Which spin scrubber is best?

Sometimes the only way to properly clean a surface is with a good scrub with water and detergent. However, the repetitive motion and strength required to do so is inconvenient and time consuming. For people who find the work physically challenging, it can also be painful or even impossible to clean as thoroughly as they wish they could. To make scrubbing work easier and faster, consider a spin scrubber.

The FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber is the ideal, all-purpose scrubbing tool. Thanks to its extendable neck, rechargeable batteries and brush attachments, this spin scrubber will save you time and energy on household chores. 

What to know before you buy a spin scrubber

Many manufacturers provide spin scrubbers in a wide range of configurations, with some built for specific tasks and areas of the home.

What is a spin scrubber?

A spin scrubber, sometimes called a “power scrubber,” is a cleaning tool that uses a motorized, spinning brush. With their automatic scrubbing action, these devices allow you to use less elbow grease while cleaning. Spin scrubbers are available in small, handheld models for detailed work, as well as longer models reminiscent of vacuums for reaching floors or high areas without strain.

What you plan to clean

Spin scrubbers may not be the best device for the job, depending on the task at hand and your expectations. Geared towards chores like bathtub and floor cleaning, spin scrubbers don’t have the torque or resilience needed for industrial cleaning applications. If you’re looking to clean hubcaps or hard, textured surfaces like brick or wood, you’ll be better suited with a brush attachment that can clip into a power drill that is designed for heavy-duty work.

Power considerations

Some spin scrubbers use AC power, while others include rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable scrubbers are great for reaching challenging areas where an attached cord would be an annoyance, but they often lack the power of those that draw power directly from an outlet. Additionally, preparing for a day of chores only to find that the battery in your scrubber is drained can be a serious setback. For the best of both worlds, select a model that features battery power, as well as optional AC power.

Brush types

It’s important to use the right brush for the job. Brushes of all different shapes and sizes are available, with some designed with specific jobs in mind. Cleaning large areas like floors and showers requires a soft, wide brush. Grout and corners, however, can be cleaned with a small brush that features firmer bristles. Consider the tasks you will be buying your scrubber for and select a model that either includes or accommodates the brush type you will need. 

What to look for in a quality spin scrubber

Swappable brushes

Some spin scrubbers allow you to swap out brush heads depending on the job at hand. These models are flexible and convenient, allowing you to use softer, wider brushes for large jobs and smaller, harder ones for smaller work.

Extendable neck

Selecting a spin scrubber with an extendable neck will contribute greatly to how often you find yourself using it. Some models allow you to simply pull the neck out to extend it, while others require you to detach the tool’s tip and manually swap it with another accessory. A spin scrubber with variable length can have you cleaning dishes, sinks and backsplashes with the same tool.

Power indicator

For spin scrubbers that run on battery power, an LED that indicates when it’s time to charge the device can help prevent downtime. Models that include this feature can save you from having your device run out of power in the middle of a job.

Battery life

If you opt for a battery-powered spin scrubber, be sure to select one with the longest running time possible. Robust battery life will spare you from having to put jobs on pause while your tool recharges.

Water resistance

Since you will be using your spin scrubber with water and detergent, it’s a good idea to choose a model that has a high water-resistance rating. Select a unit with a waterproof head to ensure that it will operate under running water and can be repeatedly rinsed as you work.

Size and weight

Think about how you will use your spin scrubber the most and choose a model that is sized appropriately. If you plan to use your scrubber mainly in the kitchen for dishes and sink cleaning, you will want a small, handheld model that can fit into small areas, is easy to maneuver and can be stored conveniently. However, if you intend to use your scrubber for floors or shower stall walls, you will be better served by a model that is lightweight, large and can be operated with both arms. 

How much you can expect to spend on a spin scrubber

Spin scrubbers can cost from $25-$50. Models at the higher end of the price range will typically include more attachments.

Spin scrubber FAQ

Can I use a spin scrubber to remove rust or paint?

A. Probably not. Spin scrubbers are designed for the light-duty abrasion needed to clean up soap scum and similarly minor messes. They aren’t powerful enough to remove rust or paint.

Can I use a spin scrubber for dusting?

A. Potentially. Some models allow you to attach soft, fine brushes so you can delicately clean and dust surfaces. Your ability to navigate around decorations, blinds and other obstacles, however, may make using this tool for dusting more trouble than it is worth. 

How do I clean my spin scrubber?

A. To clean your scrubber, detach the brush and soak it in soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry. Some models allow you to run your brushes and attachments through the dishwasher. Consult the manufacturer of your brush to determine the best way in which to clean it.

What’s the best spin scrubber to buy?

Top spin scrubber

FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber

FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber

What you need to know: This battery-powered scrubber includes multiple brushes and features an extendable neck.

What you’ll love: Reach both high and low with this powerful spin scrubber. With its brush attachments and an hour of battery life, this scrubber can save you time and effort.

What you should consider: Some users find that the brushes included with this device wear out quickly.

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top spin scrubber for the money

IEZFIX Rechargeable Spin Scrubber

IEZFIX Rechargeable Spin Scrubber

What you need to know: This handheld scrubber is cordless and lightweight.

What you’ll love: It comes with four heads for various cleaning jobs, like tubs, sinks, tile, windowsills, stovetops and more. It has an ergonomic handle.

What you should consider: It might not hold a charge as long as other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber, Grout &Tile Bathroom Cleaner

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber, Grout & Tile Bathroom Cleaner

What you need to know: Built specifically for small, detailed jobs, this spin scrubber makes cleaning grout a breeze.

What you’ll love: This battery-powered scrubber is compact and lightweight. It includes two brush attachments, allowing you to clean deep into different surfaces. 

What you should consider: This tool runs off of four AA batteries and cannot be recharged or powered with AC.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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