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The world record for the largest Christmas stocking was over 168 feet high and 70 feet wide.

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Which elegant Christmas stocking is best?

Following Christmas tradition and decorating a home with clashing colors and vintage figurines is not for everyone. Some people prefer a Christmas style that is more chic, such as glamorous decor in metallic silver and gold. Elegant Christmas stockings are classic fits for a glamorous holiday theme, being stitched with metallic embroidery and lined with velvet.

The Personalized Elegant Silver White Christmas Stockings by Eugenie2 are monogrammed (stitched with letters) in seven choosable patterns. These velvet and satin blend stockings are sold individually and each one is handmade with care.

What to know before you buy an elegant Christmas stocking

Elegant holiday stockings stick to a metallic color scheme, often having liners and hanging loops to make them practical decoration choices. If you plan on stuffing your stocking with candy and knickknacks, double-check that the measurements of the stocking are big enough.

Color scheme

White, silver and gold are the primary colors of an elegant Christmas theme. Most stockings that fit this style are made of white fabric and have silver, gold or other metallic colors for the embroidery.

Necessary features

If you’re following Christmas tradition and plan on hanging your new stockings above the mantel, make sure you get a functional stocking with the proper loop attachment. Most stockings are made to be stuffed and hung, guaranteeing that they have corner strings and double-lined interiors.

Be aware that there are stockings strictly sold for decorative purposes. These stockings may be too frail or not open at all.


Aside from being lightweight or sealed shut, decorative stockings may have measurements that don’t match up with typical stockings. Most traditional Christmas stockings are 18-20 inches tall. Width-wise, they are at least 7 inches across the top and 10 inches across the bottom.

What to look for in a quality elegant Christmas stocking

An elegant Christmas stocking should be as classy as it is durable. It will have artistic embellishments that glitter with the festive spirit and monogrammed names embroidered across the cuff or body.


Most elegant stockings are made with quality fabrics to fit with a sophisticated theme. These materials are double-lined polyester blends with velvet, satin and faux fur. Cotton blends can be cheaper but are still an acceptable material. Watch for stockings made with felt; these stockings are not double lined and do not hold up well, especially when filled with stocking stuffers.

The hanging loop plays a large role in how durable a stocking is. This attachment at the top of the stocking should be sewn, not stapled, into the rest of the fabric. It should be made with the same quality materials used on the rest of the stocking or it may not be able to hold its weight.


Elegant holiday stockings have varying details, depending on the manufacturer. They can be embellished with embroidery, cross-stitch, glitter, sequins, pom-poms and beads; the possibilities are endless. All stockings in a set do not have to be uniform. They can come with alternating patterns and complementing colors that go with the rest of your glamorous Christmas decor.


Most manufacturers of Christmas stockings offer personalization and will embroider names on your stockings for a fee. Monogramming is a part of the Christmas stocking tradition and if your stockings aren’t labeled by name, you should choose different patterns so they can be distinguished.

How much you can expect to spend on an elegant Christmas stocking

Most elegant Christmas stockings are sold individually for $20-$30 each. Additional embroidery services can be free or cost up to $10 more.

Elegant Christmas stocking FAQ

What accessories do you need for your Christmas stocking?

A. Stocking holders and mantel clips are essential accessories for properly hanging your Christmas decor. There are also cardboard cutouts you can insert in your stocking to help it keep a firm shape.

What goes in a traditional Christmas stocking?

A.  Money, toothbrushes, snacks, cosmetics, jewelry and candy canes are common stocking stuffers. Of course, these gifts are only for those who have been good this year. Those who misbehaved will only receive a lump of coal.

What’s the best elegant Christmas stocking to buy?

Top elegant Christmas stocking

Eugenie2 Personalized Elegant Silver White Christmas Stockings

Eugenie2 Personalized Elegant Silver White Christmas Stockings

What you need to know: These are individually sold and personalized white and silver Christmas stockings that come in either 18- or 20-inch sizes.

What you’ll love: There are seven designs to choose from that range in color, patterns and cuff types with holographic and glitter effects. There are three embroidery fonts to choose from and seven thread colors. Coupon codes are included on the store page for people who order multiple stockings.

What you should consider: It can take three to six days for the seller to embroider the stockings before shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top elegant Christmas stocking for the money

Pangda 2 Pieces Christmas Stocking

Pangda 2 Pieces Christmas Stocking

What you need to know: This pack includes a pair of 20-inch Christmas stockings made of white faux fur.

What you’ll love: This pair of stockings is less than the price of most individual stockings. They have hanging hooks and soft lining on the inside.

What you should consider: You may need to insert cardboard to help them hold their shapes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pippero Products Gold Silver Personalized White Stocking

Pippero Products Gold Silver Personalized White Stocking

What you need to know: These are individual winter snowflake-style stockings with optional custom embroidery.

What you’ll love: The stockings come with either silver or gold snowflake designs with a choice of font and thread color. The seller accepts other personal requests through messaging.

What you should consider: It can take three to five days for the seller to embroider the stockings before shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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