Which rainbow rug is best?

Rainbow rugs have been trending since the rise of the inclusivity movement; today, they enliven offices, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and outside areas. Whether the rug is pastel or brilliantly hued, it adds a blast of color in eclectic, bohemian retro and traditional homes. 

Mack & Milo’s Camilo Abstract White Rainbow Area Rug is a Sherpa rug with curved rows of complementary colors. This rug is perfect for anyone searching for a decorative accent that isn’t too loud but still embodies the beauty of a rainbow.

What to know before you buy a rainbow rug

A rainbow area rug is a vivid addition to any room, and you should consider the rest of your furniture and palette before placing one. They come in various shapes and sizes that give you complete freedom with this fun decorative accent.

How to decorate 

Your rainbow rug will be right at home in an abstract room with vibrant primary colors. However, this room should not receive a lot of natural sunlight, as this makes the area overwhelmingly bright and discomforting.

Those who dislike abstract styles can slide high-contrast rainbow rugs under neutral-toned furniture, such as light woods and metallic. Place pastel carpets in areas with similar color palettes, such as bohemian chic or traditional rooms.

Proper placement

You want a rug with the correct measurements — measure the desired area you want the rug to fill. The rug should have 18 inches of exposed space on all sides unless it is against a wall. Remember that if your rug is too large, it not only looks awkward but makes the rest of the room seem smaller.

If you place your rug on a wood or laminate surface, you may want to invest in a rug pad that keeps the backing from scratching your floors.

Pile height

All retailers list their rugs by shape, color, fabric type and pile height. The pile height is the length of the fibers and is described as low, medium or high. Consider where you’re placing your rug to decide which pile height is best. Low-pile rugs are better suited for busy areas, since they do not trap as much dirt and are easier to clean. High-pile rugs are more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing but require more upkeep.

What to look for in a quality rainbow rug


Rainbow rugs are commonly crafted from wool, cotton or synthetics. They are rarely manufactured with natural fibers such as sisal or jute, which typically keep their natural colors.

  • Wool rugs have a reputation as being the best. They are expensive and take years to make if done by hand, but they last decades when properly cared for. It may be difficult to find a vintage rainbow wool rug since it is an eclectic style.
  • Cotton rugs are inexpensive, washable and reversible. These rugs are more affordable and practical for most households. You should be aware that these are lightweight, which causes them to slide and not lay flat.
  • Synthetic rugs are known for being cheaper replicas of wool and cotton. This reputation undersells these rugs, as they have many benefits the others do not: they’re cheap, fade-resistant, moisture-resistant and machine-washable. Many rainbow rugs are made from synthetic materials, so they’re far easier to find. The only true downside is that a synthetic rug has a two- to five-year lifespan. Rugs listed as polyester, polypropylene, nylon or microfiber are synthetic.


Cotton and wool rugs are made by power loom or by hand, while most synthetic rugs are crafted by machines. Handmade pieces are much more expensive than power-loom products and are more likely to have physical defects or imperfections. Although manmade rugs are more prone to human error, they are meticulously knotted and are the preferred rugs of interior design connoisseurs.

No irregularities

A top-tier rug has no visible mistakes no matter the crafting process. It is vital that the colors are even and do not bleed into each other, as this takes away from the most prominent feature of a rainbow rug.

Be aware that synthetic rugs have creasing and curled edges after shipment. These imperfections flatten on their own, though you can expedite the process by pinning them down with heavy objects.

How much you can expect to spend on a rainbow rug

A rainbow-style rug costs $90-$1,000 depending on the fabric and pile.

Rainbow rug FAQ

What color room looks best with a rainbow rug?

A. A rainbow rug looks best with neutral-colored walls and floors: white, beige, light browns and grays. Green furniture and artificial plants also complement a colorful carpet.

What do rainbow rugs represent?

A. These rugs represent inclusivity, hope, love and friendship and show support of LGBTQQIP2SAA (the full acronym for the LGBT community, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, androgynous and asexual) individuals. Or choose this rug for purely aesthetic purposes to add vibrancy to your interior design.

What’s the best rainbow rug to buy?

Top rainbow rug

Mack & Milo’s Camilo Abstract Rainbow Area Rug

Mack & Milo’s Camilo Abstract Rainbow Area Rug

What you need to know: This stain-resistant rug is woven with plush microfiber and is brightly colored but not too loud; it is perfect for bedrooms, offices and low-traffic living spaces.

What you’ll love: This rug is “Made Clean” certified by Wayfair, meaning it was produced in an environmentally conscious manner. It is a high-pile shag carpet that is both floor-heating-safe and stain-resistant. The colors are vibrant and evenly dyed across the rug.

What you should consider: It is very shaggy but not very dense.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top rainbow rug for the money

Dakota Fields Mireia Striped Handmade Flatweave Area Rug

Dakota Fields Mireia Striped Handmade Flatweave Area Rug

What you need to know: This is a low-maintenance rainbow rug with a pastel pattern and fringed ends that fit any living space.

What you’ll love: This rug is boho-chic with multicolored pastel stripes in a textured low-pile pattern. The material is soft cotton, easily cleaned with a vacuum and spot cleaning. It has decorative tassels on two ends, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

What you should consider: You need a rug pad to keep it from slipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Zoomie Kids Ainsley Abstract Tufted Area Rug

Zoomie Kids Ainsley Abstract Tufted Area Rug

What you need to know: This is a high-quality and stain-resistant polyester tufted rug with bright rainbow colors, fit for high and low-traffic rooms.

What you’ll love: This rug has exquisite detail with a silky shine and a double-yarn pile. It is incredibly soft and has a resilient canvas backing. Upkeep is easy since it is stain-resistant.

What you should consider: It has an initial chemical smell that takes a few days to fade.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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