Which ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting is best?

“Beauty and the Beast” continues to thrill and wow audiences today. Like many Disney classics, it received a live-action remake that kept the spirit of the original film alive. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes this movie special, as it means something different for everyone. In fact, the memorabilia “Beauty and the Beast” lovers can purchase is just as varied as the film’s themes. 

Paintings are a great buy as they hold up over time and show your adoration for the film to whoever enters your space. The Beauty and the Beast Castle Painting Print is a vibrant piece that is sure to wow your family and friends. 

What to know before you buy a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting


Look for a painting that is original but doesn’t stray too far from the source material. Originality can be a little difficult to come by these days, but it’s still alive and well. If you have a favorite artist whose work you admire, start there. Or if you prefer a certain style, look for pieces that imitate that style. Whichever route you take, originality is a much-desired trait in finding your next favorite “Beauty and the Beast” art piece. 

The artist

Who wouldn’t want an original painting from the next Van Gogh or Picasso? Look for upcoming or aspiring artists during your search. Some painters looking to make a name for themselves are open to commissions if your budget calls for it. If not, no need to worry. There are plenty of paintings that are affordable and accessible to all. The paintings we recommend are great choices to add to, or start, your art collection.

Collector’s item or casual art

The type of painting you choose depends greatly on what you plan to use it for. If you’re in the market for an original painting for your collection, prepare to invest in your purchase. But if you prefer a casual piece to put in your child’s bedroom or simply to add some personality to your walls, then your options broaden significantly. 

What to look for in a quality ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting


The colors, or the lack of them, in a painting can help guide you in choosing a painting that fits your taste. Are you somebody who prefers black-and-white art or do you like art that is colorful and vibrant? Keep these things in mind when looking for a “Beauty and the Beast” painting that will add character to your home. 

Focal point

Some of the best paintings have strong focal points that grab the viewer’s attention. The focal point is the main object in the painting. It can be large or small, subtle or bold. Some focal points can be a pop of color, light or an expression. The possibilities are endless. When looking for your next “Beauty and the Beast” painting, look for something in the painting that draws you in. 

Personal taste

Perhaps the most important feature to consider in your painting is your own personal taste. Who is your favorite “Beauty and the Beast” character? Is there a scene or a quote from the movie that you’d like to be reminded of on a daily basis? The best features are the ones that appeal to you the most for your own reasons.

How much can you expect to spend on a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting

The cost of a “Beauty and the Beast” painting varies depending on factors such as the size of the painting and whether it is an original or a copy. If you’re looking for an original painting or a limited edition, prices can be in the hundreds or thousands. Smaller paintings may cost less. 

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a printed copy of an original, then the price can be as low as $7 or in the hundreds depending on the size.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting FAQ

Do you need a frame for your artwork?

A. That depends. While some people believe that the right frame can add to an art piece, some believe that it can take away from the art. If you forego a frame, artwork can also be stretched and hung without a frame. Ultimately, whether to purchase a frame or not is a personal choice. 

How can you make the artwork last?

A. Depending on whether your artwork is framed or not, care instructions vary. However, some suggestions are pretty universal, such as do not hang your artwork in extreme conditions like heat and humidity. Avoid direct exposure to the sun though some materials, like UV acrylic filtering or UV-protected glass, can help mitigate exposure. And don’t touch your painting with your bare hands!

What’s the best ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting to buy?

Top ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting

The "Beauty and the Beast" Castle Painting Print

The Beauty and the Beast Castle Painting Print

What you need to know: This large and vibrant painting is a printed copy that is both affordable and eye-catching. 

What you’ll love: It’s outlined in charcoal and was originally painted with acrylic. The dimensions are 20-by-30 inches. It features 14 hidden “Mickeys” to keep you and your family busy. Impressively, it took the artist long than 60 hours to paint.

What you should consider: It’s a large size that may not be ideal in certain areas. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top ‘Beauty and the Beast’ painting for the money

"Beauty and the Beast" Cogsworth Watercolor Painting

Cogsworth Watercolor Painting

What you need to know: This minimalist style is perfect for those looking for something subtle and on the smaller side. 

What you’ll love: The detail in this painting is astonishing. The artist uses watercolor and watercolor pencils to create this piece. It’s also signed and measures 9-by-12 inches on hot press watercolor paper. 

What you should consider: There is only one made, so buyers will have to act fast. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Original “Hope Is Out There” Disney "Beauty and the Beast" Oil Painting

Original “Hope Is Out There” Disney Beauty and the Beast Oil Painting

What you need to know: This hand-painted original is a unique take on Belle for those interested in a different “Beauty and the Beast” interpretation that’s bound to spark conversation. 

What you’ll love: The artist reminds us why we fell in love with Belle in the first place. The painting shows a wishful Belle in a vast, open field. The price is not as steep as other original paintings. The painting is varnished and includes a 1.5-inch gallery wrap. 

What you should consider: The price point might be a little steep for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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