Which boho rug is best?

Bohemian (aka “boho”) culture embraces the 1970s hippie aesthetic, a worldview revolving around creativity and individuality. Boho rugs are unique and unbridled by interior design rules, and these rugs can be a multitude of colors, shapes and designs. You can place them individually or layered atop one another. Beji Collections’ Boho Rag Rug is a flatweave rug in a multitude of colors that truly manifests bohemian culture. This rug can brighten any room with its vibrant stripes and unconventional details.

What to know before you buy a boho rug

It can be hard to categorize a style that has no boundaries. A bohemian area rug can appear as free-spirited as the movement it’s inspired by, but there are still certain accents and styling guidelines to consider.

Is it true bohemian?

“Boho” is no longer an obsolete term and is used to define fashion trends, events and interior design styles. Typical characteristics of boho-inspired looks are mismatched designs and patterns, unconventional color combinations and multicultural references. Bohemian rugs can have any of these characteristics, sometimes lack symmetry and have fringed or beaded edges.

Boho accents

As colorful and eccentric as a boho-style home might be, it still should follow a general color palette to keep furniture somewhat stylized instead of completely incongruous. Most boho rugs are complemented by house plants, throw pillows, tapestries and low furniture. The cozy vibe of a bohemian-style house is sustained by having furniture close to the ground, creating a more homey and natural environment.

How to style

Your rug, whether layered or on its own, should follow basic interior decorating rules for the best aesthetic result. In a living room, all chair and table legs (or at least all the front legs) should be completely placed on the area rug. In the dining room, your entire chair and table set should fit on the rug, and for the bedroom, your bed should be centered over the rug.

Choose a light-colored rug to make a small room seem larger and choose a dark-colored rug to make a large room seem cozier. Any rug you choose should have 18-24 inches of bare floor on every side unless it is directly against a wall.

A high-pile rug is more fluffy in appearance while a low-pile rug is flatweave. Low-pile rugs are better for layering while high-pile rugs are bold on their own.

What to look for in a quality boho rug


Boho rugs can be made from any textile, each one having certain pros and cons. The overall best choice is 100% wool, although that  is the most expensive option. Wool is durable, color-sustaining, water-resistant, flame-resistant and sustainable to produce. However, it is prone to shedding and moths can infest it.

Silk reflects light and has a shine to it that no other fabric has. These rugs are durable and long-lasting. However, these rugs are expensive and require professional cleaning.

Cotton rugs are inexpensive, washable and reversible. They also stain easily, require rug pads and usually do not lie flat. Jute is inexpensive, sturdy and biodegradable. These rugs are rough and prone to shedding. Synthetics vary based on the type but are universally cheap. They are not as long-lasting as wool but are more reasonable options for people who can’t afford 100% wool rugs.


Synthetic rugs are cheap and easy to come by but have notorious downfalls that set them apart from higher-quality pieces. If these rugs are folded or rolled for shipment, they will arrive misshapen with creases or curled edges. Creases and curls flatten with time; you can expedite the process by pinning down problem areas with heavy furniture or other household items. All-natural materials do not have this problem.


The line and needle counts in a rug reveal how dense the fibers are and the level of craftsmanship. The line count is the number of stitches sewn in every inch of the rug. Rugs with 200-400 line counts are considered quality pieces.

The needle count is the number of loops in each fiber. This count is harder to find and may not be available unless the piece is handmade and expensive.

How much you can expect to spend on a boho rug

Depending on the size, most bohemian rugs cost $45-$400.

Boho rug FAQ

What colors can a boho rug be?

A. Any combination of bright and dull colors can be boho. The most popular choices are earth-tone or metallic colors. Most bohemian designs have a warm color scheme, using colors such as brown, red, purple and orange with green and blue mixed in.

What patterns are boho?

A. Boho uses patterns and designs from cultures worldwide but the most common patterns are trellis, ikat, floral, tribal, kilim, paisley and lattice.

What’s the best boho rug to buy?

Top boho rug

Beji Collections Boho Rag Rug

Beji Collections Boho Rag Rug

What you need to know: This is a multicolored rug handmade from recycled fabric.

What you’ll love: The colors of the rug are vibrant and can fit any vintage-, modern-, rustic- or boho-style home. The fabric has fringe detailing on two sides and can come in several different size options.

What you should consider: The carpet is 90% cotton and may require a rug pad.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top boho rug for the money

Bungalow Rose Broadmoor Floral Handmade Tufted Wool Gray Area Rug

Bungalow Rose Broadmoor Floral Handmade Tufted Wool Gray Area Rug

What you need to know: This is a rectangular rug with a mottled gray base and multicolored designs.

What you’ll love: This is a handmade wool rug with cotton backing and tassels on two sides. It was crafted using a tufted technique to make it long-lasting and plush to touch.

What you should consider: It may shed for the first few weeks.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

RUGSTRADE Natural Handwoven Jute Round Rug

RUGSTRADE Natural Handwoven Jute Round Rug

What you need to know: This is a handmade hemp and jute round rug with tassels.

What you’ll love: This rug is made from 100% natural fiber and is an eco-friendly purchase. It is a beautiful rug that comes in neutral colors and a variety of sizes.

What you should consider: Placing this rug in direct sunlight will cause its colors to fade.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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