and miniature white flowers on green leaves and grasses.

What you should consider: It may need to be fluffed after shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

One Allium Way 20-Inch Plastic Wreath

One Allium Way 20-Inch Plastic Wreath

What you need to know: This plastic wreath is adorned with pink and white flowers, grapes and leaves.

What you’ll love: This pink rose arrangement has a collection of full blooms and buds to create a realistic floral design. The stems and flowers are bendable, allowing you to alter the wreath and fluff it to your preference.

What you should consider: This wreath is indoor only.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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