Best fall tree decor


Consider using tree-inspired fall decor like acorns, pinecones and leaves to decorate tiered trays, in decorative bowls or as confetti on a holiday table.

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Which fall tree decor is best?

The changing of the leaves from green to red, orange and yellow is a sure sign of the fall season. You can bring some of that magic into your home by including some fall tree decor. Garland made of maple leaves, lighted tree lamps and other tree-inspired elements are among the most popular choices. Incorporate fall tree decor into the decorations you already have or use it as inspiration to start your own leafy collection. 

The Hairui Lighted Maple Tree is our top choice for fall tree decor. A lighted tree that can function as an elegant fall statement piece, this piece lends to the cozy ambience of your home. 

What to know before you buy fall tree decor


There are many places in your home where autumn tree decor can look great. The coffee table is an easy place to start. If you already have a decorative tray or bowl, try adding some fall tree decor elements to enhance what is already there. Pinecones are great for adding a fall feel to your decor without being overpowering. 

If you are starting from scratch, you can use a wooden or metal tray, basket or anything with a rustic feel as a base. Try creating a centerpiece with fall flowers or a pumpkin, then place some fall tree decor around it for the ultimate fall look.


You can use fall tree decor anywhere in your home. While the living room is always top of mind for seasonal decorations, kitchen tables, entrance ways, bathrooms and windowsills can also be nice places to add some fall tree decor. You can also replace your normal decorations with fall pieces until it is time for the season to change. For instance, swap a normal table lamp with a cute lighted tree lamp. 


If you have a yard, porch or just a front door, you can always dress your space with fall tree decor. If you are unsure whether an item is suited for outdoor use, check the product description for information about waterproofing. Remember that just because an item says you can use it outdoors does not necessarily mean it will withstand all conditions. Some items may have parts that are waterproof, while other parts, such as battery packs, are not. 

What to look for in quality fall tree decor 


A popular version of fall tree decor is in the form of garland. The most common type is a strand of maple leaves. These often have LED lighting that is safe for use indoors or outdoors. Garland can add some fall cheer inside your home on mantels, archways, columns and staircases. Outside, you can wrap fall garland around porch railings, fences or secure it in an arch over your front door.  

Lighted trees

Lighted tree lamps are another popular form of fall tree decor. These lamps usually range from 1-8 feet tall. Usually in the form of maple or birch trees, these lamps feature realistic leaves and warm colored LED lights. The lights may even be shaped like pumpkins or acorns. The branches on these trees are often adjustable, allowing you to bend them into your desired position. 

Acorns, pinecones and leaves 

Other tree-inspired fall decor can include loose packs of acorns, pinecones and leaves. These can be used to fill decorative bowls, decorate tiered trays or as confetti on a holiday table. You can also use acorns or pinecones as the base in a glass candle holder. You can either purchase these or collect them from your own yard. 

How much you can expect to spend on fall tree decor

Smaller decorative items are generally between $15-$40. For larger items, like a lighted, free-standing tree, expect to spend close to $75. 

Fall tree decor FAQ

When does fall start and end?

A. Fall always starts at the end of September and ends in December. For 2021, fall started Sept. 22 and ends on Dec. 21.

How can I include my children in decorating for fall?

A. Turn decorating for fall into a fun family activity. Encourage your children to help you search the yard for fallen leaves, acorns and pinecones. Let them choose places in the house where they would like to use the items to decorate. 

What’s the best fall tree decor to buy?

Top fall tree decor

Hairui Lighted Maple Tree

Hairui Lighted Maple Tree

What you need to know: This lamp has LED lights and is available in the shape of a fall maple or birch tree.  

What you’ll love: This elegant fall tree lamp comes in three sizes. The bark and leaves are realistic, and waterproofing makes the tree good for use indoors or outdoors. The white LED lights give off a warm, cozy glow that is perfect for fall.  

What you should consider: There are a few reports of the lights not working reliably. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fall tree decor for the money

The Camlinbo Store Leaf Garland String Lights

The Camlinbo Store Leaf Garland String Lights

What you need to know: This garland of maple leaves makes a festive decoration for stairs, railings or mantles. 

What you’ll love: This pack of four contains a total of 40 feet of garland. With over 80 orange LED lights, the garland is great for decorating indoors or outdoors. The battery pack allows you to place it anywhere. 

What you should consider: The lights are waterproof, but the battery pack is not. You’ll need to make sure it isn’t exposed to water. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out 

Bluestem Market Fall Farmhouse Trees

Bluestem Market Fall Farmhouse Trees

What you need to know: These farmhouse-style fall trees are perfect for use in decorative tiered trays. 

What you’ll love: Cozy yarn makes up the foliage of these cute fall trees. You can purchase them individually, as a pair or in a set of three. Available colors include green, yellow and orange. Sizes range from 6.5-8.5 inches. You can use them to decorate your coffee table, counters or mantle. 

What you should consider: The trees look cutest in a set, so you’ll most likely want to purchase all three colors. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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