Which fake ivy leaves are best? 

Keeping a houseplant alive is sometimes easier said than done, which is why artificial plants are a great stress-free alternative. These days, artificial flowers and leaves look more realistic than ever. If you want to add a little greenery to your decor, fake ivy leaves can bring some dimension and color as you decorate your walls. A top choice, the Leyaron Fake Ivy Vines Hanging Wall Plants feature beautiful, lifelike leaves without the hassle of live plant care.

What to know before you buy fake ivy leaves to decorate your walls

Fake ivy styles

There are three fake ivy variations to choose from when it comes to decorating. 

  • Strings: This is when the fake leaves hang on a long plastic or wire vine. It’s great for covering a lot of wall space without completely hiding the wall and provides a great draping effect. 
  • Bundles: Unlike string ivy, you can space individual bundles across a wall in a fun pattern. Bundles are thick, but you need more of them to cover a lot of space.
  • Panels/screens: While fake ivy screens are mostly associated with outdoor privacy fences, some screens or panels wrapped in fake ivy are a thorough and efficient way to craft an eye-catching indoor accent wall. 


When it comes to artificial shrubs and plant life, several fabrics and synthetic materials help give those leaves depth and realism. Metal or plastic are popular base components for fake ivy, with metal affording you the ability to bend strings at different angles. The leaves can be made of plastic or a plastic-based material, but fabric leaves are another popular choice. Silk is the most common of these fabrics. 


Most fake ivy won’t come with installation equipment. If you’re not hanging fake ivy in a pot or from a mantle, you’ll need to attach it directly to the wall. This can be done with tape for temporary use or hooks for a more permanent setup. Consider a surface-safe adhesive hook like the Command Clear Hooks to prevent damage to the wall or paint. 

What to look for in quality fake ivy leaves to decorate your walls


A great benefit of wire ivy leaves is their bendability. For a truly customized design, the piece that connects the leaves to the vine should be made from wire, too. This lets you twist the leaves in different directions, helping to give the effect of a living plant. That flexibility is also a bonus fo steering the vine away from existing wall features like picture frames.


Some fake ivy vines come with LED string lights for added effect. These lights come with a battery box with an on-off switch. Some also have fun features like blinking lights, color-changing lights or a pre-set timer. LED string lights normally take AA or AAA batteries, but you’ll probably have to buy these separately as most fake ivy sets don’t come with batteries. 

Realistic leaves

The best fake ivy leaves look realistic with natural-looking color tones, convincing texture and variations in leaf size. Even if the leaves aren’t an exact replica of live leaves, the important thing is that they don’t look obviously fake. Leaves that look disproportionate or rubbery can make a design look less intentional and sophisticated. 

How much you can expect to spend on fake ivy leaves to decorate your walls

String and bundle ivy sets cost $8-$60, depending on the quantity. Screens or panels are more expensive, costing $30-$80 per pack. 

Fake ivy leaves FAQ

Does fake ivy require maintenance?

A. Fake plants don’t require water or sunlight, but even fake plants are subject to the conditions of an environment. This means dusting the leaves the same way you would a picture frame or hanging clock. 

How much fake ivy comes in one string set?

A. There’s somewhere between 80 to 200 feet of ivy per string set, depending on the size of the package. Those feet are separated out into as few as 12 or as many as 24 individual strands that can be spaced out however you like. 

What are the best fake ivy leaves to buy?

Top fake ivy leaves 

Leyaron Fake Ivy Vines Hanging Wall Plants

Leyaron Fake Ivy Vines Hanging Wall Plants

What you need to know: This set comes with four hanging ivy bundles with gummed fabric leaves. The bundles each measure 3.6 feet in length.

What you’ll love: The leaves look very real, and each bundle features assorted leaf sizes. The bundles are lush and hang beautifully. The leaves are durable and waterproof.  

What you should consider: These do not come with pots or planters if you’re looking to hang them on the wall in a container.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fake ivy leaves for the money

Dear House Artificial Ivy Hanging Garlands With LED Lights

Dear House Artificial Ivy Hanging Garland With LED Lights

What you need to know: This set comes with an 85-foot of string ivy garland with plastic leaves and a 33-foot string of 90 LED lights.

What you’ll love: The leaves are twistable and the 85 feet of vine are divided into 12 separate strands. The lights glow beautifully and can be set to twinkle or stay on/off.

What you should consider: It requires three AAA batteries for the lights, but those are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Greensmart Decor Artificial Ivy Wall Panels

Greensmart Decor Artificial Ivy Wall Panels

What you need to know: This set comes with four 20-inch-by-20-inch plastic ivy wall panels.

What you’ll love: It’s UV-protected and weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor use. The panels are great for privacy and cover a surface thoroughly. The colors are attractive and realistic.

What you should consider: It’s likely you will need more than one set to cover a full wall.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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